Friday, 2/15/08                                                                                Day 13

Today, we took a tour of an oil drilling rig.  Dad was so eager to go.  This platform, named Mr. Charlie, was the first transportable, submergible rig.  It does not suck up the oil, but just drills the wells to get to it.  The rig is now used as a training facility.

When we were finished with the tour, we went to the Latin Corner for lunch.  It is a Cuban restaurant, known for their Cuban sandwiches.  We got some good appetizers, such as little ham croquets and fried plantains, before we got our Cuban sandwiches.  The sandwiches were delicious.  We ran home in the rain and did some school back at the boat.

I'm glad for my watch.  If I didn't have it, I wouldn't know the day or date.  It's something cruising does to you.

Dad bought a whole ton of uncleaned shrimp we had to deal with.  My job was to take the heads off.  I got shrimp guts all over my fingers.  Then I helped Dad make a great dinner with spaghetti, shrimp, and a good amount of garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

We've been gone for only 12 days, but it feels both like we casted off from Kemah yesterday and that we've been gone a month.  It's weird.  I'm feeling good.

Saturday, 2/16/08
                                                                                Day 14

We went from Morgan City to Houma, LA.  We saw bald eagles three times today.  That was cool!  They were all full grown with white heads.  They were sitting in trees, but without nests.  Dad sighted the first pair at 9:00 because he heard them screaming, and I spotted the third at 10:45.  Both times, when Dad went to turn around to get a better look, the eagles flew off.

When we got here (Houma), Josh and I met a group of boys about the same age as I am.   We hung out with them for an hour or two.  We cast netted and I caught a little turtle.  It was a red-eared slider.  We also caught finger mullets and baby catfish.  Something pretty weird happened with one of the catfish I caught.  It spiked me and got its poisonous slime in me.  One of the boys said to rub the place it spiked me on the fish's stomach.  I was reluctant to try it at first, but did in the end.  It may have been a coincidence, but it stopped hurting as I rubbed the fish.  I had a good day.

Sunday, 2/17/08
                                                                                Day 15

We lazed around this morning and didn't go to church.  Joshua made a big deal about how he was going to eat the last of the Oatmeal Crisp cereal, even though he didn't like it, so we could fill the Tupperware container up with Cinnamon Toast Crunch instead.  Dad jumped in and said that he wanted the Oatmeal Crisp, his favorite (adults, they love the healthy stuff without sugar as ingredient #1), because he hadn't gotten any.  Mom laughed at this because she had helped Bro pick the raisins out of his Oatmeal Crisp so he could finish it up.  It was pretty funny and I ended up with the Cinnamon Toast Crunch in my bowl.

After lunch, we went to the laundry mat.  Mommy and I spent 3+ hours there doing laundry while Dad and Josh went to try to find an internet café.  After working at the internet café for a while, Dad and Josh went back to the boat to work on projects.  We had a week and a half's worth of laundry, about 15 loads, and couldn't carry it all the 3 blocks back to the boat.  We called a taxi and even though the company said that it would take 15-20 minutes for the cab to come, after 40 minutes it wasn't there.  There was a nice lady who offered us a ride and we accepted.

Daddy made an awesome pizza for supper.  It was the closest he's ever come to making it like the pizzerias do.  It was one of the best pizzas I've had in my life!  Life is pretty grand, for me at least.

Monday, 2/18/08
                                                                                Day 16

We're still in Houma, LA and spent most of the day in a coffee shop.  They had free wi-fi, so we drank their really good smoothies, had sandwiches for lunch, did school, and stayed there for 5 ½ to 6 hours.  They had a whole display case full of chocolate things that looked delicious.

There are a lot of places to do tricks on our scooters, so Bro and I did that for a large amount of what was left of the afternoon.  I did 5 tricks with Josh rating me 1-10 on each trick, and my score was 36.  I can do a bunch of jumps, pretty good wheelies, and I can even grind along the edge of the benches like you can do on a skateboard.  Life's good.

Tuesday, 2/19/08
                                                                Day 17                

Today was pretty good, and this evening was great!  In the morning, we did school and at lunchtime, we went to the coffee shop, had a salad, and did computer stuff.  It's great that I can keep in touch with my friends via e-mail.  It's pretty cool to see how things are going back at home in Pearland.  After we worked at the coffee shop, we called a cab and went shopping.  We went to West Marine, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and a store to refill our propane tank.  At Wal-Mart, we probably got enough fresh fruit, veggies, and deli to feed an army for a month!

By the time we got back to the boat, it was around 6:30.  Two days ago, we noticed that the area of the ICW we are on is fished a lot by the locals for catfish.  We met a very nice man named Mr. Sherman the other day.  He had a lot of bait and told us we could fish with him.  Tonight he was out fishing and I went fishing with him.  Mom ordered pizza and we all came outside and had a little party.  Mr. Sherman caught a 20lb. catfish and a 25lb. catfish (these are estimations).  We had a good time.  Mr. Sherman sells the fillets.  He said that he has 27 pounds or so, but it will not be enough because he will have a lot of business for Good Friday.  We had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, 2/20/08
                                                                        Day 18

We didn't do much today.  We did school in the morning and went back to the coffee shop after lunch.  We scooter around a bunch here.  It's a very good place for it.  Josh and I play games like we're cavalry from the Civil War, with our scooters being the horses.  We always ride our scooters to the coffee shop.

When we got back from the coffee shop, Josh went to fish with Mr. Sherman while I started an art project.  Calvert's has art lessons planned into the home school course, but Mom doesn't include them in our daily lessons.  One of the lessons is making a mask out of cardboard and pasta.  I started the project in my free time.  I cut out the design and drew the nose, and cut out the eyes and mouth.  I'll have to finish it tomorrow.

At around 9:15, we started trying to look through the clouds at the lunar eclipse.  We watched it during the gaps in the clouds.  It was pretty cool at first, but then it got kind of boring.  The moon got darker and darker and darker.  I kind of got tired of just watching it get darker and darker.  I watched it until it was almost totally dark, and then I came down to my bed to do this.  I'm tired.

Thursday, 2/21/08
                                                                                Day 19

I finished my mask today.  I hot glued pasta on to make a little beard, eyebrows, hair, and a mustache.  Then I painted the mask.  I used all the colors I had.  It looks real cool and weird at the same time.

We did school in the morning, and then we went to the coffee shop in the afternoon.  On our way to the coffee shop, we stopped at a museum about the Terrebonne Parish's wildlife and culture.  It was interesting.  We learned about how the people of Houma have always depended on the land for their economy.  They mainly farmed oysters.  It also told about the different ecosystems of the area, such as marshes, swamps, seacoast, and bayous.  Josh and I played when we got home.  Life's good.
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