Tuesday, 7/15/08                                                                                Day 164

Today was absolutely great!  We went to Coney Island and rode rides, walked along the boardwalk, and went to the Aquarium.  It took a while to get there though (1hr. by subway).  I enjoyed our time in Brooklyn, NY.

We started the day pretty much on the subway.  We took the #1 to 59th Street/Columbus Circle and transferred to the D.  From there it was about 1 hour to Coney Island.  Coney Island's station is the end of the subway line, so Josh and I make a joke.  It was that "Coney Island is the End of the Line, the End of New York, the End of the World!!!"  The subway emptied out as we reached Brooklyn, and the three of us played a version of charades to pass the time.  We eventually made it.

We found our way around and started with the rides.  Everything opened at 12:00, and we were the first people to ride the world famous Cyclone roller coaster.  It was fun with all its drops (12, with the biggest being 51.5°) and turns (6@ 180°).  From there, we rode one of the coolest Ferris Wheels ever - the (also world famous) Wonder Wheel!!!  It had cars that swung back and forth and rolled back and forth like a mini-roller coaster.  It was cool.  Josh and I also rode bumper cars.

From there, we ate lunch at the original Nathan's, the famous hot dog joint.  It was a normal hot dog with crinkle cut cheese fries, but there was something special about it.  I don't know.  It tasted good - that's all I can say!

The last thing we did was go to the New York City Aquarium right on the boardwalk.  It had an exhibit on Glover's Reef, an atoll in Belize that we went to on our last cruise 3 years ago.  We saw a baby walrus that was born here.  We saw it nursing and playing with a ball.  We also saw it and its mother get feed by the keepers.  Plus, we watched the Black-footed Penguins get fed, the sea otters get fed, and the sea lions get fed in a show.  We had a great time!!

We took the N subway to Times Square/42nd Street and the #1 home.  After supper, we started to watch Mary Poppins to refresh our memories on the story because we may to see the Broadway musical tomorrow.  Today was, as I said earlier, absolutely great!!

Wednesday, 7/16/08
                                                                Day 165

We saw a Broadway musical today.  It was Mary Poppins.  We tried to get half-price tickets at Times Square, but couldn't.   In the end, we got a good deal at the box office at the theater.  The show was at 2:00pm, but it was only 11:00am, so we walked down 7th Ave. to Central Park to pass the time.  We bought deli sandwiches and had a picnic in the park.

When showtime came, the New Amsterdam Theater was jam packed.  The show was almost sold out.   The show was "Mary Poppins:  The New Musical," so it was pretty different from the movie, but with the same basic storyline.  It was fantastic.  Gavin Lee, the man who played Bert, was like a new Dick Van Dyke.  He was amazing!  At the end, Mary Poppins (Ashley Brown) "flew" off, up in the air by her umbrella, over the Orchestra and up to the Mezzanine - right in front of us!  Then she continued to the Balcony.  I really enjoyed the show.

We saw the Skadden Arps building on Times Square.  It is a big building.  Dad would work there if we lived in NYC.  It was cool.

And that is it for the day.  We took showers, came home, ate dinner, and crashed.  I'm so tired.

Thursday, 7/17/08
                                                                                Day 166

All of the day today was spend on the boat.  At like 8:00pm, we went to shore and were there 'til after 10:00pm.  But we were on the boat all day, if you know what I mean.

We worked on the website for most of the day.  When we weren't doing that, we were probably cleaning up the boat.  I also read a lot.  I am reading Eragon.  It's 509 pages long, so I didn't finish it.

By 8:00pm, we were very tired and needed a shower, but hadn't even eaten dinner.  We went to shore to a little pizza place on Broadway that we've been to before.  Then we came back to the marina for showers.  Pedro, the marina worker with the evening shift, was there.  He showed us these bugs on the water's surface and striped bass eating the bugs.  That was cool to watch.

Now we are tired.  Dad comes home from Reno, NV tomorrow and we are going to Ellis Island with Grandma.  It should be fun.

Friday, 7/18/08                                                                                Day 167

Today was great.  Daddy returned from Reno, NV; we met up with Grandma; and we went to a great island/museum/National Historic Landmark - Ellis Island!  We couldn't take s/v Liberty there though, so we took a subway and the ferry.

Daddy came home early, around 9:00am.  We took the subway to Penn Station, where Grandma joined us, and we continued together all the way to South Ferry.  We bought tickets and then had to stand on a long, long line that stretched all the way around a park.  It took a whole hour to get to the ferry terminal and through security.

We finally got to Ellis Island around 2:00pm.  We ate lunch at the food court and then took a tour with a ranger.  The ranger was very knowledgeable, so we learned everything about almost everything about the history and immigrants that passed through Ellis Island.  The downside of that was that the 45 min. tour ended up being 90 min. long.  It was good anyway.

We then watched a video about the immigrants' experiences as they came through Ellis Island.  It explained a lot of what the ranger had already told us.  I liked the added quotes by the immigrants themselves.  The movie was in black and white.  It was called "Island of Hope; Island of Tears."  It makes you think.  Only approx. 2% of the immigrants we deported.  Approx. 3 million immigrants came through Ellis Island.  That means that approx. 60,000 people were deported.  Think of all the families that were split up because of it.  It is sad.

We also saw the Wall of Honor.  It is a wall that immigrants' names could be put on by their families if their families donated at least $150 to the island's renovation.  Alphonse Eckstein, my great-grandfather, and Nathan Eckstein, my great, great-grandfather got their names added by my Grandma.  She really wanted to see the names, and we did.

We caught the last ferry off the island and caught a cab to Chinatown.  We ate dinner at Big Wong's.  The food was very yummy, but the service wasn't the best.  It was good nonetheless.  We tried a lot of different Chinese dishes that I've never seen at our Chinese restaurants in Texas.   We had  a cold plate of pork and duck that was very good.  We also had delicious spare ribs.

We caught another cab to Penn Station.  We drove through Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, and Greenwich Village.  At Penn Station, we parted with Grandma.  She caught a train back to NJ and we took the subway home.  My life is great.  How's yours?

Saturday, 7/19/08
                                                                                Day 168

Today was pretty good.  We started our good day with a good breakfast.  Dad's colleague Mr. Logan invited us to breakfast at Manhattan Diner.  I got a plate full of silver dollar pancakes with maple syrup.  I got stuffed, but ate every last bite.

Then, we trekked across Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET, for short).  We saw a cool Egyptian exhibit with everything from papyrus and hieroglyphics to statues of mummies to full fledged temples and tombs.  Then we wandered around the museum for a while.  We saw Picasso, Dali, Matisse, statues, portraits, and more.  It got boring.  Really boring.

When we were through with that, it was close to 5:30pm.  We started trying to go all the way across the park to see a concert at a church.  We decided not to rush it and see the concert tomorrow.  Instead, we wandered and played a bit of ball.  We saw some street performers too.

Mom is exhausted and the rest of us are just tired.  It's time to crash.  Bye.

Sunday, 7/20/08
                                                                                Day 169

Today was fun and jam packed.  I can think of at least six things we did.  We met up with Mr. Bob a couple of times, watched the famous NYC Triathlon, and went to church, and went to play in Central Park.  It was awesome.

We started the day by watching the NYC Triathlon.  The swimming (part 1) took place in the Hudson River, right in front of us near the shore!  Mr. Bob came over for coffee and to watch with us.  We had a good time.

After the swimmers had all finished (it took hours), we went to 11:00 church.  By that time, a good portion had finished completely, but we watched others running as we walked up the street to church.  It was all in the hot sun.  I got disappointed when I thought, "oh, yeah!  The church, finally.  I can't wait to get to the A/C."  Holy Trinity Church (the same church we went to on 7/6/08) has no A/C!  Church was long and hot.  I was glad for it to be over.  We all broke sweats.

From there we went to Central Park.  We played ball on a lawn near Columbus Circle.  Then it started to rain, so we took cover in a mall at Columbus Circle.  It soon stopped and we went to 9th Ave. to eat.  We had eaten at the coffee hour after church, so we weren't hungry until then.  It was around 3:45pm by the time we found a good Indian place to eat.  I had never had Indian food before.  It was yummy!

We stopped at a grocery store and went home.  This evening we went over to Brittany de la Mer, Mr. Bob's sailboat.  He showed us all the cool things about an Amel (that's the type of boat he has).  Then we ate a snack-dinner.  We had a good time, but Josh fell asleep during dinner.  Today was great!!

Monday, 7/21/08
                                                                                Day 170

Nothing happened for the whole morning.  Then we went to lunch at some Jewish pizzeria and Dad caught a cab for the airport.  He's only going to Reno, NV for 3 days, instead of 12 days like last time.

Mom, Josh and I decided to go to Central Park this afternoon.  The wind was kind of blowing, so I flew my kite, but it died soon after we got there.  Instead, I played catch with Josh.  We had fun.  That's all for a great today. 
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