Saturday, 3/1/08                                                                                Day 28

We had an awesome time fishing today!!  We caught 7 Redfish and 1 Black Drum.  We caught 6 bull Reds (over 27 in.) and one baby Red (under 16 in.).  We didn't catch any stringer Reds (between 16 and 27 in.), the best kind.  The Drum was a stringer.  Josh caught it.  We caught all of our fish early in the morning and none the rest of the day.

I caught 3 bulls and the baby.  Two of my bull Reds were 25-30 lbs., and one was at least 30 lbs.  Bro brought in a 40lb. bull Red as big as himself.  For a long time, Josh was fighting the fish hard, but it would keep running.  He'd pull and reel; it would run and take line.  Finally, our guide, Mr. Preston, helped a very tired Joshua bring the fish the last 3 feet.  Mr. Preston could barely lift the monster up.  After taking pictures, we had to throw it back because we had already caught our limit of bull Reds (one per person).

Dad caught one medium sized bull (about 15-25 lbs.), and Mr. Preston got a small bull.  You can only keep one bull per person, but 4 stringers.  Mr. Preston's fish was right at 27 in., but we had to call it a bull.

We did really well.  Mr. Preston was talking to some other guides and they barely got any fish.  We filled 3- gallon size Ziploc bags with fish fillets!

Fighting bull Reds is fun!  When they grab your line and your bobber goes down, the fun starts!  You jerk the pole to set the hook in the fish's mouth, and it is pulling hard.  You can tell the size of your fish as it creates an eddy with its tail, or when it sticks its head up out of the water.  The bigger the eddy/head, the bigger the Redfish.  If you are at the top of your game, you can probably bring in a big bull Red in 3-5 minutes.  The Reds pull hard and run with your line.  You have to reel faster than they can pull.  You need to pull up and then let the pole down and reel fast.

Once the fish is around 3ft. from the boat, things get real fun.  The fish is usually writhing at the surface and someone has to get a big net under the fish while you try to keep it at the surface and at the side of the boat.  Sometimes the fish will swim out of the net, and other times it will swim under the boat or run a good ways out and make you work extra hard to  pull it back in again.  It was a totally awesome experience!

We got back at around 2:30 and then we spent half an hour or so filleting the fish.  The pelicans sit around the fillet table and eat the fish scraps.  It's funny to watch them squabbling over a sliver of meat.

I helped Mom with the website for a while, and then we went to see the other fishermen's catches.  There were only a few amberjack, but a lot of tuna.  One guide had a 6ft. Wahoo in his boat.  He also had a huge Yellowfin Tuna.  One group got about a dozen grouper offshore.  Another pair of men caught about 100 6in. White Trout on plastic worms offshore.  You pan fry fish that small.

Today was great!  We didn't do any school, and finished the day with fried Redfish and Black Drum for dinner.  J Life's cool and froody*! J

*According to my book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "froody" is one of the greatest compliments and means "really amazingly together."

Sunday, 3/2/08
                                                                                Day 29

We made some friends today.  Seth, Chris and Nicki work on a fishing boat that is docked next to us.  Seth takes care of the boat, Chris is the captain, and Nicki is Chris' girlfriend who helps fish.  They come here from St. Petersburg, Fl, and go fishing for Yellowfin Tuna.  They caught a big Yellowfin and gave us some to make lunch with for everyone.  We told them that we could make sushi, which 2 of them like.  We made regular nigiri sushi, regular tuna roll sushi, spicy tuna roll, sautéed tuna, sautéed breaded Redfish, guacamole, Tostitos, and Doritos.  We had a feast.  They told us that they caught an approx. 130lb. Yellowfin, but it snapped the line a foot away from the boat.  Seth said that it was a big as him.

We had a small church service on the boat this morning.  We read a few bible readings form some books we have.  Then we discussed what the readings meant.

We did a bit of school before and after lunch (which was late).  Then I helped Mom pick pictures for the website.  I helped Josh design his journal page, and I made the page you're reading now!  Today was great!

Monday, 3/3/08
                                                                                Day 30

I barely have anything to write about today.  We either did school or made the website all day.  Josh and I tried to play catch with a baseball, but he thought I purposely tried to hit him in the head with a mock pop-fly ball.  We've been gone foe a month now.

Tuesday, 3/4/08
                                                                                Day 31

Today was almost as boring as yesterday, but not quite.  W did school from 9:00 - 2:00.  Afterwards, I did some of the website with Mom.  Josh and I accidentally knocked the computer onto the floor, and Daddy got angry with us.  We lost all computer privileges for 3 days, including working with Mom on the website.  That's really bad because Mom needs my help with a photo album/slideshow on the website, but now I cannot help for a while.  That is bad for Mom, as well as me, but Dad already punished me.

After supper - cabbage soup (yuch!) - we played Yahtzee.  Daddy won by about 65 points.  I came in second with 222.  Life is not cool and froody (see Mar 1st), but it is OK.

Wednesday, 3/5/08
                                                                                Day 32

Today, I got one big wound.  Josh and I were running around outside on the dock barefoot, and I got a huge splinter.  It went through the sole of my foot.  It was at least an inch long!  The splinter wouldn't come out either way, so Dad had to use his razor to cut the skin above the piece of wood.  It hurt bad, and I'm glad I got the splinter instead of Josh.  He would have screamed his head off.  We took the wood out and Mom asked what we should do with it.  I said, "Throw it into a crack and get it away from me.  Stop, let me throw it down a crack."  I got to do the honor of disposing the bloody stick.

We cleaned the cut with hydrogen peroxide, and it fizzed up a ton.  It must have been pretty dirty from the stick.  It shouldn't get infected though.  Mom put medicine on it and covered it with a band-aid.

Other than that, the day wasn't very exciting.  Mom worked on the website (which is almost finished) and Josh and I played in the afternoon after school.

Thursday, 3/6/08
                                                                                Day 33

Nothing much happened today.  We did school part of the day like usual.  We got a half pardon and were able to help Mom a little on the website.  The website is going well.  It's starting to get cold.  There is a Norther coming.

Friday, 3/7/08
                                                                                        Day 34

We didn't have any school today.  Instead, I helped Mom with the website all day.  Josh got to play.  Later in the day, Dad and Josh went to a store in Port Sulpher, LA.  It's about 30 min. away.  There is nothing close here.

A Norther came this afternoon.  Dad added 4 more lines to keep the boat from pushing into the dock.  The wind is howling!  It is kind of cold.  Everything is cool though.

We played Clue this evening. Mom won. I was Professor Plum and I was the murderer, without knowing it myself. It was fun.
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