Saturday, 11/8/08                                                                                Day 280

Today was o.k.  It wasn't bad at all.  Just not much happened.  Josh and I were either doing school or playing with Legos for most of the day.  Dad left to go work on the boat before I woke up.  He got home at dusk.

The weather was gray, cold and rainy for most of the day.  It cleared up just as the sun was about to set and just in time for me to fishin'.  Josh didn't want to come, so I decided to go by myself.  I had to throw my bait (some shrimp) out because I had forgotten to refrigerate it.  It reeked!  Instead of using a hook, weight, and bait rig, I grabbed a bucktail jig and an artificial shrimp.  As I was about to leave, I found as unforeseen problem:  right where I had left my stuff, there was a pile of leaves.  I had to sift through it all to find what I needed.  I got to the pier just as the sun went below the horizon.  I fished for a while, about a half-dozen casts per lure.  I was about to pack up when Dad came down the pier.  We fished together for a while, but it was getting cold.  We came in.

Josh and I watched TV before dinner.  We had a late dinner.  It was good.  Now I'm about to shower.  I'm tired. 

Sunday, 11/9/08                                                                                Day 281

Today was great.  We started early, before 7:00am.  I woke up last of all.  Dad was already working on the boat, Josh was being a couch potato, watching TV, and Mom was across the street taking pictures of the sunrise.  Within minutes of my getting up, though, everybody was home and yelling at me - Mom to make my bed and eat breakfast, Dad to get ready for church, and Josh because he accused me of changing his clock alarm to make him miss his first program.  What a hassle!

Josh had finished off our supply of cereal, so I was stuck with a breakfast bar and a glass of milk.  Dad said that we had to leave for church and I couldn't finish my breakfast, but I did have to glug down my milk!  What a hassle!

We were 30 minutes late for church.  The website of that Gloucester Lutheran Church had been wrong with the time.  Way off.  The usher said that it wasn't the first time that had happened, but nobody got around to changing it.  We missed everything but a few songs, offering, Peace Sharing, some prayers and communion.  It was a tiny church, but very welcoming (other that the website!).  Luckily, my day got better. 

After church, we went to the grocery store.  Mom and I were successful at Wal-Mart, but Dad and Josh were unsuccessful at 3 hardware stores in a row.  They took 20 minutes when it should have taken 5.  Mom and I thought they were eaten up by the Lowe's Monster.  We also stopped by West Marine.  Luckily, my day got better.

We met Whitey and Nancy Lipscomb at the house.  It is their house we are staying in.  We made a huge Sunday dinner (late lunch) with lamb, steak, salad, cauliflower and cheese sauce, and fried polenta.  It was so great!  It filled us all up.

One of the things the Lipscombs wanted to do was lift their speed boat onto a lift.  It was on a trailer.  Josh and I drove with them in their SUV to a nearby boat ramp and let the speed boat go in the water.  Mrs. Lipscomb took the SUV/trailer back to the house and Mr. Lipscomb, Josh and I took the boat to their private pier and boat lift.  During that time, Mom was working on the computer and Dad took the car to the boat to do some work.  Riding in the speed boat was so awesome!  We were only riding for a few minutes, but it was totally exhilarating.  We went so fast! How I loved the wind in my face like that!

When we got to the dock, Mom and Mrs. Lipscomb came out to help.  We dropped the lift into the water and drove the boat onto it.  Then I lifted the boat up (all electrical).  That was cool.

The adults (minus Dad) talked for a while.  I crabbed.  Crabs are out of season, though, so I didn't get anything.  The Lipscombs let soon after all of that.

We just hung out for the rest of the day.  Dad and I went to J&W Seafood to try to get some bait, but they were closed.  We picked up some old conch from the boat instead.  After the Lipscombs left, the clouds stared to fill in.  Dad and I fished in the evening from the time we guessed was sunset until the time when the last light faded from the sky.  We were unsuccessful.  We used some other conch to make dinner.  It was only o.k.  It could have been better.  Today was still great!

Monday, 11/10/08
                                                                                Day 282

Today was pretty good.  Mom and I ran errands all morning while Dad and Josh worked on the boat.  We went to Gloucester.  One of the places we went was a machine shop.  There was a lot of cool equipment and junk.  We got lunch at Quiznos.  Mm, mm, mm .....TOASTY!  I love that place.  Here in Gloucester is the first place I've been to one on the whole trip!  Now we're gonna enjoy it!

Mom, Josh and I spent the afternoon doing school.  Dad continued to work on the boat.  After school, we raked leaves.  Our plan was to make a huge poke to jump into.  That's hard work.  We only got halfway by the time it was getting dark.  We'll work more tomorrow.  That was/will be fun!

I didn't go fishing this evening.  That's okay.  I typed e-mails instead.  Dinner was yummy.  It was Italian sausages.  We are having a nice and quiet evening.  I like it.  I'm going to go enjoy it.  Hasta mañana!

Tuesday, 11/11/08
                                                                                Day 283

We hung out at the house all day today.  We did schoolwork until lunch.  Dad came home from working on the boat for lunch.  Then he went back.

Josh and I played inside and outside.  Outside, we raked leaves.  We are making good progress.  I found a pitchfork in the shed which I am using to hurl piles of leaves.  I'm being careful that nobody gets stabbed.  We are having fun doing that.
Josh came up with this really cool fishing board game.  I'm helping him create it.  It'll be awesome when we're done.

Dad came home in the evening with bait shrimp.  He and I went out fishing.  We caught nothing, but got one small bite.  Dad was on the phone for work the whole time.  I wish we'd catch something.  Everybody says that we should be catching strippers!  That's annoying.

We did come home to a nice dinner.  Mom made delicious chicken parmesan.  Josh got to watch the movie Lilo and Stitch.  I'm pooped.  I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, 11/12/08
                                                                        Day 284

Today was pretty good.  We did school all morning.  Dad came home for lunch.  After that, we dropped Dad off at the boat for the afternoon.  We ran some quick errands, such as to the grocery store.  Mom bought eggnog!  When Mom buys eggnog, it means that the holiday season is really in full swing!  That is the only time of year she ever buys it.  I love the stuff.  It's so rich and creamy!  I wonder what it's made of?

Back at the house, Josh finished school and I watched TV.  For a lot of the afternoon, Josh and I raked leaves.  We finally finished the giant pile.  IT was about 3 ½ feet tall and 2-3 feet in diameter.  We jumped in it and buried each other and had leaf fights and more.  Mom took pictures.  Josh and I also made a wall and played a Star Wars game.  The Wookies live on Kashyk, a forest planet, so we were they.  We also worked on Josh's awesome board game, Fishin' Florida, a little.

We picked Dad up at dusk.  He got a lot of work done.  We had Orange Roughy (a fish) for dinner.  Mom baked it.  It was so tasty.  Josh didn't like it though.  The green bean casserole was good too.

Josh and I are in bed now.  When I finish this, we are going to work on Fishin' Florida.  I gotta go!

Thursday, 11/13/08
                                                                        Day 285

Today was pretty good.  School was finished before lunch (which was at around 12:30pm).  We spent the rest of the gray and rainy day hangin' around.  We played with Legos and worked on Fishin' Florida.  We have made some major progress in deciding what fish to use.  Dad came home at 3:30pm, done for the day.  He and Mom ran some errands around 5:00pm.  While they were out, we watched a movie on the house's big flat screen!  I love that thing!

Dinner was salad and Italian Muffins (English Pizza).  Dad baked pizza toppings on English Muffins.  It was good.  Ice cream was dessert.  Today gets a thumbs up.

Friday, 11/14/08
                                                                                Day 286

Today was yet another hang out day.  We followed the normal routine:
        6:30 - wake up
        6:30 - 7:00 - get dressed, make bed, eat
        7:00 - watch "Suite Life of Zach & Cody"
        7:30 - watch "Phineas & Farb"
        8:00 - start school
        12:30 - eat lunch

That's how almost every day goes.  Today, I got school done very quickly.  I got to help Mom work on our new website for the rest of the day!  We did a lot.  We created the homepage, the contact page, and the Where Are We? page.  It is awesome!  We will make this SiteSpinner site better than our CoffeeCup site ever was!!  But, it will take some adjusting.  So, I worked on the website for most of the day.  Dad came home and made a pork roast for dinner.  That's one of his best dishes.  He makes it with lots of rosemary, onions, and garlic.  After dinner, we stayed up watching "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet.  It's 10:00pm and it just concluded.  I'm tired and need to get up at 6:30 again tomorrow.  That means I've got to run, or maybe got to drop.  So, anyway, bye!
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