Saturday, 11/15/08                                                                        Day 287

Today was a great Saturday.  Yet there were some not so great parts to this Saturday.  Some normal Saturday pleasures are ignored on the trip.  One big one is school.  Weekends are often disregarded, school-wise.  We did school all morning. Blah! (But, normal school days are disregarded sometimes too.  I guess it all works out.)

We spent the afternoon driving around.  We went to West Marine (2 different locations) four times!  On the bright side, West Marine was having some giant sale, and was advertising by setting out a table with cheese cubes, doughnuts, and cocktail shrimp.  Yum, yum!  We also went to the boat.  Josh and I played in the field most of the time.  That took up our afternoon.

At around 4:15, we went to an early dinner.  We were all hungry because lunch consisted on snacks at West Marine and a Kudo bar at the boat.  We went to a fish fry prepared by a local Methodist church.  For $10, you got a bowl of soup, a fish fillet, cornbread, green beans, coleslaw, and a slice of dessert!  They had so many great desserts.  They had pumpkin, pecan, cherry, apple, chocolate meringue and lemon meringue pie!  It was hard to choose.  We were home by 6:30.  We watched Jumanji.  That's a fun movie.  I had a great day today.

Sunday, 11/16/08
                                                                                Day 288

Today was great.  We started by going to church.  It was the same church we went to on 11/09/08, the Lutheran church.  Service was the same as last Sunday, but this time we were there for all of it.

Dad had a craving for fried chicken, so we ate at KFC.  They have this awesome buffet!  When I ate some chicken, some inner-craving that I had not recognized was fulfilled.  The bread pudding was good too!

Back at the boat, Josh and I played outdoors.  It was cold, but not windy, and it was sunny.  Mr. Mike (from s/v Shooting Star, another Morgan 41 in the boatyard) came over and helped Mom try to fix our Ham radio.  Towards the end of our day, Dad got Josh and me to start moving all our fishing supplies into a better, smaller tackle box.  We're working on it.  It will be a tight fit.  It's a cool tackle box, but a might small.  We'll get it done.

We ate dinner and I worked on the website.  We are making good progress.  Dad just found out that the Dallas Cowboys are on TV.  I haven't seen them play in forever.  I gotta wrap this up or I won't do anything this evening.  Hasta mañana!

Monday, 11/17/08
                                                                                Day 289

Today was great.  I feel like I only did four big things today.  The first was watch TV.  At 2:00, a 3 hour marathon on "The Suite Life of Zach & Cody" came on.  We watched most of that.  The second was work on the website.  Mom spent almost the entire day behind her computer.  I worked with her on and off, mostly designing graphics in paint and designing computer pages.  That is just a cool way to say drawing images in Paint and pasting lots of images on big pages.   I can still do some cool things though!

Third on my list of things I did is work on redesigning the layout of the fishing supplies in a cool new tackle box.  That worked pretty well.  Lastly, I did school.  That happens every day (almost).  I spent most of the morning on school.

Other than that, I really didn't do much else.  I played on the internet some, played with Josh, and read my book, etc.  We had a small dinner.  It's 8:45pm right now.  I'm not tired.  I'm just going to hang out for a while, maybe send an e-mail or two.  Today was great.

Tuesday, 11/18/08
                                                                                Day 290

Today was great.  I either did school, website, or computer gaming all day.  School from 8:45 - 12:15; website from 7:30 - 8:45 and 12:15 - 3:00; computer gaming form 3:30 - 5:45.  On the internet, Bro and I found this awesome game called Light Heroes.  You get to be a Japanese warrior, either a Samurai , ninja, sorceress, or sharpshooter.  I'm a sharpshooter.  You go through levels beating evil things and bosses, plus buying great armor and other cool stuff.  I'm a level 8, intermediate class, with elite armor, magic armor, and legendary armor.  I am good!

Dad came home at 2:30 or so, and he and Mom went to the boat.  It is so cold and windy today that we (Josh and I) opted out.  It is supposed to freeze tonight!  They just came back (5:30) and dinner is getting underway.  It's steak tonight!  Today was great!

Wednesday, 11/19/08
                                                                        Day 291

Today was pretty good.  We did school until 10:30.  Then Dad came home and we left so he could take a conference call.  We went to the boat.  Mom, Mr. Mike (Shooting Star), and I worked on the Ham Radio.  Then Josh and I played in the field.  We came home around 12:00.  We all had lunch.  Then Dad went back to the boat until about 3:30.  We (Mom, Josh and I) had to leave again so Dad could take a 4:00 call.  This time we went all the way to Trans-Atlantic Diesel.  We haven't been there for over one week!  I never would have believed it could be true!  We also stopped at Wal-Mart.

We got home late - 7:00.  Dad made a yummy quiche.  It's great that we have the good oven here in the house.  Otherwise, we could not have had this tasty supper!  Josh and I worked on Fishin' Florida after dinner.  It'll definitely turn out great!  Complicated, but great!  I had a great day.

Thursday, 11/20/08
                                                                        Day 292

Today was pretty good.  Mom made a coffeecake (yeah oven!!) for breakfast.  That made school start late.  After school, I played 50% with Bro, 50% worked on the computer.  The website is now to the point of being published with SiteSpinner!  I (we) have done a ton of work on it.  I also was allowed to play online some.  Josh and I created this cool game that we played all day.  It's like a cross of Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and a game of robot wars.  It's pretty awesome.  My main creature is a human with a dragon head that breathes fire, an automatic cannon for an arm, and blades that come out of his back.  He also has medieval armor and has a sword.  Bro's is like a cross between a dinosaur, a dragon, and a rhino that wears medieval armor.  They're cool things.  We had a ton of fun.

Dad got home late tonight and we had a late dinner.  That means we are getting to bed late.  Josh only has a weak alarm, so I bet he sleeps past 6:30am tomorrow.  He's so tired.  I'm tired too. I ("yawn") need  to ("yawn") get to ("yawn") sleep.

Friday, 11/21/08
                                                                                Day 293

Today was yet another fairly boring stay-at-the-house day.  It was cold.  We did school.  Mom published the website using SiteSpinner!! It worked!!  Now all we need to do is get up to date.  That will take a while.  Josh and I played out robot game.  We played some computer.  I watched some TV.

This evening after dinner, Dad said that because it was going to be so cold, he was going to sleep on the boat so he could keep the space heaters running safely.  There's really nothing else to tell.  Good-bye.
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