Wednesday, 10/8/08                                                                        Day 249

Today was not that interesting.  Tonight was a different story.  Since tonight was so grand, I'll tell of it first.

When Dad came home (I'll explain later), he made a big pot of goat cheese and chicken pasta, and we went over to Imagine for dinner.  We ate dinner and played.  Then, we watched a movie.  We saw Evan Almighty.  That is a great movie.  Mom and Dad want to see it too.  That would be a great movie to get!  We had a good time.

As for the day, Mom drove Dad into town before we woke up.  He then caught a ride to the Skadden office in Washington D.C. with Lance Brasher, the partner Dad works for.  He worked for the day and Imagine brought him home in their rental car, for they were also in D.C. for the day.

What we did during the day - school.  We did school and hung out.  I'm guessing you can see why the evening was so much better.  I hope we see Imagine again soon.

Thursday, 10/9/08
                                                                                Day 250

The Boat Show started today!!  But we stayed home. L  We did so because it was VIP/Press Day and it was twice the price for adults and four times the price for kids!  We still got to do some Boat Show stuff though.  The seminars take place at the Marriott Hotel outside the show and are 100% free.  While we did school, Dad attended the Diesel Engine Mechanics seminar.  Then we met Dad at the Marriott and went to the 12:00 seminar.  That was Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes.  Jimmy Cornell is a world-famous cruiser.  He has circumnavigated 5 ½ times!  I listened to part of the seminar and read the rest of the time.  The US Coast Guard is sponsoring the seminars, along with Cruising World Magazine.  The USCG was giving out info and challenge coins.  We thought that the coins were cool.  We each got one.

In the afternoon, we dinghied to Eastport, MD.  Eastport is across the creek from Annapolis.  In Eastport, we scootered to a barber shop.  I haven't had a haircut in months (like 3). I'm glad I could get rid of the big puffy blob on my head.

We scootered around in an abandoned parking lot for a while, waiting for Imagine to come and show us to a Caribbean 1500 get together we were all trying to go to.  We eventually called them on the phone and found out that they had gone another way, and they gave us directions.  We played in a field with the kids for the whole evening.  There was a tree that we climbed.  We all had fun.  We met up with Dave from Blue Yonder at the party as well.  That was cool.  We had a good day.

Friday, 10/10/08
                                                                                Day 251

Today was all about the Boat Show.  I woke up around 8:00am and everybody was going.  We grabbed breakfast bars and bananas and hurried in for the shower house.  There was a great big line for the showers.  When Josh and I got there, there were two men in the showers, a man in front of us, and 2 men quickly came in behind us.  When the 2 people in the showers got out, Josh went in one and the man in front got the other.  I had to wait for Josh to get out of the shower to take my shower because he had all my shower stuff.  In the end, Josh took one shower in the time 3 other men took showers.  To make things worse, Josh had been told to take quick showers because we were in a rush.  When I finally took my shower, I took it in ½ the time of another man.  Josh didn't even get in trouble.

The first thing we did was head to the Marriott hotel for a seminar.  When we got there, we were just a couple of minutes late for "40,000 Miles Later," the story of the Otterbacher family.  They sailed twice with their kids.  The first time they sailed with their 13 yrs. old son Ryan and 8 month old daughter Katie for two years.  The second time they sailed with Katie from ages 9 - 15 and their other daughter Erin from ages 6 - 12.  They sailed the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic circuit for over 6 years, making 4 trans-Atlantic passages.  I got a bit bored and came outside with Josh for the rest of the time.  We looked at all the challenge coins and were able to get one of each coin.  The man handing then out gave us each a special rare challenge coin.  That's cool!  We spent a long time after the Otterbacher's seminar talking with the whole family.  They were very nice and were very excited for us.  We got a lot of tips from them.

We grabbed lunch at a stand on the street.  Then we hurried to the next seminar, Don Street talking about planning a voyage to the Caribbean.  He knows everything about every little cove.  I sat through the whole hour and a half long seminar and actually thought it interesting.  I was surprised by the fact that at the beginning, every single chair and spot to stand was taken, but the crowd emptied out fairly quickly.  By the end, we even got chairs.

After Don Street's lecture, we went to the Boat Show itself.  We went into most of the tents.  We saw a lot of vendors and Dad covered a lot of different topics.  Mom and I found a canvas/sailmaking company that will probably make us new cushions for our salon.  I am excited about that!  Something that I thought was cool was that I impressed a lot of vendors.  I just stopped and talked with vendors about all sorts of things.  They were impressed by our trip, my knowledge of parts and stuff like that, my knowledge of certain currents and weather patterns, etc., and by all sorts of stuff I knew.

We got back from the Boat Show late and had a quick dinner.  We are going back to the Boat Show tomorrow.  I can't wait!

Saturday, 10/11/08
                                                                        Day 252

We started today somewhat early.  By 9:00am we were at the shower house showering.  We took quick showers and went/rushed to the Cruising with Kids Panel Discussion seminar.  Mom thought it would be crowded and made us get there 30 minutes early to get good seats.  We were the first people there.  It was not even close to packed.

On the panel was the entire Otterbacher family (see yesterday), Tania Aebi and her two grown sons, Stacey Collins, and Liza Copeland.  Tania Aebi is a world renowned cruiser.  She sailed with her sons for one year out of high school.  Stacey Collins cruised as a kid, cruised with her daughter, and is about to cruise with the girl once more.  Liza Copeland met her husband while cruising, and they cruised later on with their three kids.  Josh stayed outside during the whole lecture with the kids from Imagine and some other kids who were there.  I listened to the whole lecture.  While listening, I disassembled and reassembled and experimented with the free pens the Coast Guard was giving out.  I only ruined ½ of those I worked with (3 out of 6)!

We ate lunch at Pusser's Bar and Grill and went  back to the Boat Show.  We talked to more vendors and looked at some boats.  One of my favorites was the Far Harbor.  The boat is made to go in a shipping container and be shipped to wherever you want to cruise.  It is perfect for a couple to cruise on.  And, compared to other boats, the $250,000 it costs isn't that bad; not to say that it is cheap.

While looking around, I found an awesome little sailboat called a Norseboat 12.5 ft.  It is a new boat that is a cross between an ancient Norse seafaring vessel and an 1800's New Jersey fishing boat.  It has two sets of oars, a gaff rigged mainsail, and a roller furling jib.  It has storage under the benches and can have a tent pitched over it, so you could literally take a 2 day trip or so.  I will have to save up for some time though, because it costs $12,000.  But, the dealer for the Norseboats saw that I liked the boats so much that he told me that I could look into selling Norseboats after our trip and receive commission that could go towards purchasing one.  Another idea that a guy I was talking with told me was to do varnish work.  He said that a kid my age can make $150 for a 6 hour day of quality varnishing.  I think I'll try varnish work!

We came back to the boat and ate dinner and are going to bed.  Today was great!


Sunday, 10/12/08
                                                                                Day 253

Once again, today was mostly about the Boat Show.  We started at 10:00am with the Weather Briefing seminar.  Mom and I went to that.  It was interesting.  We learned how to read weather charges and read barometers and stuff like that.  The guy running it worked to convince everybody to trust NOAA.  I don't.  They've given us too many bad forecasts.

We all went back to the show after lunch on board.  We did the normal stuff - looking at boats, talking to vendors, buying little stuff, drooling over $1,000,000 yachts (or $12,000 Norseboats for me), etc.  Mom and Dad decided to order new interior cushions, an asymmetrical spinnaker, and a mizzen staysail, all from JSI, a company based out of St. Petersburg, FL.  They are a good company with friendly people.  Josh and I also found a guy who sells replica cannons that actually fire,  made for winches, railmounts, etc.  Josh thinks that if I can save up $12,000 to buy a Norseboat, he can save up $3500 for two cannons to go on the Norseboat.  We all have to have a dream.  We stayed 'til 7:00pm when the show ended so we could see him fire a cannon. It was cool!!

Like all other days, we are now about to eat a quick dinner on the boat.  Today was great!  The Boat Show is great!  Life is great!

Monday, 10/13/08
                                                                                Day 254

Today was the first day since Wednesday 10/6/08 that the day has been free of the Boat Show.  Daddy had to leave this morning for a meeting in Las Vegas, NV.  He will be back on Friday, 10/17/08.  That is only 4 more days.  That's not so bad.

In the meantime, we are still in Annapolis, MD.  We were somewhat busy with Boat Show related stuff this morning.  At 9:30am we met Ms. Jane, the lady from JSI who was coming to our boat to make patterns for our new cushions.  She took an hour and a half to make the patterns.  We dinghied her in and out.  Then at noon, we met a man from Spectra watermakers who was getting us some special parts.  We met him at the entrance to the Boat Show.

We met up with Bob and Suzanne after lunch.  They have their boat on the hard, and have rented a car.  They offered to take us to Sam's Club to do some shopping.  We took them up on that.  We've needed to go to Sam's for some time.  We really stocked up.  After that, we drove on to the grocery store.  That stop was quick.

Then we all went back to Liberty.  Bob and Suzanne came aboard to see the boats leave the Boat Show when it ended tonight.  At 5:00pm sharp, the loudspeaker came on.  It said, "Wha wha wha wha wha.  Gentlemen, start your engines!" After those words, boats started streaming out.  There was no wind at the time, so boats just motored out.  Mr. Bob says that most years, the boats have sails up and are showing off on their way out.  It was cool anyway.

Bob and Suzanne eventually left.  We are Italian sausages for dinner.  Now we are going to bed.  I had a good day.

Tuesday, 10/14/08
                                                                                Day 255

Today was not very busy or interesting.  They day started with school.  We did school from 8:00 - 12:00.  That is a full school day.  Then, we had lunch and went out.

We went to the Naval Academy.  Mom really wanted to go into the Naval Chapel. We did.  It was very pretty.  It has a huge copper dome.  The church is very, very big.  We might go to church there.  That would be cool.  We also tried to find the years and ranks of the midshipmen, but it was hard because a lot of the midshipmen were not in uniform because it was later in the day and they were doing sports.  We did go to the Visitor's Center to learn all about the ranks and uniforms.  W will try to see the midshipmen tomorrow.

While taking showers, we met a boat with kids.  The boat is Tranquility.  We've seen them before, but didn't know they had kids.  They have Finn, age 5, and Mia, age 6.  We played a bit.  We might get together again, but maybe not.

Today was okay.  I hope tomorrow is better.
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