Monday, 9/22/08                                                                                Day 233

Today was pretty messed up, but it had some good parts.  We did school, but only half a day because Dad called, saying that he had just picked up the water pump we need from the UPS truck, and that we should be ready to go.  We got back form the lounge and Dad was cursing and screaming about how the pump didn't work, even though this guy, "Dr. Diesel," said it would for sure and how now we were to be stuck here for weeks.  Also, Dr. Diesel was extremely rude to him.  Dad was very upset.  Mom calmed him down.

To get off the boat, Josh and I went exploring the lake some more.  We played with about 3ft. of old chain we dug up.  We ended up getting told by Mr. Wayne that we weren't allowed to be there.

In the evening, Bill and Bev drove down from Atlantic Highlands, NJ to see us.  They came on board for a glass of wine and then we went into town for dinner.  We ate at the Lobster House.  I got a children's portion of broiled flounder.  That was great!  That was probably the best part of the day.  Tomorrow will be better.  It can't be worse, that's for sure.

Tuesday, 9/23/08 - Monday, 9/29/08
                                        Days 234-240

We have been docked at Utsch's Marina in Cape May, NJ for the past week.  The week hasn't been all too interesting.  We finally got a replacement part from a dealer other than Dr. Diesel, but were still stuck here because of offshore weather which would affect our trip through the Delaware Bay.  It did actually rain on and off for a good number of days.

We pretty much just hung out.  We did school almost all of the days.  We have progressed a lot on that front.  Josh and I played back in the lake are a lot.  Even after we were told by marina people that we weren't allowed to be there, we still snuck back.  We found lots and lots of cool rocks, as well as a couple of fossils!

One day, we walked into town.  Town is pretty far away.  We had to walk down Washington St., an old long street full to the brim with 1800's houses.  There are a lot of B&B's too.  Cape May is a tourist beach town.  In town, we walked through a big strip mall/pedestrian shopping zone.  Mom and I stopped into a Christmas store to look at Dept. 56 village pieces.  Ever since, Mom has been doing a ton of research on the pieces she wants.  We also went to the beach.  It was very windy, and the flying sand burned our faces.  The waves were big and there were surfers.  Josh and I built a big, walled sand city and tried to protect it from the waves.   The waves did not sweep in and knock over the houses, but they always ended up flooding the town. The walls and ditches did their jobs some what.  I christened the town "Death by Flooding."  How would you like to vacation there?  Our walls survived for a good while after we left, marking  that we did a good job.  That was the only time we went to town.

We had many dock neighbors who came and went.  We even had this monster yacht-like trawler docked next to us.  Most recently, a trawler named Tally Ho was here with us.  They have been all the way up to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia!  They have seen tons of whales too.  We made friends and had them over for drinks once.  They reminded me of my Texas Grandma and Grandpa who seem to have been everywhere and love to talk about their travels.

On Friday evening, my Jersey Grandma drove down here from northern New Jersey.  She stayed with us for all of Saturday and until after dinner on Sunday.  She is a 7th grade science teacher and has a cool rock collection.  She brought some rocks with here.  On Saturday night, Mom and Dad went out to dinner and we watched Star Wars, Episode III:  Revenge of the Sith with Grandma.  We had a great time.

Grandma brought me Brisingr, the new Christopher Paolini book.  It is the third book the Inheritance series and I have been waiting for it to come out.  Grandma just got it and gave it to me to read first.  I started it immediately!

This morning, after a quick run to the Wawa (a big 7-11 type store) and the seafood market, we left the marina and anchored out in the harbor so that we can leave early tomorrow morning.  We hung out and did school.  This evening, we had cocktail shrimp, scallops, Mako shark, snow peas, and rice as a wonderful dinner, as we watched the movie Cheaper by the Dozen.  I love that movie!

We had a good week.

Tuesday, 9/30/08
                                                                                Day 241

Ma & Dad got up at 4:00 to get us underway.  We traveled for 11 ½ hours and got to the Bohemia River in Maryland by late afternoon.  We went all the way up Delaware Bay and through the C & D canal in the Chesapeake.  We made over 7 kts as our average speed.  We would not have made that speed if we had left any later because we were able to catch the tides perfectly and carry a current with us the whole trip.

We did school for a long time.  We stayed upstairs in the C & D canal.  We loved all the cool bridges.  We saw suspension, truss, and other bridges!

The Bohemia River is very beautiful.  There are hills around it and lots of forest.  There is some fall color too.  We are going to go dinghy exploring tomorrow after school.  This evening, we played a family game of Trout.  It was fun.  I have been staying up late reading my book.  Today was good.
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