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Wednesday, 4/15/09                                                                        Day 438

Once again, we sailed all day long.  We went from Water Cay, Jumentos to Salt Pond, a town on Long Island.  This morning, after listening to the weather by Chris Parker, we realized that it would be better conditions to sail to Long Island today, instead of tomorrow like we had planned.  We'll be back in the Jumentos in a week or so.  We raised anchor, along with Nauti-Nauti, and headed for another day at sea (though, "at sea" doesn't describe it well.  We were on the banks and never saw more than 40 ft.)

I did school most of the day.  I got 99% complete with all of my history.  All I have to do is one test tomorrow and then I'm done until next year (9th grade).  As for sailing, we made about 6kts most of the way.  At one point, the winds were dying (only 5-10kts), so we tried to put our mizzen spinnaker up and Nauti-Nauti put their spinnaker up.  Just as our mizzen spinnaker went up, the wind started to pick up a lot (15-20kts).  We had a near disaster trying to bring the sail in, but everything turned out all right.  We do not have a sock to raise and lower the mizzen spinnaker, so that makes it difficult.  We'll get one when we get back to the United States.

We arrived this afternoon and anchored near the Long Island Breeze, a place very welcoming to cruisers.  We are anchored near Nauti-Nauti, Miakoda, Windstar IV, and some other boats we know.  After spending 5 months in the Bahamas, we know a lot of boats.  We had an early supper and are settling in for the night.  I might do some website stuff with Ma.  I've had a nice day.

Thursday, 4/16/09                                                                                Day 439

J  That's how to describe today best.  It started early and ended late, but was good all the way through.

Dad and I each woke up at 5:30.  We were both up and had nothing to do, so I suggested we cook something cool for breakfast.  By 6:00, everyone was up, and as a family we decided to make Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  The recipe came from The Joy of Cooking.  That book is the world's best cookbook.  It has everything you'd ever want to cook in it - and I mean everything!  The coffee cake turned out a big success, quick to make, yummy, and filling.  I made it with some help from Dad and Josh.

At 8:30, we listened to the Long Island Cruiser's Net.  Mike, who runs the Breeze, puts it on.  He gives world news highlights, weather, local events, etc.  There is also an open-mic session, so we cruisers can organize things, get info, etc.  It's really great that the Long Island Breeze does this.

Bro and I did school all morning.  We did well and finished early.  While I was working on my last history test, Dad came home from shopping and getting propane.  I heard a crunch and someone say "Fritos."  Naturally, I went out to investigate.  I found an open bag of Fritos (with a couple of hands in it), and, peeking out of a shopping bag, a bag of Lays Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips.  Those are my second favorite.  For lunch, we had turkey and cheese sandwiches with chips, and were practically in heaven.

As soon as lunch was over, we raised anchor and went to take on fuel at the Esso station/dock.  We got fuel all okay, but getting off the dock was a nightmare because of the strong winds.  There was another man, Dick from Distant Drum, who got fuel from his dinghy, so he helped us.  We ended up using the dinks to pull and push Liberty out, like tug boats.  It worked (surprisingly enough

We re-anchored right off the Long Island Breeze Resort and the town of Salt Pond.  We spent the rest of the day at the Breeze.  They have a fresh water swimming pool that Bro and I swam in.  We did internet and laundry too.  This place is great!  Josh got us some ice cream from the store across the street.  Yummy stuff!  Miakoda and Happy Camper (Jim & Casey and daughter Carley - 8) were also here, and we hung with them.  Lots of cruisers congregate at the Breeze.  We met up with a number of people that we know, like Silverheels and Nauti-Nauti.  We stayed at the Breeze all evening.  Josh and the three girls played.  We all got PIZZA!!  They make really good pizza here, and we haven't had pizza in sooo long!  It was just delicious!!
J  I sat and talked with the adults.  Because tomorrow is Ms. Jenny's birthday (Miakoda) and Monday is Dad's birthday, someone got a little chocolate cake for dessert.  So much good stuff today!!  I've had a great day! J

Friday, 4//17/09                                                                                Day 440

A good day 'twas today.  I slept in ('til 8:00) and tried to have a good breakfast.  Unfortunately, the rest of the eggs were bad.  Josh's were good, but that was it.  Mom and I had leftover coffee cake for breakfast (still really good).  We did school.  After the net, I finished my history 100%.  All done!

This morning, Dad's lower/mid left ribs hurt a lot.  On 4/15/09, on the way out of Water Cay, Jumentos, Dad fell into an open hatch and landed on his lower/mid left ribs.  It hurt, but in 5 min. he was back up and running and everything was fine for all of that day and yesterday.  This morning, it hurt so bad he could barely move!  We called on the VHF for anyone knowing about a doctor in town.  Silverheels came back.  Lynn is a physical therapist, so she came over here with her husband to check Dad out.  She said that he had damaged the cartilage attaching his ribs and abdominals and other stuff and said it would heal on its own in a few weeks (at least 2).  She told him how to move so it hurts less and told him that the best prescription is painkillers. L  He'll pull through all right.

After school and lunch, Mom, Josh and I went to the Breeze.  Mom insisted that dad stay home and rest.  She wouldn't let him do anything!
J J  We sat by the pool and finished our laundry and went to the store and hung out.  Mom let Bro and I get a little ice cream.  I got a big, thick Neapolitan ice cream sandwich.  Oh, sooo good!  Oh, sooo good! J J

We spent the whole afternoon at the Breeze.  By the time we got home, it was 5:45.  We had dinner reservations with Nauti-Nauti for 6:30.  We got Dad up and we changed and got up there in the nick of time.  We forgot something on Liberty, so I got to go with Josh and take Justice back.  I was in charge, but Josh really messed things up.  That dunce of a brother tried to show off and got me all wet! L L  Idiot!

We had a very nice evening with Mr. Allen and Ms. Patricia.  For Dad's birthday, they gave him a miniature bottle of Scotch whiskey.
J  We had a great supper at the Breeze.

So, that's all for today.  Today is done!

Saturday, 4/18/09
                                                                                Day 441

This morning - I got up.  I got up at 8:00am.  I got up at 8:00am and promptly, within 10 minutes, got served a plate of a half dozen pancakes, made by Josh.  Then, I ate those and got a second plate.  By the time the net came on at 8:30, I'd had a great breakfast and really got my day started.  I did school, like Josh, until a bit after lunch.  It was a longish day.  It rained for the first time in months!  I went on deck and danced around.  I like the rain after sooo long.

At approx. 2:00, we went to the Breeze.  We did a bunch of internet junk, including emails, Skype, and online gaming.  Josh and I spend like three hours playing on the internet.  We mostly played a game called "Motherload" with Ally (Miakoda).  We were a miner on Mars, digging down to get minerals, gems, artifacts, etc.  We got down to 4000ft!  That's the best we've ever done.  Unfortunately, Mom accidentally deleted the game when we switched with her, and we didn't do as well the next time.

We left the Breeze at 6:30.  Dad is now grilling the largest piece of pork I've ever seen.  It should be so tasty!  Good night!

Sunday, 4/19/09                                                                                Day 442

We did two things today, and only two.  We went to church, and hung out.  This morning, we hung out before church.  At 10:30, we dinghied up Thompson Bay to go to church.  We tied up to an abandoned bulkhead (where the only thing in tact was the sign saying, "Private Property; Absolutely No Trespassing") and walked up a windy road to church.  This was St. Joseph's Anglican Church.  This church was much smaller, but service was almost identical to the service we attended in West End, Grand Bahama Island (see 4/13/08).  Everyone was as welcoming as always.  In service, most of the prayers were like the ones we know, and the passing of the peace, once again, took 10 min. at least.  Everyone shook hands and spoke with everyone at least once!
J  At church today, the Kiwanis Club from the Bahamas came to church.  The Kiwanis Club is a worldwide organization that helps less fortunate people.  The Bahamian Kiwanis members were special visitors, and they made a big donation to the church.  After service, they set out a little sandwich and soda reception for the visitors.  We got to get sandwiches for lunch.

When we got home, we hung out all day.  It rained once (yippee!), but not for long.  I worked on the website with Mom and she helped me rearrange my cabin.  Now, Dad is making pizza for supper.  We might play cards or watch a movie afterwards.  That's all for now, folks! (as the cartoons say)

Monday, 4/20/09                                                                                Day 443

Happy Birthday to him!  Happy Birthday to him!  Happy Birthday dear Daddy!  Happy Birthday to him!!

Yeah!  Today was Dad's birthday!  He turned 46.  We had a little celebration, nothing big, and made sure Dad had a good day.  It was almost a normal day - Josh and I did school.  After lunch, we hung out.  Mom, Josh, and I went to the store.  We also stopped by the boat Running Tide.  It is a traditional 28' Bahamian sloop that races for Long Island in the Family Island Regatta.  It is a Class A boat, being 28ft.  We are going to see the regatta which takes place later this week in George Town.  It is a time when locals from all over the Bahamas race their traditional sloops in a giant cultural event.  It is a must see thing.  These guys were prepping the Running Tide to race.  We met the owner of the Captain Ray, a 20' Class B sloop, who we coincidentally had met before.  We have to root for the Captain Ray from Long Island and New Courageous (a Class A) from Ragged Island.  Julian is racing the latter vessel.  The Long Island Breeze is closed today, but Mike let us use the pool.  We learned that he is going to race on both the Captain Ray, and Old Courageous, one more reason to cheer them on!

During a bit of free time, I made a couple of sets of clay beads with our big supply of polymer clay.  I made a bunch of cool new designs and we baked them.  Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to string them yet.  I'll probably come up with something soon.  The beads themselves look good though.

To end the day, we had a small supper of some pork, cheese, and crackers.  For dessert though, we had ice cream and some brownies we made!  We bought a brownie mix and a pint of mint chocolate chip and a pint of cookies 'n cream ice cream.  Delicious!  Then we played Spades and Hearts.  Dad got beat badly, but we had a good time.  We had a good day.

Tuesday, 4/21/09                                                                                Day 444

We didn't do much at all today.  We sailed all day to George Town, Exumas.  I did website stuff with Mom all day.  This evening, we got together with Nauti-Nauti.  They are talking with Mom and Dad right now.