Wednesday, 4/29/09                                                                        Day 452

After school today, (man this is getting to be a boring start!), we played on the beach and had fun with our friends.  Mom wanted to walk on the Oceanside beach, so we took the path to the dunes.  Those are giant, steep sand slopes on the Hamburger Beach oceanside which are so fun to jump down.  I brought my skim board just because it was oceanside.  But Josh and I carried the board all the way along the top of the dunes to a clear spot.  Then we took turns boarding down the dunes.  It was wicked awesome!  I also found lots of nice shells with Mom.

Back at Hamburger Beach, we got together with Priority, Rio Dulce, Asolare, Ubuntu (2 kids:  Dillan - 13, and a 12 yr. old girl), La La (Alexandra - 10), Sea Wing, Side by Side, Osprey, and Pelican.  We all built sand sculptures, did watersports, etc.  Brady showed me a bunch of skim board tricks.  As the tide went out, we all boarded under the dock.  Yes, in one side and out the other.  I also learned about Sax Wax.  That is wax for the top of your skim board (or wakesurf or surfboard).  It helps your feet stay on the board.

The best thing about my entire day was wakeboarding.  I got to go out on Priority's wakeboard with Mr. John (Asolare).  I got the new word - "carve" - down good.  I went all around the anchorage, zooming!  Mr. John said we can probably go out tomorrow.  I can't wait!

This evening, we had Side by Side over for dinner.  We had sausage, lobster, rice, and lentil soup (and major fun) for dinner.  All the kids (four of us) played cards afterwards.  We played Donkey, Slap 'em, and ERS.  Donkey was the best one.  Josh wanted to play BS, but we were too tired by that point.  They just left, and it is 10:15.
                Yup, that's me! J  Side by Side is good friends and fun company.  I'm glad we've been getting together with them! Yeah!

Thursday, 4/30/09
                                                                                Day 453

Today was different than other days.  Yes, we did do school.  I did a Geometry Exam.  That was #5 out of 8.  I'm more than half done with math, and I only started in November.  Mom and Dad walked over to oceanside while we did school.

After school, we went to St. Francis to do internet stuff, mostly check emails.  While my parents did that, Bro and I went over to oceanside to skim board.  I saw a whole group of kids run down from the Volleyball Beach crossover path.  I remembered how we always ran in like that when the old gang went to oceanside.  I put on my glasses and - lo and behold - there were Priority, Asolare, and Rio Dulce all swimming, body surfing, and skim boarding like back in January!!  Naturally, Josh and I went and joined them.  Mom and Dad saw us all and came too.  Ubuntu and Free Spirit joined us later.  We had such a good time!!  My skim board broke, though.  The back split open.  Dad and I can fix it.  All I can say is how much pure fun we had!

When we all left, we went home for the night.  We had some Hogfish and sweet potatoes for supper.  Josh and I played Stratego.  I won.  I usually beat Josh at those strategy games.  I just have three years of extra smarts on him.  We turned in early.  It is about 8:45 now.  I'm not so tired, so I'll read.  I had a great day! J
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