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Thursday, 1/1/09                                                                                Day 334

Today is 2009!  A brand new year.  And we had a great New Year's Day.  Not exactly a holiday, but a great day.

We did school like normal, and then went to the beach.  Rio Dulce & Gotta Life were there.  They aren't usually there.  They invited us and Sam to go to Oceanside with them.  All they guys brought skim boards.  We hiked through the hills to the opposite side of the island - the ocean-side!  The waves were probably 4-6 ft. and the current was strong.  The skim boarding was great.  Everyone liked my board.  We had a ton of fun.

The whole afternoon was spent at Oceanside, so it was time to leave when we got back to the beach.  We invited More Cowbell over for champagne and dinner.  The three kids played with Legos.  We had lots of fun.  Looking back on the day, I've had a very fun New Year's Day.  Hopefully, that is a foretaste of the year to come - 2009!

Friday, 1/2/09
                                                                                Day 335

There were two parts of today - school and beach.  School took up the whole morning and was blah-blah like usual.  But the beach was really fun, like usual.  Today, Rio Dulce and Gotta Life were there, and we all had lots of fun.  We played tag and explored these cool paths into the brush around the Chat 'N Chill.  Like usual, we swung off the tree.  The owner of Chat 'N Chill removed the coconut ring because he thought that someone could trip on them.  He obviously doesn't realize that people can get, and have gotten, much worse injuries by being hit by the swing.

Anne taught me how to do some weird meditation criss-cross thing with your feet.  Towards the end of the day, Anne, Erin and I buried a coconut in the sand.  It is nine paces towards the tree-swing from the conch salad sign.  We want to see if we can find it tomorrow.  So, that was our beach part of the day.

On the boat, we had a quick dinner and decided to watch a movie.  Mom decided to go into her cabin to work on the computer.  The guys decided to watch Indiana Jones II - The Temple of Doom.  It was a bad movie.  It was too long, hard to follow, and just plain weird.  None of the jokes were funny or anything like that.  Mom was better off working on her computer in the time we wasted.  Now it's later than expected (the movie was around 2 ½ hours long!) and I'm tired. I think tomorrow will be a long and fun day.  I think we've got great things planned out.

Saturday 1/3/09
                                                                                Day 336

I was somewhat right about today.  It was very fun, long, and a bit busy.  Mom was working to help sell t-shirts as a fundraiser for the George Town Cruising Regatta.  I got to come along.  My job was to be on the dinghy dock helping people with their stuff and making sure they bought t-shirts.  I was complimented many times on being a good salesman, and I brought in lots of business.  Unlike some salesmen, I take "no" for an answer, but I do try to make every "maybe" a "yes."  And I'm pretty good at what I do.  I had a lot of fun selling t-shirts, as did Mom and everyone else.

As soon as we had gotten back and had eaten lunch, we went to the beach.  Like yesterday, Gotta Life and Rio Dulce were there, so we played until we all could fall down dead.  We went to Oceanside.  The waves were a couple of feet larger than the other day.  Skim-boarding was awesome.  I did some flips, getting knocked off my board by big waves.  We met a new kid, David, who is sailing on the 70ft. wooden schooner Niña.  He's cool.

Once again, Oceanside ended our beach day.  We had to bring Sam home, and we spent a while on their boat.  The kids swam and the adults drank wine.  They invited us to come fishing on their boat tomorrow.  They only have one pole, but we are going to deck them out.  Tomorrow, we'll have six rigs in the water!  We are going for the big bunch!  We want fish!  And by golly, we're gonna catch 'em!
J  That will be so fun.  I'm really looking forward to it!

We spent the rest of the evening cleaning up.  Dad made a clog-your-arteries-closed dinner.  It was yummy.  Now it's late and I'm tired like always.  G'Night!

Sunday, 1/4/09
                                                                                Day 337

You would not believe what happed to us  today!  We went to church like normal because it is Sunday.  Mom played her flute and it sounded very beautiful.  We pretty much skipped the fellowship hour and got straight to More Cowbell for our fishing trip.  We left all the dinghies at Liberty, and then left in More Cowbell.  As soon as we left Elizabeth Harbour and went outside the cut in the reef, we deployed all four poles.  We only brought one hand line, and we found it wasn't rigged properly, so we only used our 3 poles and their one.

It took almost two hours to get our first bite.  But when we got it, it was huge.  It bit the ballyhoo.  It just ripped line off our spool.  Dad tightened the drag and was fighting the fish.  Once, he loosened the drag and it ripped off 100ft. or so of line.  Then he tightened up again and kept reeling.  All of a sudden, with the drag super tight, the fish started taking line fast!  Then it stopped pulling as hard.  Dad got tired and Mr. David brought it in the rest of the way.  Dad pulled up a 2 ½ ft. head of a Wahoo!!  The shark had gotten 2/3 of our fish.  By looking in our books and comparing how much of the fish we got, the fish was 7 ft. long!  We only got about 1 ½ ft. of head, and a foot of meat!  But in that foot of meat, we filleted off 6 meals of fish for a family of four!!  We were all joking about what it would have  been like to try to land a 7ft. Wahoo!

Just a bit later, Ms. Dana spotted a bunch of big fish, like tuna, jumping and splashing.  We headed over that way to see what we could get.  Our boat got too close and we had to follow them away.  The second time, the fish sounded (dove) and we couldn't see them anymore.  The last encounter with fish wasn't much.  Josh got a hit, but it spit the hook.  We were using a foot-long squid lure that was completely messed up.  Most of our lures have these serious battle scars.

Sam has an X-Box 360 on board, and we played it for the rest of the time.  We played Halo 3 (a shoot-em-up game) and Star Wars Lego (a game where you're Star Wars people playing their missions - all as Legos).  I love video games.  It really stinks that we've never been allowed to own any sort of video game system at all.  I don't think they realize how much I've always wanted one.  If I could have one thing in the entire world, it would be a video game system.  They just don't understand. 

When we got back and got the anchor down, and a man gave Dad a ride back to Liberty, it was after 5:00pm.  Sam came over and we played with our awesome Legos.  We played a game where we were each a Lego person, and we had to defeat levels.  A little later, Dana and David came and we had Wahoo for supper.  We all talked and we boys played with Legos and we all had fun.  The Wahoo was some of the best fish ever, grilled with salt, pepper, and olive oil.  It's great having More Cowbell as friends.  They are such great people who we are having such great times with.

Monday, 1/5/09
                                                                                Day 338

George Town Fun

Yippee!  Yippee!  Today was fun
To play with friends and jump and run,
O'er the beach and through the brush;
We're cruising - never in a rush.

On volleyball courts and in the swings,
The laughter of kids and adults rings
Through Chat 'N Chill, the bar and grill,
Where people talk and drink their fill.

At Oceanside where waves are large,
And kids jump from the path and charge
Into waves that break and waves that fizz,
And down the beach guys on skim-boards whiz.

Yippee!  Yippee!  George Town's so fun;
Such a great place to sail and run
From all the pains of our real life;
A really neat place to forget all our strife!

Chris Gohlke (age 12)
Aboard s/v Liberty
January 2009

This poem I just came up with really illustrates how great George Town is.  Today's greatness inspired me to write this.  We did school in the morning and had a great afternoon.  Mom and Dad had to go into town, so we went to More Cowbell.  We played an awesome race car game on Sam's X-Box 360 for a while, and then we went to the beach.

We met up with Rio Dulce & Gotta Life and David from Niña (the 70ft. schooner).   We organized a game of Capture the Flag.  We split the beach area into 3 parts - the back beach, the brush and paths, and the volleyball/swing beach.  We split into two teams - Anne, Sam, Geneva, Erin and Josh vs. Brady, David, Brian and me.  Our base/land was the back beach, the brush and paths were No-Man's Land, and the volleyball/swing beach was their base/land.  The flags were Anne's two blue flowered flip-flops.  The goal was to get your opponent's flag back to your base.  It you got tagged in your opponent's land, you got sent to their jail.  You could be busted out by a teammate.  Nobody could get tagged in No-Man's Land.

First, they went on the offensive.  We ended up sending most of their guys to jail.  They all got busted out once, but we got them in again.  Towards the end, Anne, Sam, and Erin were in jail.  Josh was patrolling the entrances to their land, and Geneva was trying to bust them out.  I snuck into their land past Josh and searched it inside and out.  With the help of an adult, I got their flag and brought it back to our base.  Josh made a big deal about my getting an adult's help to find the flip-flop, but everyone else agreed that it was legal.

We finally tried to find our buried coconut today.  It took a long while because everybody's paces were different, but by digging a big  pit around the conch salad sign, we were able to uncover it.  We also played Seek and Go Hide.  Two people hid, and the goal was to not be the last person to find them.  Once you found them, you hid with them.  It was fun.

We swung and hung out for the rest of the afternoon.  We came home at the normal time.  Dad came home a bit later from a conference call in town.  We had a nice dinner.  I typed e-mails.  Now I'm in bed.  I've had a nice day.

Tuesday, 1/6/09
                                                                                Day 339

Today was not like most other days.  We changed the morning routine a little by only doing school until 9:30.  At 10:00, we had to go to a Beginner's Bridge course.  Bridge is a card game.  Bill from Nice 'n Easy gave the course.  Ms. Dana was also learning, so Sam was there.  It is an adult card game.  The adults were playing/learning bridge for 3 hours!  Luckily, St. Francis, the resort where we went for the course, has wi-fi, so I typed/sent/received e-mails.  We have to come back tomorrow for the Part II to the course, but we figured that out.  It will be at 1:00, so Sam, Josh and I will get dropped off at the beach.

When we got back to the boat, we had a quick lunch and got everything together for the afternoon.  Mom got laundry all ready to go into town with Ms. Dana, and Sam came over to our boat.  Dad was in charge of watching us for the afternoon.

Like normal, we went to the beach.  We met up with Erin, Geneva, and Anne painting their toenails.  They also painted Brian's and my toenails!  They held me down and painted one foot black with orange stripes and pink spots, and the other pink with black stripes and orange spots.  Once they had started painting it on (each girl did a foot), I stopped struggling so that they wouldn't slip and paint my legs!  I did start struggling again when they put two layers of clear coat on to keep me from using nail polish remover to get it off.  But three girls beat one not very strong boy, and they got 3 coats of clear coat on!  Then I "textured" my nails when I got a little sand on the half dry polish.

Like yesterday, we played Capture the Flag, swung off the tree, and hung out.  I told everyone about my poem.  Towards the end of the day, I got to go out to the Niña (David's 70ft. schooner).  Their boat is old and nice.  It was built as a racing boat, so it doesn't have lots of cabins and is not very wide.  But the back 20ft. of the boat is a lazerette (huge storage area) that was large enough to walk into!  The boat is really cool!

Accidentally, I didn't tell Dad where we were going, and he figured it out by talking to people and came to get us while Sam waited on the beach.  While Dad was getting us, everybody else left, and Sam hitched a ride to his own boat.  So we wasted time searching for him before he called us on the VHF.  We rushed back to the boat, made a quick dip for crackers, and raced to a potluck/happy hour on Hamburger Beach.

Everybody was at the happy hour, and we raced , played tag, freeze tag, tackle tag, spun, wrestled, etc. (i.e. we ran and had fun).  At one point, we all jumped off the dinghy dock.  Mom and Ms. Dana weren't at the party, but they called and said they'd be late.  I had a bit of food and drink.  We left about the same time as everyone else.

We met Ms. Dana and Mom on their respective boats.  Mom made me stop in the cockpit because I was too sandy to continue.  I showered.  Mom laughed at my nails and complimented Erin and Anne for doing a good job.  She also helped me get the polish off with nail polish remover.  It wasn't as hard as they told me it would be.  We forgot to take a picture!  Dad and Josh went back to the beach to retrieve some flip flops.  We had something to eat.  I don't think I'm really writing complete thoughts.  I'm falling asleep in bed.  I think I'll "rest my eyes" one last time. 

Wednesday, 1/7/09                                                                                Day 340

When I said, "Today was a bit different from most other days" yesterday, I had no idea what today was going to be like.  I had to go at 9:00 with Mom into George Town to go to the dentist to check out my cavity.  Dr. Lee, an American dentist trained at the University of Virginia who lives here in town, was able to see me almost immediately.  He was obviously a very good dentist and diagnosed my teeth problems exactly as our awesome dentist back home had diagnosed them by e-mail.  The tooth we thought had a cavity actually was getting dissolved from the inside by my adult tooth coming in.  He numbed my gum with some topical ointment and then a shot.  Then he used his forceps to pull the tooth.  All that was left was a shell of a tooth.  He also pulled three other teeth that were baby teeth that needed to come out.  One was only part of the baby tooth.  The rest had already broken off and come out.  The adult teeth were either coming in or already there.  He only charged $40 to pull four teeth and numb my gum.  That's cheap.  My gum was numb and feeling big and puffy for a couple of hours!

We got home around 11:00.  Dad and Josh had been at Joy to see some refrigerator stuff.  Joy has four boys who hate the boat and each other.  One of the boys, Adam, is 9 and he came back with Josh to play.  David (Niña) also came over before going to the beach with us.  Sam, David, Josh, Adam, and I went over to the beach at 1:00 while Mom, Dad, and Ms. Dana went to Bridge Class Part II.  We joined Gotta Life and Rio Dulce hanging out.  This 4yr. old, Delano, whose parents run Chat 'N Chill was following us around and getting on my nerves.  David, Geneva, and I tried to find a way to get some French fries, but we settled on bringing money tomorrow.  After everyone left, Sam and I built an awesome set of tunnels in the sand.  We hope it'll be there tomorrow. 

Dad made lamb for supper.  Now he and Mom are practicing bridge while I write this.  I never want to learn how to play bridge. You spend two 3 hour sessions and a whole evening learning, and you still don't know how to play.  I prefer rummy!  I put my four teeth under my pillow.  Maybe I'll bring in enough money for French fries!

Oh, by the way, I read my George Town poem on the net this morning as the thought for the day.  Everyone liked it.   A couple of people even asked for a copy.