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Thursday, 1/15/09                                                                                Day 348

Today wasn't very fun.  We did a lot of boring things, but there was some fun mixed into it all.  We did school until 9:30.  At that time, we went into town.  We had dentist cleaning appointments with Dr. Lee.  That took until 11:30.

From there, we went to do laundry.  We went to a dirty, bad laundromat.  Most of the washers and driers don't work.  We put one load into a washer, and the washer overflowed with water and we lost our money.  Josh and I did school while Mom did laundry.  Laundry took 2 ½ hours.

Then we went to Exuma market.  The supply boat had just come in.  We got milk, eggs, produce, and more.  We also got ice for our refrigerator boxes because the system is broken.  Mom also let us buy a cool Bahamian coconut/pineapple jam.  It looks good.  It was 3:30 by the time we got home. 
L  We practically missed the beach.  We did get to go and play for an hour.  Then we had to go home.  L

Mom made the rest of last night's pork for supper.  Afterwards, Sam came over to our boat while Mom went to More Cowbell.  They are anchored right next to us.  We taught Sam Trout and also played with Legos.  Around 9:30 pm, everyone got tired and went home.  That brings us to now.  There is nothing else to tell because everything else is the future, no longer the past.  It is ...  The Great That Is To come!  J

Friday, 1/16/09                                                                                Day 349

Okay, well, scratch what I wrote last night.  Today was definitely not great.  It was quite dull.  We did a lot of school, didn't go to the beach, and just hung out.  A norther hit today, so it was windy, chilly, overcast, and rainy all day.  The most wind we saw was 31kts.  Like I said, we did school for a good portion of the day.  Josh actually did school until 4:30 because of a long composition.  We did not go to the beach because the weather was not good.  Not many people were there anyway.  In my free time, I read and played cards.  The only exciting part of the day was this evening when Bro and I taught Mom how to play Texas Hold 'Em.  I'm the best of the three of us.  Dad comes home tomorrow.  At least one good thing definitely happens.  I can't see how tomorrow can be any worse than today.  I'll just have to wait and find out.

Saturday, 1/17/09
                                                                                Day 350

Yeah!  We finally had a fairly good day!  Plus, Dad came home!  Just like planned, all the taxies and water taxis got him and brought him right to the boat this evening.  Daddy brought lots of goodies that we were running out of.  He brought cereal, lots of chocolate, fishing supplies, Mom's new camera, and tons more in the way of boat parts/stuff.  He had also seen our dentist, who gave us new toothbrushes and toothpaste.  I'm really glad he's back!

Now for the rest of the day.  We had a fairly normal day.  We did school in the morning, finishing at a normal time.  At 1:30 we went to a choir practice.  We got some nice music together for Beach Church tomorrow.  We got to the beach around 2:30.  We did all the normal beach stuff that we usually do, plus we talked about making secret channels on the VHF for the kids to switch to when we hail each other.   At around 5:15 we all went home.  Then we just had a quiet evening until Dad came home.  Today was great.

Sunday, 1/18/09
                                                                                Day 351

We had an awesome day of beach stuff today.  We ate Frosted Flakes (yum yum new cereal from Dad!) for breakfast and went to Beach Church.  We played some great music, led by Mom's flute.  Today, all the kids came to church.  After church, we played volleyball and such.  We also set up our secret channel and codenames.  It's really cool, but Mom thinks it's stupid.

After lunch, we came back to the beach around 1:30.  We all called each other on our secret channel to tell when we were going.  Channel 26 didn't work because you cannot transmit on it.  Channel 9 was chosen instead, but we call it "not 10".  My favorite codename for the channel is "65 and down."  People will think we are going to 65, but we are really going to 9. 
J  I played volleyball for most of the day, but did beach stuff with my friends for the rest of the time.

We had a lot of fun this evening.  At 5:15, we went and played Trivial Pursuit with the rest of the kids at St. Francis.  We ended up getting 25 wrong.  The winning teams got 11 and 12 wrong.  After Trivial Pursuit, we went over to Oceanside.  You can get there from St. Francis.  It was really cool in the dark.  When we all got back, it was late and time to go home.  We've had a great evening and a great day!

Monday, 1/19/09
                                                                                Day 352

J -- That is how to summarize my day best, but I'm guessing that people want more than just a smiley face for today's entry.

We had a lot of fun and a week's worth of happy times.  For Mom and I, that all started around 8:30am.  We got to sell t-shirts for this year's regatta, just like on 1/3/09.  Norm and Anne from Carpe Diem sold the shirts with us.  Although we had fewer people this time, we did better.  We sold 44 items in 3 hours!  I brought in a lot of business from the docks.  Last time, we sold 26 items in 3 hours.  We sold that much in just one hour today!  I bet that we have been in groups that have sold the most total.  We've done really well.  It's great to be able to help out the regatta like this!

Dad picked us up and we went back to the boat.  After lunch, we went to the beach.  Everybody had to leave early (4:15) to get back to their boats in Red Shanks (another anchorage).  We left around 4:30.  Dad made old Mahi in a wonderful lobster-mushroom cream sauce.  After dinner, we each watched movies.  Josh and I saw Cheaper by the Dozen 2, while Mom and Dad watched an adult movie.  They're finishing up the last 15 minutes now.   Ours just finished.  Now I've officially finished a wonderful day. 

Tuesday, 1/20/09                                                                                Day 353

GObama!  Today is Inauguration Day, when Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States of America!  And we got to watch it happen, not in person, of course, but live on TV, which was just as great.  And as a bonus, we only did a little school.  I wonder if any kids back in public school got time off to watch the Inauguration. On Liberty (a fitting name for the day), we did an hour of school before going to the bar/restaurant at St. Francis at 10:00 to get seats in front of the TV for the Inauguration.  We did another half hour of work at St. Francis while we were waiting, and a half hour on the boat later, but that was all.

The Inauguration itself was wonderful.  I saw the entire thing, with the exception of the start of "My Country 'Tis of Thee," by Aretha Franklin because I went to the restroom.  The beginning of the Inauguration was mostly showing/introducing famous political people, such as former presidents, vice presidents, their families, Supreme Court Justices, senators, Obama's cabinet, etc.  I kept asking Mom, Dad, and other friends of ours who everybody was.  Finally, everybody was introduced, saluted by the many soldiers present, and escorted onto a balcony of the Capitol Building, shielded by bulletproof glass.  A boys' and girls' choir from San Francisco, CA and the United States Marine Corps choir sang, and then we got down to business.  An important lady (I don't know who) gave a small introductory speech saying how great it was that our country was engaging in its 44th peaceful transfer of power and that our first African American president was being brought to lead the nation.  She passed off the microphone to famous pastor Rick Warren who gave an incredible speech thanking God for all the great things about our country and asking for forgiveness for our country's sins and asking God to help our incoming leaders.  He ended with the Lord's Prayer.  Aretha Franklin (a famous African American singer) came to the mic next and sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee," emphasizing the parts saying "Let freedom ring."  Next, the intro lady introduced ex-Supreme Court Justice Stevens who swore in Vice President-elect Joseph Biden.  After that, the world-renowned musicians Itzhak Perlman (violin), Yo-Yo Ma (cello), Anthony McGill (clarinet), and Gabriella Montera (piano) played an arrangement of "Simple Gifts" and some other music.  The music was magnificent!  I just realized this evening/night that the musicians are all Americans who come from all different backgrounds.  Itzhak Perlman is Israeli, Yo-Yo Ma Chinese, Anthony McGill African American, and Gabriella Montera an Anglo woman.  I don't think it is coincidental.  They are all some of the world's greatest on their instruments.  It was great to hear them all play together.

Next came what we were all waiting for - the swearing in of Barack Obama by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Roberts.  Surprisingly, Obama stumbled once while taking the Oath of Office, but Dad said that was because Justice Roberts made a mistake and Obama had the oath memorized, so he was confused for just a moment.  But the whole time up to his First Speech, he was solemn and straight-faced.  He only smiled when he shook people's hands.  What I had been looking forward to all day was his Inauguration Address.  He spent 15 minutes talking about how the nation was in trouble - a hard economy, irresponsible borrowers and lenders, at war when we need to be looking at the home front, etc.  He talked about how he was going to change the nation and bring Americans up one more level.  And he talked about our nation's accomplishments - including freedom and how "a man whose father less than sixty years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath."  It was very moving.

Then an oldish minister who was with Martin Luther King during many of his marches, and when he died, gave a speech (sermon) that had to rank right up there with Barak Obama's Inauguration Address.  He ended a quite serious speech by saying "... help us work for that day when black will not be asked to give back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right." Then he got everyone in the bar here in the Bahamas and at the National Mall in Washington DC to say/shout "Amen" three or four times!  Everybody was smiling and laughing!!  Lastly, to end the Inauguration, we all - including the many Canadians with us and our South African hosts - stood and sang the National Anthem.
Champagne was then opened and everyone had a good time!  We ate at St. Francis as a "Thanks."  We all went back to our boats and then went to the beach for a while.  Like normal, we did beachy stuff until 4:30 when we packed up and went home.

More Cowbell came over for dinner.  Sam, Josh and I watched Journey to the Center of the Earth on my portable DVD player while the adults talked and played cards.  When we got out around 9:30, cards seemed to be getting a bit rowdy and I think too much rum went around, especially to Dad and Mr. David.  They all switched to telling stories of our sailing stupidities.  More Cowbell left around 10:15 and lights are out everywhere but mine.  I think I should follow their examples.

Wednesday, 1/21/09
                                                                        Day 354

Today was a bit less than normal for us.  We did school and stayed on the boat all day.  It was rough and windy and no kid boats went to the beach.  We talked with More Cowbell, and we and some other boats are all going to Long Island tomorrow.  It will be much fun.  Now I'm done with today.  Short and sweet!