Thursday, 1/29/09                                                                                Day 362

Today was okay.  I did school.  I worked on the computer.  That's about it.  I spent all afternoon downloading music onto my MP3.  I didn't get music from the internet, but from our CD's.  Unfortunately, there are a bunch of CD's that are not on board, like the Hoot soundtrack, our Queen CD, and our Amy Rigby CD.  That's my day.

This evening we ate omelets for dinner and played Scrabble.  I won!  We had a lot of good words, like stealth and rebuke.  While looking for a definition in the dictionary, I came across the word "zoea."  I was able to use it and get lots of points.  A zoea is a larval form of some crustaceans, including some crabs.
J  So, that's all for now folks. J

Friday, 1/30/09                                                                                Day 363

On a rating of 1 - 10, today was only a 5.  We pretty much missed the beach and did town stuff most of the day, but some good things did happen.  For starters, we only did one subject of school apiece because David (Niña) was leaving for Jamaica this afternoon and there was a kid get together on the beach this morning.  For some odd reason, we weren't invited, but we showed up anyway because we're also part of the gang.

At 11:00, we left for town with trash, laundry, and a shopping list.  Our goal was to go shopping at the Straw Market (a market for local produce and goods that the locals make, like ankle bracelets and conch shell necklaces) and Exuma Market, do laundry, stop by Mom's Bakery, go to J&K Computers & Supplies (a little shop which is an internet café and a mini-mart), and get home by 2:00.  We got the laundry all in by 11:30 and got our stuff at J&K done while that was running, and got bread and buns form Mom (the baker).  Josh and I did schoolwork this whole time. J  It was 2:15 by the time all the laundry was all folded, and we hadn't even done the shopping.  We got all our stuff at the Straw Market and Exuma Market.  Mom bought us each ankle bracelets.  I got one with the bright Rastafarian colors (red, green, yellow, & black) and 2 cowries in it.  I really like it.  Josh got one with metal beads and a bull shark tooth.  Mom's afraid the tooth (which is very sharp) is going to cut him, but I doubt it.

It was 3:30 by the time we got home.  We went to the beach for about an hour and dug tunnels with Priority.  Mom and I made Italian sausage for dinner.  That went well with our yellow bell peppers, onions and baby red potatoes.  Josh went to bed at 7:30.  I am still up, enjoying a book on King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table.  Mom has a handheld radio by her bed because a storm is coming through tonight.  We are set really well, so our anchor should not drag.  Now I'm out of things to tell and I have a good book waiting for me, so why waste time writing! J

Saturday, 1/31/09                                                                                Day 364

A norther came in last night.  It was blowing 30 kts. when I woke up at 6:00 to lights on and lots of voices shouting.  I got my glasses on and Mom told me to come look at this.  What I saw - two boats perpendicular to each other, touching.  Dream Weaver, a sailboat right next to us, drug down on Mystic.  Mystic's bowsprit and extra anchor got caught on Dream Weaver's lifelines and kayak.  An announcement was made and half a dozen guys dinghied over to help.  Eventually, they got the boats off each other and Dream Weaver re-anchored off Sand Dollar Beach.

Another incident like that, but much worse, happened to s/v Orion and the trawler Finestere.  Finestere drug down on Orion and got Orion's anchor chain wrapped around their keel and propeller.  Orion was screaming on the radio "Finestere stop, stop, you are pulling us under."  Orion had to drop that anchor with a buoy and re-anchor with just rope.  Later in the day, cruiser scuba divers went down to get the anchor and chain untangled, but it was too stuck around their prop!  They got everything that wasn't around their prop up into Finestere's cockpit, but they think that they'll have to get hauled to get the rest of the chain off!

Later, another sailboat - Footloose - drug down on Mystic.  They were just rocketing through the anchorage sideways.  Enough shouting on the radio got the people up.  They got back in control of the boat before they hit Mystic.  It was kind of funny because the guy on Footloose was on deck in his underwear! J!  On the net at 8:00, Mystic thanked everybody that helped them as "Mystic the Target Boat!" J

Our worst nightmare happened just as we thought all was good.  We were anchored very close in front of Prior Ties.  All of a sudden, Ms. Fran (Prior Ties) got on the radio and said that we were dragging down on them.  Mom started the engine immediately and threw it in forward.  She called on the VHF, "Rocinante, Rocinante, this is Liberty - I'm dragging!"  Mr. Bill, Mr. Jerry (Lady Ray), Mr. Alan (Nutmeg), and Mr. Tom (Anania) were over in a few minutes (barely that).  Mr. Bill was the first on board.  I went on deck to show Mr. Bill how to work our windlass, and I just said "Okay Bill, you have to ..." I dropped the "Mr." right then! J  We got the anchor pulled up and moved in front of Mystic.  We drug a bit there too, and moved again.  About that time, Mystic put fenders out! J !  But we got the anchor set and put 140 feet of chain out.  We decided to bake cookies for everyone that helped us.  But that's for tomorrow or the next day.

We did school and hung out most of the rest of the day.  It was pretty windy and we were not leaving the boat.  I got all the music onto my MP3 player.  I tried it out and it is awesome!  Mom painted her nails.  I made dinner.  It was good - green beans, potatoes, and fried egg omelets (my specialty egg dish).  Now we're all pooped!  Luckily the wind has calmed down, so Mom will get some sleep.  Good Night! J!
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