March 29, 2011                                                        Day 1151

> City marina, Biloxi, MS, USA
> off 2 bed                        > docked

Well, today was great, or at least this evening was.  It's like 11:00 now, and they left a half hour ago.  Oh yeah, "they" is Mr. Brian and his wife Ms. Yvonne, as well as Kyle (15) and Spence (12).  We hung out all evening (they arrived around 5:30), listening to music, playing cards and board games, rough-housing to a point.  They were both real cool guys.  Venison sausage (both types), garlic mashed potato casserole, salad, ice cream and brownies made up supper.  Then we went back to the room to play a game of Risk.  Some of us, mostly me, were a bit wary (the game generally takes hours or days and ends up with folks cryin'), but we all had fun.  I conquered and held valuable Europe, Josh had Africa, Kyle had Australia, and Spencer held South America.  Asia and North America were contested, but Kyle and I held most of Asia, and Josh & Spencer had North America.  There were (supposed to be) no alliances or treaties, we agreed, but Kyle and I had an unspoken one that mostly involved strategic ousting of the youngers and occasionally mutual conquering.  We couldn't stop Josh & Spencer from having an open alliance, with combined missions to secret conferences.  In the end, I would say I won.  I had the most countries (17), which included Europe, a few in Asia, and all of North America minus Alaska.  They had to leave right before Josh and Spencer were about to do a massive attack against me with about 100 armies, and quite possibly eliminate me.  Also note, though, that A) this never occurred, B) the world map showed I won, and C) if I had a single country left, I could have turned in cards for 50 armies and taken back everything I lost.  Anyway, that was our fun.

The day was gray and rainy.  We did school and worked on the PC.  Ummm, lack of material - I've run out of stuff to write!

March 30, 2011
                                                        Day 1152

> City marina, Biloxi, MS, USA
> off 2 bed                > docked

I've been thinkin', and I seem to start most entries with "Well, today…" or something as such.  This beginning was a way to change things - the only one I could think of!  What a shame!

Anyway (another overly-common para-start), this morning was just something to skip over.  It was gray and rainy and school was unpleasant.  Then, in the afternoon, we salvaged it (mostly) with a nice long walk.  We went as far as the Hard Rock in hopes of grabbing 6 geocaches and visiting a local museum as the sun somewhat showed its face.  We did pretty well.  We only found 2/6, but 3 were quasi.  We have found 49.  I hope to get #50 soon.  There was one cool one at the beach, and another really nice one at the Hurricane Camille Memorial.  That one was easy, but the smallest we have ever found - a nano ≈ 1.5"x.5" diameter!  Fun and crazy!  I logged all 6 - 2 finds and 4 DNF's - in hopes that I might get an e-mail from any of the 4 owners about a hint/clarification/cache check-up.  Oh, and the museum has this $$ admission, so we didn't go, mostly 'cuz we didn't have any $ on us.  Um, and a front blew in, so we hurried home.  I'd give the entire scramble a 6.5/10.

Then, this evening, Mr. Mick and Ms. Kris came over for drinks, as well as a man named Eric who recognized us from the Bahamas!  He and his wife pulled in today going west.  They're going to get to Galveston and have their Nordic Tug shipped/trucked home to Alaska.  Anyway, we have mutual friends in the Bahamas.  They were in George Town in 2009 for regatta.

Oh - did I tell you? - this year Opening Night got exchanged for a pig roast run by Indian Point Marina (FL) who helped sponsor it and got a lot of business, so George Town Squares is the last winner!   I'm finally famous!  Eric left soon, but Mick and Kris stayed for a while getting info and chatting.  They're leaving next season, so they had plenty of questions and wanted advice.  For a while it started to sound like an Annapolis seminar - a panel debate on a topic with advice and maybe a story and then questions at the end!  That's when I left to go hang with Josh.  So, today, as a general rule, progressed in fun and well-being, and I've ended as well as I started, if not better!

March 31, 2011
                                                        Day 1153

> see last 4 days - it's the same!
> enjoying life                        > docked

It was a pretty busy day today.  Yeah, we were just goin' & goin' & goin'.  It was a pretty day though, warm enough (chilly mornin' & evening) and blue and sunny.  Today's excursion was to go up to Hattiesburg, MS.  We went to see our Aunt Marylene, who lives there and is in a wheelchair and has been sick for a very long time.  She has Shogrin's Disease, which affected her nervous system so she hasn't been able to walk for 25+ years.  But she has been fighting pneumonia for the last year and she almost died.  Now she is recovering, but has to stay in her house on Lake Serene (doc's orders) with a very nice lady who helps here out during the day, plus a Pomeranian named Stormy and two cats.

She was very glad to have visitors, and though she was looking sickly and skeletal when we arrived, she was looking a million times better when we left.  This is kinda obvious, but we rented a mini-Jeep/SUV thing and drove the hour and a half up there.  We chatted for an hour or two with Aunt Marylene, while Mom did a load of laundry, and got all the news about her and her kids (Dad's cousins) Richard & Debbee and vice-versa.  Then we went to lunch at her favorite Tex-Mex place (she hadn't been out to eat in many months).  It was good Mexican food. We went for a drive so she could see all the flowers and the lake and the outdoors.  We went by the lake and through the woods and neighborhoods and it was really nice.  We saw lots of birds and flowers and just joyful stuff.  Then we stopped so I could grab my 50th geocache fine.  It was nice and easy, a quick find, and I get to say that I've found 50!  That's pretty cool.

Around 4 somethin' we said goodbye and started home, with a stop at Wal-Mart.  Then this evening we went to dinner at a pizza place in Ocean Springs with the Partons, but Kyle was stuck home with homework. K  Food was good, though, and we all had a good time.  Now it's late and we're leaving in the morning, so goodbye & good riddance!
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