Friday, 5/29/09                                                                                Day 482

We've reached the Abacos today!
This is where we go to play!
And now we have to stop and say -
Yippee yi yeah!  Hip, hip Hooray!!

I made that little rhyme up this morning upon coming upstairs and seeing Great Abaco Island, the southern portion near Cherokee Sound and Little Harbour.  We pulled into the 360° protected harbour and took up a mooring ball at 10:45am.  Little Harbour is a tiny town with a somewhat famous restaurant/bar called Pete's Pub, a perfect harbour full of a dozen mooring balls, and not much else. Not even many tourists come here.  But, it's still the Abacos, which has a very high rate of tourism.  Practically everything in the Abacos is tourist based.  When eating out, we got individual packets of ketchup, mayo, and relish!  Nowhere else in the Bahamas do you find that! (untrue, we've been to a few touristy beach bars that were like it, but just a few). Mom, Josh and I went into shore a bit later while Dad rested.  We scoped out the area and walked a little on an oceanside beach.  It seemed kind of like an oceanside; I can't tell on the charts where it was.

We went home and did internet work (there's a big wi-fi system in the Abacos).  At like 3:30, we went to Pete's Pub for a very late lunch, very early dinner - linner.  We all ordered their famous coconut cracked conch, and Dad got a Little Harbour Blaster (rum drink).  There were hermit crabs running all over, so we had races.  Dad's won 2 out of 3 times.  Josh's won once.  Mine was bad.  I had two.  The first wouldn't come out, and the second one had a shell too heavy for him, so he ran in circles all wobbly.
L  Mom's was big, but rarely came out in time to race - never to win.  Eventually, our food came, but the mosquitoes were driving us nuts, so we took it to go.  The coconut cracked conch was as unique and delicious as we'd heard.  They also gave us pineapple-walnut cole slaw, which was good.

After liner, we played cards - Spades - for the rest of the evening.  At 7:30, we called it quits. Dad and I won.  Josh and I watched Bonanza and we turned in early.  Tomorrow, we'll stay here, but the next day we'll move on.  We're going through the Abacos fast - like within a week.  Then we'll leave for the USA.  End of day, end of journal.

Saturday, 5/30/09
                                                                                Day 483

Today was ... interesting, to say the least.  We seemed to cover everything, but do nothing.  We did skule, website, internet, etc. for most of the day.  It was cloudy most of the day, and actually rained a couple of times, but was sunny every once in a while.  Mom wanted to go into town and see the Pete's Pub Gallery, full of artifacts, art, and carvings, go see a cave, and go to a beach right outside the harbor.  The cave we had to go to at high tide, so that was a no-go (it was dead low tide).  We went to the beach next.  The beach was pretty nice, and had a ton of little pink sea urchin skeletons!  Those are only found on some beaches, but abundant on those that have them.  We found a bucketful of the fragile, little things!

Then, all of a sudden, Mom looked up and said, "Oh my gosh, where's the dinghy?"  There is was, floating away, bounding along the rocks.  We all ran out over sharp rocks to try to get it.  Mom took a path she found back to town to find someone with a skiff.  Dad, Josh and I slowly trekked along the little knives and spikes, known better as limestone, or, as the Bahamians call it, ironstone.  Dad got all the way to the end, and got his feet cut up badly.  Then I saw a guy in a dinghy come and go retrieve our dinghy which was drifting out towards the cut at this point.  I rushed back to town to try to find Mom.  I found that she had just left in another dinghy!  I ran all the way back to the beach, hoping to catch them before they went back into the harbour.  I had just missed them.  As I started back, though, Josh came running up the road and we all found each other again.

Dad was all cut up, extra because he sliced his foot open on a shell. L  We fixed him up and especially thanked Pegasus (the boat that rescued our dinghy), and Meridian (the boat that came out with Mom to try to rescue our dinghy).  We hung out for the rest of the day.  In the evening, Meridian came for cocktails.

Mom and Josh also got four hermit crabs - Kamikaze (Dad's - found "jumping to his death"), Zed (Josh's), Henrietta (Mom's), and Shuriken (mine - looks like a shuriken, Japanese throwing star.)  They're cool.  We were able to find out that they are soldier hermit crabs, which is the most common species.  That's it - the whole day!  Not much!  End of day, end of journal.

Sunday, 5/31/09
                                                                                Day 484

We hung out most of today.  We stayed on Liberty, did skule, internet, etc.  We published some more of Josh's and my journals onto the web.  Josh and I also did a lot of online gaming.

After lunch, we went into town to see the Pete's Pub Island Art Gallery.  Thought the sign says "Open 7 days a week 11am - 4pm," it was closed.  It was 12:30.  The mosquitoes were so terrible that we didn't wait for it to open, and just went home.

A little later, we departed Little Harbour for Lynyard Cay, just 3 miles away.  Our good old friends Tauá planned to arrive here this evening, so we went to meet up with them.  We dropped the hook and hung out, waiting for them.  Bro and I swam.  Mom and I went to the beach.  We were very fortunate in our beachcombing, and found a big orange fender/buoy, a sea bun, and two cool hermit crabs.  They are both in long spined star shells.  I named one (the one with big spikes) Shuri Jr., after the larger Shuriken.  Mom named the other one (who has a green shell) Kermit, after Kermit the frog.  It's perfect because he's Kermit the Hermit.
J  Also, on the boat, Bro and I made a Lego obstacle course for the crabs.  It has four stalls, each of which has two hurdles for them to climb over and a window for them to climb through.  It's cool, and the races are awesome.  They're all eating the food we give them and seem to be thriving!

Tauá did arrive this evening, and they came over for supper.  We ate Mahi Mahi with rice and Ghanaian Peanut Soup.  Claudia, Josh and I played with our Legos and watched some Scooby Doo cartoons.  It was a nice rendezvous with them, but it was also a "Good-Bye."  We are going to Marsh Harbour tomorrow to get some provisions and leave straight offshore towards North Carolina.  They are heading to Green Turtle Cay to leave their boat and go back to France.  Those are the plans and for once, I expect them to happen!

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