Tuesday, 4/8/08

This morning I went with Mom to the laundry mat at the marina.   We have a lot of laundry because everything got wet.  We have so much, that we did only some of it today and will do more tomorrow.  I brought my schoolwork to do at the laundry mat.

In the afternoon, Chris and I met a few kids.  They come here every year to go fishing.  They told us they were going to fish this evening and we asked if we could fish with them.  Mom and Dad said we could go, so Dad rigged up our poles and we joined them at the canal.

I made friends with Hunter, who is the oldest boy and is in charge when no adults are there.  I also made friends with Andrew, Hunter's friend, and I met Mark, a young boy, and John, a middle-aged boy.  Andrew is 10 and we got along very well.  After my line snapped and Hunter wanted turn with Andrew's pole because he didn't have his own pole, Andrew and I talked and talked and talked until we finally went back to our boats.  I did not catch anything tonight, but John caught his first barracuda.

After I left, John and Chris continued fishing.  John wasn't fishing.  He was just helping Chris.  Chris caught a nurse shark!  John ran for help and passed me and told me.  I didn't want to miss it, so I ran as fast as I could to see.  When I got there, Chris ran up to me with his pole in his hand and told me that the nurse shark had snapped his line.  He wants to go back tomorrow with Dad and try to catch it again.

Today was a good day.  I am happy.

Wednesday, 4/9/08

We did laundry again today.  I brought school work with me again.  I hope it is all finished now.

After lunch we went to the swimming pool.  It is very nice.  There is a big round hot tub with a waterfall that pours into the big pool.  When you are in the big pool, you can feel the water getting warmer when you move closer to the waterfall.  I swam some laps and practiced my swim strokes.  Mom said my butterfly looked really good.  After swimming, Chris and I played with toy torpedoes.  We had fun.

After an early dinner, Dad went with us to the canal to fish.  We bought some squid from the marina office and Dad cut it up for bait.  I caught a bluestriped grunt, Dad caught a tomtate, and Chris caught nothing.  He was trying to catch the nurse shark and his bait was too big for the little fish (he was using a whole squid!).  We saw the shark a lot, but it never bit his line.  I am

Thursday, 4/10/08

Things are still drying and I'm sleeping on the floor.  Chris and I are taking turns on the settee and the floor.  I like the floor better and Chris likes the settee better, so it works out.

This afternoon, we borrowed bicycles and rode into town.  In the Bahamas, they drive on the other side of the road because they used to be British.  I've never heard of that before.  It was kind of weird.

First we stopped at an Anglican church.  We went inside and looked around.  It was pretty.  Dad found out about church services for if we are still here on Sunday, which we probably will be.  A man that worked at the church told us where the bakery and store were and we went there.

The bakery was small and didn't have much in it.  But they did have buns and bread, so we bought some of each.    Then we went to the store.  It's a weird thing.  There are two little grocery stores right next to each other.  One has vegetables and one has other stuff.  We went to both stores and bought lemons, eggs, bananas, plantains and we each got some juice.  Funny thing is, neither of these stores had milk.  You have to go to a different store for milk.  We didn't go there.
I had fun riding bikes.  I am happy.

Friday, 4/11/08

Today, after I ate a good breakfast of cereal, I went outside on deck.  Over on the docks, I thought I saw Andrew fishing.  I went over to see if I could fish with him (with permission).  It turned out that it was not Andrew, but a different kid, named William.  He said I could fish with him, so I did.  When we were done fishing, I went to the pool with him and his mom and dad, and little sister Emily.  We had fun by throwing toy torpedoes at each other.

After the pool, Mom said I could go with them on a Hobie Cat, a little catamaran with one sail.  It was my first time on a Hobie Cat.  We went really fast!  It was so cool.

When we were done I went home.  I went back to the pool with Mom and Chris.  While we were there, William asked me to go fishing with him again and Mom said I could.  At 4:00 I came back to the Straw Bar at the pool for Happy Hour.  It was called the Manager's Reception and the food and drinks were all free and yummy.  That was our dinner.  I am happy.

Saturday, 4/12/08

This morning, we went to see if we could take out a Hobie Cat, but the man said that the winds were bad and we wouldn't be able to go anywhere, and we should come back later.  Instead, we took out glass-bottom kayaks.  I went with Dad and Chris went with Mom.  It was not that easy.  When you wanted to turn, you had to paddle and paddle on one side, until you finally turned.  We were working against the wind and current sometimes.  It was neat to look through the bottom of the kayak.  There was mostly sea grass, but I did see a big starfish and a bunch of sea buns.  I did not see any fish, but Chris said that he saw a few fish.  After that we went to the pool and I did some swimming and played.

In the afternoon, we went back to the Activities Counter and asked if we could take out a Hobie Cat because the winds were better now.  The lady at the counter said that they were closing the beach at 3:00 for a wedding rehearsal, so we could not take a Hobie Cat.  But we convinced her to let us because the man this morning had said we could.  We went really fast on the Hobie Cat and it was a lot of fun!  It was a lot faster than Liberty.  I am happy.

Sunday, 4/13/08

This morning we got bikes and biked to church.  It was an Anglican church.  It was different from a Lutheran church.  The pastor and assistants (there were a lot of them) bowed a lot.  They also put a lot of incense in the air.  Incense is a smelly smoke.  I'm not used to it because they did not put it in my old church back in Bellaire, TX.  The people sang loud and they were very nice.

After church, we went to the store and bought milk.  We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool.  I played and had fun.  I am

Monday, 4/14/08

Today, in the morning, I played.  Then we went to the pool and I did some school there.  We had to do it there because Dad needed some privacy to do some work.  After school, Dad joined us and we went on a Hobie Cat (that was the...let's think...3rd time for me?).  Then we went back to the pool.  Chris and I played torpedo catch in the hot tub.  Chris made 5 passes back and forth in one breath!  After the pool, I went to the beach.  I made towers out of sand and then bombed them with torpedoes.  I am
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