Tuesday, 4/15/08

It is very windy today.  We plan to leave in two days.  I wish we could stay longer because there is so much to do that we haven't done.  And, just to make it worse, it will be windier tomorrow, so we probably won't be able to do much.

At 10:00am, Dad needed some work privacy (again) so we did laundry.  I did school at the laundrymat.  I did history, grammar, and science. (I also did some math at the boat before we left.)  Then we went to the boat and had lunch with Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Sonja from s/v Un Sea Sing.  Dad made shrimp and fish bouillabaisse and we invited them to share it with us.  They are very nice.  After lunch, we hung out.  I am

Wednesday, 4/16/08

Today we biked into town and bought milk, buns, beer and rum.  Then we came back to the boat.  At 4:30pm, we went to a party-type thing with a lot of other cruisers.  There was a lot of yummy food.  We were talking about when we are going to leave for Great Sale Cay based on the weather.  We will either leave tomorrow or Friday.  It was windy today.

While the adults all talked, I dug a big pit in the sand.  I found black sand about half way down the pit.  It was really neat.  I collected some of it for a friend back in Pearland.   I am

Thursday, 4/17/08

We planned to leave in the morning today.  But, unfortunately, the winds were too strong so we couldn't leave. The winds should be perfect tomorrow, so we can leave then.  So I played outside with Chris.  We played a cool game and I had fun.

After lunch, I went sailing on Independence.  Independence is a hard dinghy that came with our boat.  It was given to Chris and me so we could sail it.  Dad towed me out to the basin with the rubber dinghy and then he pushed me off.  The winds were too rough for me and I almost crashed into the rocks, twice!  So we went back and got Chris, who is better than I am at sailing.  We went back out and the winds were too strong for us to work together, so I got put into the rubber dinghy where I had to watch Chris have fun, while Dad showed me how Chris did everything.

Later in the day, Dad took me in a Hobie Cat while Mom and Chris took out a kayak.  We went really fast and I did it myself!  One time I almost flipped it!  Mom took a movie of me coming in.  I think she will put it on the website.  I am

Friday, 4/18/08

Today, we left to go to Great Sale Cay (pronounced "key"), along with a lot of other boats.  We left at about 7:00am and got here at about 5:30pm.  On the long passage, I did a little bit of school.  We also had some problems towing Independence.  She kept taking on water and almost sunk.  We had to switch Independence and Justice and hang Independence on the dinghy davits and tow Justice.  That worked better.

It is very peaceful here. There are a lot of boats here, including some that we know.  Right now I am sipping on a pina colada (without the rum) in the cockpit in the peace and quiet of the anchorage.  I am

Saturday, 4/19/08

Today, after school and lunch, we went to the beach.  Chris and I went in the sailing dinghy, while Mom and Dad went in the rubber one.  Like usual, I did the rudder while Chris did the sail.  Chris yelled at me for going the wrong way, even though I was trying to go the right way, and I got kicked out and put in the rubber dinghy.  When we got to the beach, I found a few shells that Mom liked.  We also played bocci ball.  I won twice and I had fun.

After that, we came back.  We invited Greg and Betsy from Kokopelli Too over to eat with us.  We ate pub mix, caponata, crackers, humus, and tomato goat cheese tort.  It was yummy.  I am

Sunday, 4/20/08

Today we left with Kokopelli Too to go to Allans-Pensacola Cay.  It was about 35 miles to get here.  On the island, there is a group of trees that people sign.  They take a marker and something to write on and sign their name on it.  Then they nail or screw it on one of the signing trees.  On the trail to the signing trees is poisonwood.  That is like poison ivy, but worse.  You get a bad rash if you touch the bark or leaves.

Today is Dad's birthday!  While Dad and Chris were diving on the anchor, Mom invited 5 people over for cocktails.  For presents, one person gave wine, one couple gave brownies, and the last couple gave him toilet paper (the one thing boater's never have enough of).  I am happy.

Monday, 4/21/08

Today, we shortened school because we decided to leave because of weather.  This anchorage is not protected from the SW winds that are coming.  So, I only did math and history.

Before we left, we walked on the trail across the island to get to the signing trees.  We didn't sign any, but we did check it out.  Dad says we will come back here another time and bring a good sign.

There is a beach beside the trees and we went across sharp rocks to get there.  The sand is really fine here and packs really well.  Chris and I threw sand balls for a while, just like you would throw snow balls in the snow.  Then we discovered tons of snails on the rocks.  Chris and I found a fuzzy chiton!  I have never seen one before.  The sky started to get gray and we got rained on while we were walking back to our dinghy.

After the storm passed, we went fishing, without Mom.  We were heading back to the boat when I hooked something.  I started reeling it in, but soon I couldn't reel anymore.  We started to drive towards the line and it got easier to reel, so we thought I had caught the bottom.  So I gave the rod to Dad and he reeled some and then gave it back to me.  Then I gave it Chris and the line started zipping back and forth, so he yelled, "It's a fish!"  Chris gave the rod back to me because I was the one who caught in the first place, and I reeled it in the last bit.  It was a 26 ½ inch, 9 pound Mutton Snapper, a very edible fish!

Then we left Allans-Pensacola Cay to go to Cooper's Town on Great Abaco Island.  We sailed the whole way and it took 2 ½ hours.  We ended our day by going to s/v Un Sea Sing for cocktails.  I am happy.
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