Friday, 8/1/08

Today is August first!  Until 10:00am, we hung out.  At 10:00am, we walked to the library with our laptops.  Mom worked on the website.  Dad worked and Chris and I did a few things.  For a while, I worked on one of these blocks of dirt with a plastic dinosaur skeleton in it.  Then I tried to play on the internet on one of the library's computers, but it wouldn't work.  So I decided to see what Chris was doing.  He was looking up characters from Star Wars.  It was cool.  There was a party going on at the library and they let Chris and me have some ice cream.  That was nice. Then we came back to the boat.

At 6:00pm, we left on an overnight passage to Cape Cod.  We are going there to see the Shohets, some friends from Houston.  I can't wait.  I am

Saturday, 8/2/08

We have half arrived!  We motored most of today up Buzzard's Bay to Cape Cod.  We were not able to anchor beside the Shohet's house because of the tides.  We can only get there on high tide.  So we tied up to a fuel dock in the town of Onset and the Shohets picked us up in a car and brought us to their summer house.  Once there, we met the other kids, besides Adam, 10 years old, Renee, 9, and Amy, 7, that we already knew.  There is Isaiah, 12, Raphe, 12, Sonia, 10, and Helen, 10.

We all ate dinner together and then the kids watched a movie.  Mom and Dad were ready to go back to the boat before the movie was over, so Chris and I slept over.  It was awesome.  I am happy.©

Sunday, 8/3/08 - Wednesday, 8/6/08

For these four days, we slept on the boat and went to the house for the day.  The house is huge.  You are allowed to wander around anywhere the property at about any time.  There is a boat in the boatshed.  It is a large sailboat.  We played a war game in the boatshed and used the boat as our underwater base.  You had to climb a big ladder to get into the boat.  There is also a barn that has a game room upstairs.  There are all sorts of games there, such as ping pong, which we played a lot.

Most of the afternoons were spent swimming in the cove, knee boarding, biking and hanging out.  Mr. Jason took us out in his speedboat to kneeboard.  I loved it.  My favorite thing was biking.  We biked all over the place with Adam.  I had fun.

In the evenings, after dinner, the kids always headed to the ice cream parlor in the house, had some ice cream and watched a movie.  One day was rainy, so we watched movies all day.  Some of the movies we watched were Men in Black, Men in Black II, Ghostbusters, and the Little Mermaid (boring!).

The ice cream parlor has four flavors of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and pistachio), five toppings (coffee syrup, chocolate syrup, nuts, whipped cream, and cherries), and three drinks (root beer, Fresca, and milk (boring!)).   The ice cream parlor is like an old-fashioned ice cream counter.  Their great grandpa bought it from a store that was going out of business.  That's cool, don't ya think?

We had two sleepovers on our boat.  Everyone wanted to see our boat.  One night, Raphe slept over and another, Adam, Renee and Amy slept over.   Raphe was going to come again, but he ended up not coming.  Other kids wanted to sleep over too, but there wasn't enough time.

On the 5th, Adam, Renee and Amy left with Mr. Jason to go home to Pearland.  They are our friends that invited us to come see them here.  We will stay another day or two.

One day, Dad's friend Keith Gizzi and his family came to the Shohet's to visit us.  Keith and Cara have two children, Hugo, 4, Lucia, 2, and Stella who is only 12days old.  I was forced to go to the boat with them and play with the kids.  They really didn't stay too long.  Then on the 6th, after our friends had left, the Gizzis brought us a car to use and we ran some errands and then went to their house for dinner.  For dessert we had both apple pie and Boston Crème pie with vanilla ice cream.  I had a little of everything.  It was yummy!  I am happy.©

Thursday, 8/7/08

Today we left at high tide.  We sailed to Redbrook Harbor on Cape Cod.  We met a family while we were in Manjack Cay, Bahamas on 4/22/08 that has a boat here.  They live in Boston and are going to drive down here and see us.  I am happy.©
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