Friday, 8/8/08

Today, we finally did some school.  We haven't done school in a long time, so I am just starting my 4th grade final exams.

After school, we went to the beach.  I played with some other kids, but they had to go soon.  So, Mom, Chris and I explored.  We found an awesome trail that led to the other side of the island.  It is awesome because it is a hill, so you have to hike up and then jump down about 1 ft. to get to the downhill trail on the other side.  We had to go back almost as soon as we got to the other side though, because it was going to rain.

Mr. John didn't come over tonight because he did not feel well.  I am
J. ©

Saturday, 8/9/08

Today we went to Mr. John's boat, Vado Pazz0 II.  He brought his three girls with him and also one their friends.  We went on their boat and we talked.  They are Red Sox fans, but we are Yankees fans, so we tried to prove which team is better.  It was fun.

Later in the day, we borrowed Mr. John's car and went to a beach party with some of Dad's friends from college.  I had some BBQ chicken for lunch.  At the beach, I played catch with Chris.  I also dug a huge pit for four kids to sit in.  It was awesome.  I am happy.©

Sunday, 8/10/08

This morning we went to an old church.  It was so small it looked like a house with a steeple.  The service was good.

Before church, we moved our boat to a dock.  Mr. John moved his boat to his mooring ball and let us take his slip.  That is very nice of him.

We went back to the beach this afternoon.  We took the trail over the hill and then walked around the tip of the island.  We found a bunch of scallop shells.  I also caught minnows in a net.  It was a lot of fun.  I am happy.©

Monday, 8/11/08

It was a rainy day today.  It rained all day; we did some school and then caught up in our journals.  It was boring.

In the evening, Mrs. Barb & Mr. Carl came over for dinner.  We just met them today.  We were supposed to go to their boat for dessert, but it was raining too hard.  I am
J. ©

Tuesday, 8/12/08

Mr. John came over this morning and gave Dad the keys to his car so Dad could go to the grocery store and the hardware store.  Later, at 4:30pm, Dad's friends who hosted the beach party on 8/9/08 came over to see the boat.  They left after about an hour.

At about 6:00pm we went to the clubhouse for dinner with Mr. John, Mrs. Pia, and the girls, Marielle, Carissa, and their cousin Thalia.  Julianne (the third sister) was at her cousin's house.  The clubhouse has a grill, stove, fridge and microwave.  We grilled kabobs.

There were some other kids that started to watch us and talk with us, so I started to wander around and watch them.  They were doing something at the clubhouse too.

There is a TV at the clubhouse and after dinner, we all watched the Olympics.  We saw Michael Phelps win the gold for the 200m butterfly.  He made history by winning the most gold medals ever.

Tonight was fun.  I had a good dinner.  I am happy. ©

Wednesday, 8/13/08

At about 11:30 am today, we went sailing with the Dragats (Mr. John, Mrs. Pia, and the girls) on their boat, Vado Pazzo II.  There was a brisk wind, so we heeled over (tilted) and there were good sized waves.  It was a good sail.

We took a mooring ball (a ball attached to the bottom) in Mill pond.  It was really more like a bay.  The girls (except Marielle), Chris and I went swimming.  The water wasn't cold, but wasn't exactly warm either.  It was a lot of fun.  I had a fun day.  I am

Thursday, 8/14/08

Today was an errand day.  In the morning, we were at a coffee shop for internet.  I did some school.  In the afternoon, we shopped.  In the evening, we went to a Chinese place for supper.  They automatically served the Chinese tea that I like with the meal.  In Texas, you have to order it and I haven't had it since we left on the trip.  I am happy. ©
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