Friday, 8/15/08

Today we sailed to Martha's Vineyard, an island off Cape Cod.  It took 6 hours!  We haven't made a passage this long in a long time.  It was a boring passage, but it got better.

We met up with Vado Pazzo II in Martha's Vineyard.  They were with some of their friends.  They invited us to dinner on their boat.  We had fun with the girls and their friends.  After dinner, we watched the movie Cheaper by the Dozen.  Both Chris and I loved it, but we had to leave before it ended because a storm was coming.  I am

Saturday, 8/16/08

We spent the day walking around Vineyard Haven, the town.  It is a town with a lot of little shops.  We ate lunch at a seafood place called The Net Result.  I had a crab roll.  It tasted okay.  Dad and Chris shared a dozen steamers, a dozen mussels, and a 1 ¼  pound lobster!  Steamers are small, steamed clams.  It was called a lobster bake.

After walking around for a while, we stopped into Murdick's Fudge.  They sold ice cream, peanut brittle, and fudge.  I had brownies ala mode ice cream, Chris had some ice cream (I don't know what flavor), and we all split some fudge.  It was awesome!

Before Murdick's Fudge, Chris and I played on a swing set in Owen Park.  We had a lot of fun on the swings.  Then we came home.
I am happy.©

Sunday, 8/17/08                                                My b-day = 1 week

Today we biked all day.  We biked about 18 miles and it took about 6 hours.  Our first stop was the East Chop Lighthouse.  It is a small, tubby, short lighthouse.  It was locked, so we couldn't go inside.  It has a very nice view of the ocean.

Second stop = Oak Bluffs.  In Oak Bluffs we saw the famous so-called Gingerbread Houses.  They are small houses all bunched together in a line.  They are very colorful and they look like gingerbread houses made of wood.  It looked like there were about 10 of them, but there are probably more than that.  Also in Oak Bluffs, we had lunch.

Third stop = Edgartown.  We biked along the water and across a bridge to Edgartown.  There were tons of people jumping off the bridge into the water.  It looks like a lot of fun.  I would love to do that.  We might go there tomorrow.  At Edgartown, we put our bikes in a bike rack and walked around.  We had ice cream at Mad Martha's.  It felt good to sit down and not be on my feet.  I had a lot of fun today.
I am happy©

Monday, 8/18/08                                                My b-day = 6 days

Today was awesome.  We took the bus to the state beach where the bridge is.  The bridge is about 10 feet up and everyone jumps off it into the water.  Mom took pictures when I jumped in.  I jumped over and over for about ½ hour.  Sometimes Chris and I jumped together.   It was really fun and exciting.  To get out of the water, you had to climb up some slippery rocks.  There was a rope that you could use to help pull yourself up.

Dad was working and stayed on the boat and didn't come with us at first.  But he came after a while.   He brought a kite, but the wind was too strong.  Instead, I dug up rocks.  I love rocks.  I probably brought home 50, but I only kept about 10.

We went to dinner at the Black Dog Tavern with the Dragats.  I am happy.©

Tuesday, 8/19/08                                                My b-day = 5 days

Today was beach day.  Juliana from Vado Pazzo II came with us. (I don't know why.)  We took the bus again today.  First, we stopped in Oak Bluff to ride the famous carousel.  It is all wood and the oldest carousel in the U.S.  While you were going around, you had to reach out and grab metal rings from a machine.  The idea was to be the one to get the last ring which was painted gold.  If you got the gold ring, you got a free ride.  None of us got the gold ring, but we had fun.

We had pizza for lunch and then got back on the bus and went to the State Beach to jump off the bridge.  I didn't jump much today.  Juliana and Chris jumped a lot.  Juliana love it.

Then we got back on the bus again and went to the South Beach on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.  The waves are huge, so Chris brought his skimboard and Juliana brought her boogie board.  Chris and Juliana went out on the boogie board, but the waves were to big for me.  So, I played volleyball on the beach with some other kids and their parents.  It was the first time I had played volleyball.  I am good at serving and at the front line.  We played 3 games.  My team won once, and the other team won twice.

After the 3rd game ended, all of the kids ran down to either play in the water or play in the sand beside the water.  It looked like a storm was coming, so we left pretty soon after that.  I had a lot of fun.  Then we rode the bus all the way back to Vineyard Haven.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 8/20/08                                        My b-day = 4 days

Today at lunchtime, we went to a bagel place with the Dragats so we could say good-bye.  They were going home and we were moving on.  I had pastrami, Swiss cheese and mustard on a bagel.  It was good.

After we said our good-byes, we left to sail to Onset Bay.  It was 21.6 miles and it took 4 ½ hours.  I am happy.©

Thursday, 8/21/08                                        My b-day = 3 days

Today we enjoyed a pretty and peaceful sail through the Cape Cod Canal with the Gizzi family.  They drove to Onset to come aboard Liberty.  They brought Dunkin' Donuts.  I like the donut holes. We sailed from Onset to Plymouth where the Pilgrims landed.  It was calm at lunchtime, so we grilled chicken while we sailed.

We took a mooring ball at the Plymouth Yacht Club.  There is a launch that will come pick us up and drop us off at the dock or the boat.  This is good because it is easy and we get to save our gas for the dinghy.

The Gizzis took us to dinner at The Deck.  The service was not that good  (they messed up our order), but the food was good.

Back at the Yacht Club, when they lower the flag, they fire off a cannon.  It is the coolest thing.  I am happy.©
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