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Monday, 12/8/08

We are one night away from San Salvador.  We should arrive tomorrow morning.

I saw flying fish for the first time on this passage.  They look like giant mosquitoes.  We did a tiny bit of school today.  I am

Tuesday, 12/9/08

This morning, the weather was rough.  The wind was blowing 30+ knots and the waves were about 12 feet.  Chris and I stayed downstairs.

At about 11:00 am, we came into San Salvador.  We had a horrible time docking.  The engine died a bunch of times.  We finally docked though.  Mom made up crazy poem.  Here it is:

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Where did he sail in days of yore?
To the Bahamas - San Salvador

Then in December 2008
The Gohlkes met the very same fate
They sailed the oceans to discover new lands
And our Christopher stepped in the very same sands
As Columbus did many years before
We made landfall in San Salvador

After docking, Chris, Uncle Gary and I walked down to the beach while Mom and Dad checked into customs.  The water is warm, even now in December!  Chris and I had fun fighting with sticks.

After that, we had lunch at Carter's Snack Bar and then cleaned up the boat.  I sprayed cushions on the dock.  I am

Wednesday, 12/10/08

Today was very exciting.  We rented a golf cart and drove all around the island.  My favorite places are where Columbus landed, where the Olympic torch was placed on its way to Mexico, and the lighthouse.

The place where Columbus landed was cool.  There are four plaques; three are in English.  The fourth one is in Japanese because Columbus believed this place to be part of Japan.  There is a huge cross behind a circle of concrete.  All this is in front of a beautiful beach.

The place where the Olympic flame was placed wasn't nearly as cool as the place where Columbus landed, but it was cool.  It looks like a round pool above ground.  There is a cool holder-looking thing in the middle for the flame.  On the side it says MEXICO with the Olympic rings.  It was sorta cool.

The lighthouse is 72ft. high and 163 ft. from sea level.  That's not as high as the one in Hope Town that we visited on 5/2/08.  It sits on a hill that is higher from sea level compared to the one in Hope Town though.  It is kerosene powered just like in Hope Town and is operated manually just like in Hope Town.  We met the lighthouse keeper who has to take care of the light all night.  There is a great view from the top.  Now we have seen two of the three of these lighthouses in the Bahamas.

We also saw the remains of two old churches and one beautiful active church.

While there was nobody on the road, I got to drive!  It was fun and I did well.  I only almost crashed 5 times.  I am happy.©

Thursday, 12/11/08

Aunt Carol arrived today.  After she got here, as soon as Dad stepped foot on the boat, we were out of there.  We left the marina and sailed to the south anchorage of San Salvador.  It was hard to anchor.  I am happy.©

Friday, 12/12/08

After school, Unc, Auntie, Chris and I snorkeled to a reef a short way from the boat.  It is the first time I've snorkeled in a long time.  I enjoyed the warm water, but I didn't see many fish.  There was a lot of beautiful coral though.  I love snorkeling.

Then, Dad, Chris, Unc, and I went spearfishing in the same spot.  We didn't spear anything.  I am happy.©

Saturday, 12/13/08

Today is the day I speared my first fish!!!  It was a small French grunt.  It was hard to pick meat off the bones, but it was tasty.  When I shot it, it was a sitting duck.  It didn't swim when I got close.  I checked to see how much I had to dive because I don't dive much.  I barely had to dive a foot or so and I let loose my spear.  Before I knew it, the fish was going crazy trying to get off my spear.  I alerted Dad and went to the boat.  It was sooo fun.  Later, Chris did some spearfishing, but didn't get anything.

This afternoon, we went to shore and hiked around until we found the ruins of George Waitling's castle.  He was pirate.  You can still see most of the walls of one house and also the oven and chimney.

In the evening, Chris, Unc, Auntie and I played Trout.  I am happy.©

Sunday, 12/14/08

Today was boring.  The waves were big, so Auntie had to go upstairs all day.  Everyone but me read a book all day.  Why not me?  Well, my book got pretty boring after a while.  I played with my toys by myself, but I wish Bro would've played with me.  I did no school today.  In the evening, we did play Yahtzee.  That was fun.   I am happy.©