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Monday, 12/15/08

We moved the boat to a different anchorage on the west side of the island today, close to where Columbus anchored.  We aren't rocking anymore.

We went to the Columbus/Olympic monuments and the beach nearby.  I loved bodysurfing and throwing myself into the large, crashing waves.  They don't look as powerful as they are.  A one foot wave does not look powerful, but it can knock you down if it crashed right on top of your legs.  The beaches here are beautiful.  The water is crystal clear, and the sand is pure white.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 12/16/08

Today was great.  We went into town at around 10:00.  We bought a lot of food at the store.  I met some Bahamian kids at the beach who are on Christmas break.  They had 6 puppies with them.  The pups were sooo cute!  I got to pet them.

Later in the day, we snorkeled on a beautiful reef.  There were many great eating fish, but we didn't spearfish because they were obviously feed by tourists from the resort.  My face came about 1cm. from a sergeant major's!  And I could almost grab the blue chromis with my hands.  The coolest fish I saw were a scrawled filefish, lionfish, trunkfish (buffalo trunkfish), and blue spotted coronet fish.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 12/17/08

Today was great!  We did some snorkeling on a cool drop off.  It was not a sheer, straight drop off, but very bumpy and made of coral and rock.  We saw a reef shark, but we saw it from the top, and it was 40 or 50 feet down, so we could barely identify it.  There wasn't much to see besides the bumpy drop off, the shark, a couple of bar jacks, and some triggerfish.

Then we dinghied to a reef near the one we went to on the 16th.  But there weren't as many fish there.  The only cool thing I saw was a honeycomb cowfish.  I am happy.©

Thursday, 12/18/08

Unc and Auntie left today.  From the boat, we saw the plane fly off towards Nassau.  From there, they will take a flight to Houston.

In the afternoon, we saw the mailboat (supply boat) come in, so we went to do laundry and go to the store.  While Mom did laundry, Bro and I played with sticks on the other side of the road.  I had a spear and Chris had a club.  We practiced on some styrofoam.  Before I had much practice, Bro had broken it into a million pieces.  I had fun.  I am

Friday, 12/19/08

We left San Salvador early and sailed the whole way to Conception Island.  We averaged over 6 knots, and were here by 12:30!

Once we arrived, we dinghied to the most beautiful beach ever.  There is pure white sand and so many pretty shells.  Mom got a ton of nice shells.  She also got some money (sand dollars).  I found some of the shells.  Bro let me skimboard some.  (It's his skimboard.)

Later, Chris, Dad and I went spearfishing, but Dad speared nothing.

On the passage, we caught a 28" Mahi!  I haven't had fresh fish in a long time.  Unfortunately, it was only big enough for tonight's dinner.  It was yummy.  I am

Saturday, 12/20/08                                        Christmas = 5 days

While Bro finished school, Mom and I went to the beach.  I skimboarded while Mom lay on a towel.  After a while, I lied down beside Mom on the white sand.  I had a nice time on the beach.

Then, all of us dinghied to a creek.  To me, it was just some flats.  We saw a lot of turtles.  They were small and cute.  Chris and I got out and walked around.  But I saw nothing else.  The turtles were cool though.

Later, Dad and Chris went out and caught a gray snapper, a rock hind, and a coney.  That made dinner.   I am

Sunday, 12/21/08                                                Christmas = 4 days

Early in the day, Dad went to retrieve the dinghy anchor he and Chris had lost yesterday while fishing.  Obviously, he brought the pole spear.  He came back with a tiger grouper.

We went snorkeling on a nice reef after school.  Dad missed a tiger grouper.  There was a lot of elkhorn coral.  Then we moved to a different reef, not much different from the first.  After that, we dinghied to the reef that Dad, Chris and I had spearfished at on the 19th.  Dad got a rock hind, but missed the other groupers.  I missed a snapper.

When we were done snorkeling, we went to the beach.  Bro and I built a sand castle.  I built a steamship out of sand!

When we got back to the boat, we realized that we had left 3 shovels on the beach.  Bro and I snorkeled to the beach to get them, and we did.  We found sand dollars too, but most broke. 

We saw a really cool green flash tonight when the sun set.  On a clear night, when the conditions are just right, sometimes there is a small green flash just as the sun goes under the horizon.  I am happy.©