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Monday, 12/22/08                                        Christmas = 3 days

Today was an awesome day of fishing.  We sailed to George Town and caught some fish on the way.  In the early morning, we got into a school of tuna.  We had two lines out and they both buzzed at the same time.  Chris and I each pulled in a bigeye tuna and we immediately put the lines out again.  They both hit almost immediately again.  We pulled in one, but the other broke the line.  While Dad and Chris were handling those last two tuna, I had the job to sit on the first two so they didn't flop away.  They were covered in a towel.  The three tuna we 22", 24" and 26".  In George Town, we had yummy sushi for dinner!

Later in that same trip, we caught a 32 ½" Mahi-Mahi.  That will be yummy tomorrow.

George Town looks great for Christmas.  There are lots of kids here, like expected.  I am happy.©

Tuesday, 12/23/08                                        Christmas = 2 days

Today was awesome!  This morning was decorating time.  Dad put lights on the railing.  They look great.  We put up Mom's mini Christmas village right under the TV.  It's smaller than the one we had at the house.  Then we decorated the living room.  We hung our stockings on the mast.

Later in the day, we went to the beach too meet kids.  I met Nash, Isabella, a French Canadian (FC) kid, and another kid whose name is Corazon.  Nash asked for my help to "defeat" the other three.  I simply went up to them and made a peace treaty.  Then we just walked, talked, and horsed around.  Nash kept defying the treaty, so Isabella and the FC kid, Corazon, and I secretly declared war on Nash.  We'll attack tomorrow hopefully.

Later, Isabella, the French Canadian kid, Corazon, and I went out in a dinghy (an adult was driving) to pick up a kite surfer.  He was holding onto a big blue kite with ropes.  The kite caught the wind and dragged him through the water on a board.

I made a special seasoning for my Mahi (ingredients secret).  It tasted great.  We watched Blue Planet:  Frozen Seas after dinner.  I am

Wednesday, 12/24/08                                        Christmas:  tomorrow

This morning, we went shopping in George Town.  We went to a grocery store and a liquor store.

But the afternoon was better.  We went snorkeling with Bro's friend Bryce, his sister Kirsten, and his parents.  We snorkeled at an underwater tunnel in the rock that is over 4 miles long and leads to the Atlantic.  We didn't actually go into the cave; we just snorkeled near the entrance.  It was scary and cool at the same time.  It was dark too.  Then we went to the other side of the area where Bro claims to have seen grouper.  There were spotted sea hares all over in the grasses.

After snorkeling, Mom and I went to the beach while Dad and Chris worked on the boat.  My friends weren't there, so I played volleyball with Bryce and his family.  I had fun.

Back at el barco, Mom, Bro and I made sugar cookies with Hershey's kisses in the middle.  Some are for Santa.

At 7:00pm, we went to a Christmas Eve service and party on the beach.  We all sang some carols, then some adults danced and the kids swung until 9:30pm.  The kids climb onto a thick branch of this big tree, somebody passes up the swing (which is a piece of wood on a rope, so you have to stabilize yourself), and then you swing off.  It's so much fun.  I am happy.©

Thursday, 12/25/08

Merry Christmas!  The family got up at 5:30am to open presents.  From Santa, in my stocking, I got a pen, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a Squirmel that I can't describe.  To Bro and me, he gave a bunch of Lego people, weapons, vehicles and horses!  He also gave us Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D.  From Mom and Dad, I got a Swiss Army knife, a pole spear, and Sport Fish of Fresh Water, a fishing book that I really wanted.  I can't wait to spear a fish and whittle something.  To Bro and me, Mom and Dad gave us some toy tanks and a wireless card for our computer.  I love the stuff they gave me/Bro and me.  From Grandma, I got science books and clay (just in time - I'm almost out).  From Aunt Sharon, I got a tin can robot.  I'll make it with a Goombay Punch can (awesome Bahamian drink).  From Chris, I got my own conch horn.  My favorite gift is a tie between the Legos, the pole spear, the Swiss Army knife, and the Sport Fish of Fresh Water book.   By 7:00, we had opened all the presents and done 1,500,000 Lego battles.

At 10:30am, we went to a Catholic church in George Town for Christmas service.  It was good service.  Our friends from More Cowbell (Sam's family) were there too.

Later in the day, we went to the beach with Nutmeg (Bryce's family).  There were just enough kids to play volleyball, but not many.

This evening, Nutmeg came over for Christmas dinner.  All the kids played with Legos.  Dinner consisted of ham, yams with brown sugar and marshmallows, and cranberry sauce and jelly.  I loved it.  I am
J. ©

Friday, 12/26/08

I woke up at 1:45am, like the rest of the family to go to Junkanoo.  Junkanoo is a festival dating back to slavery.  The slaves and servants got one day off (today), so they started partying almost immediately.  We took a 2:00am water taxi into George Town and then walked to the bleachers.  There were lots of people, just like it was daytime.  Junkanoo is mostly a parade.  There are four groups:  the Musical Ute, the Warriors, the Crusaders, and the Invaders.  I accidentally slept through the Crusaders, and we had to leave in the middle of the Invaders.  So I only saw the Musical Ute and the Warriors.  The people wore tons of different elaborate costumes.  Some were huge and took more than one person to hold up.  They were cool, and so was the music.  We got tickets to sit where they all stopped and did their dances.  There was a camera crew going around our section, so I was probably on local or national TV!  It was sooo cool.  We took the 6:00am water taxi back to our boat.

Later, we went to the beach.  I whittled my first point on a stick.  It was a soft piece of wood, so it was easy to carve.  I am happy.©

Saturday, 12/27/08

I slept 'til 7:49!  I usually get up at 6:00.  Mom says that it was because I didn't sleep much the night of the 25th.

We hung out in the morning, so I had fun playing with Legos.  Later though, we went to the beach with water balloons.  They were gone and people were soaked within 10 minutes.   Then Isabella, Corazon, and I finally executed the attack on Nash.  It was a total success.

Around 6:00pm, we went over to Nutmeg.  In the hour before dinner, Bryce, Kirsten, Chris and I played cards.  First we played black jack (we bet with pop tops) and then we played BS.  It was fun.  I am happy.©

Sunday, 12/28/08

We went to beach church this morning.  I didn't have to wear shoes.  It was nice.  Mom played her flute with the choir.

Around noon, Mom, Chris and I went to the beach while Dad made lunch.  It took him over an hour and Bro had to swim back to remind him that we were starving, thirsty and hot.  I played some football with other people, but that ended quickly.  Then our friends came.  We played some volleyball, like usual.

Around 4:30, we dinghied to Hamburger Beach to get ready for the marshmallow roast that we organized.  The fire pit there was hot, so when we put wood on it, the wood burst into flames.  Around 5:30, people came.  Rio Dulce came first.  Brian is my age.  Gotta Life, Nutmeg, Nexus, X-T-Sea, and Escargot also came.  We didn't roast many marshmallows before we started playing tag.  That was a lot of fun.  I am

Monday, 12/29/08

We did school this morning.  We haven't for the whole time we've been in George Town.  After lunch, we went to the beach.  The only people there I knew were Isabella, Corazon, and the French Canadian kid.  I swung most of the time.  Bryce, Kirsten, and their mom flew home today.  Mr. Alan will sail the boat back.

At the boat, I played with GI Joes.  After dinner, we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth.  We saw the first part in 3D, the rest in 2D, and decided that it was better in 2D.  I am

Tuesday, 12/30/08

After school, we went to the beach.  More Cowbell came, so I swung with Sam.  I played some volleyball with Bro, Sam, Sam's parents, and other people.  It was fun.

Dad and Mr. Alan went spearfishing for lobster.  Dad got a big one.  So dinner was chicken enchiladas with an appetizer of lobster.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 12/31/08

Today wasn't much, but the night - that'll be great.  We're going to a party at St. Francis, a small resort.

I did school in the morning, but Bro worked on Independence and then did school while I went to the beach.  I gotta sleep a bit now so I can stay up tonight.  I am happy.©

New Year's Eve 12/31/08, 9:00pm - midnight

At 9:00pm, we dinghied to St. Francis.  More Cowbell was there, so we talked a bit.  People danced, but I'm not the dancing type.  I got a Sprite and cranberry juice at the bar and the snacks were good, especially the cheese popcorn.  I sat at the bar and watched TV.  At 12:00, I saw the ball drop in New York on TV.  That was cool.  Happy New Year!  I am happy.©