Friday, 2/8/08

We are anchored in the Mermentau River.  I have nothing to write about today.  I did school work all day.  I am happy.

Saturday, 2/9/08

We did lots of school today.  We didn't travel today.  Mom said, "We will leave when we're ready."  Nothing else happened today either.
I am happy.

Sunday, 2/10/08

Today was just as boring as the last two.  We did the normal routine:  get up, read, eat, do school, eat, do more school, play, eat, go to bed.  I am bored, but still happy.

Monday, 2/11/08

We finally moved from the Mermentau to the Shell Morgan fuel dock in Intracoastal City, Louisiana.  It is a wrecked city.  It got hit by Hurricane Rita.   We took a walk to the grocery store, but the grocery store was destroyed.  They are building a new one now.

I am reading a good book.  It is called Sunwing.  It is part of the Silverwing series.  I am happy.

Tuesday, 2/12/08

We left at 7:00 from Intracoastal City to go to Avery Island, Louisiana.  It was a pretty sunrise.  We saw three raccoons in a tree on the ICW.  Dad turned the boat around so that we could look at them.  They were cute.  They were fast when they ran down the tree because I think we scared them, but we still got a good look at them.

When we got here, we went to the Tabasco Factory.  We took a very good tour about the history of the factory and how they make Tabasco.  We went to the Tabasco Country Store and got free samples of different types of Tabasco.  There were also new products to try, like Tabasco soda pop, sweet & spicy ice cream, and jalapeno ice cream.  I tried them all.  They were very good.  I like spicy things.

When we were about to leave, it started to rain.  It was so bad that it had hail in it.  A worker gave us a ride back to our boat.

Chris and I found a caterpillar and a baby gecko on the dock.  We named them Orc and the Geico Gecko.  We put them in our bug keeper and we are going to release them when we leave.  I am very happy.

Wednesday, 2/13/08

Today we went to the Jungle Gardens on Avery Island.  Before that, we went to the post office so Mom could mail a letter and to the store for milk.  In the Jungle Gardens, we saw azaleas and camellias went to the Buddha Temple and to Bird City.  In Bird City, we saw an alligator, a turtle and thousands of snowy egrets.  I explored all over the gardens and Chris tried to follow me.  Sometimes he was successful at finding me, and sometimes I eluded him.  We also saw the levee they are building to protect the Tabasco factory from flooding during a category 5 hurricane.  I am very, very happy.

Thursday, 2/14/08

Today, we traveled from Avery Island to Morgan City.  It was a calm trip.   Our boat is tied up at the Morgan City Pleasure Pier, right at the sea wall.  The sea wall is huge.  It has a big gate that closes when there is a flood coming, so that the city does not get flooded.  We walked all over town to find a restaurant for dinner, but since it is Valentine's Day, it was very busy at all the restaurants.  We tried to buy some shrimp from Captain L.D., but he had none.  But he told us about a good restaurant called Rita Mae's.  We went there for dinner.  It was a small local restaurant and it was not busy.  I had a crab Po Boy.  It was very good, though it was too big for me to eat the whole thing.  I could only eat half.  We saved the other half for lunch tomorrow.  I am happy.
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