Friday, 2/15/08

Today, we toured the Mr. Charlie oil rig.  It was the first transportable oil rig, constructed in 1954.  We had a really good tour guide.  It is only a training facility now.  It used to be active as a drilling rig.

Dad and I bought 6 ¾ pounds of shrimp from Captain L.D.  We thanked the guy for telling us about Rita Mae's.  Then, Chris and Dad and I sat on the dock and pulled the shrimp heads off.  I kept messing up by accidentally pulling the shell off and getting the guts all over me.  Christopher nicknamed me "shrimp gutty."  For some reason, I didn't mind it.  After Chris showed me how to do it, I did it right a few times.

For dinner, we had spaghetti, shrimp and green beans.  I did not like the green beans, but Mom made me eat them.  I nearly gagged.  The shrimp and spaghetti was the best.  I am very happy.

Saturday, 2/16/08

We went from Morgan City to Houma, LA.  We had a nice, sunny trip.  We saw three bald eagles on the way here.  They were up in a tree and Daddy turned the boat around so we could look at them.  We could see their big white heads. Then they flew off.   It was very exciting.

We are at a marina in Houma.  It is very calm when there are no towboats coming.  We are right off the ICW and the towboats make a wake that comes into the bayou where we are.

I met four kids here today.  Their names are Jared, Clint, Henry and Dave.  Jared and Dave are very nice.  The other two say cuss words a lot.  I don't like that.  We all scootered and threw our cast nets for a while and then they left.

I also met a fisherman named Sherman.  He catches big catfish on the ICW right near our boat.  Mom said I could fish with him tomorrow.  I am happy.

Sunday, 2/17/08

We walked to a laundry mat today.  It was a nice laundry mat because it was clean.  We washed a lot of clothes.  I am relieved that I have clean clothes again.

While Mom and Chris did the laundry, Dad and I went to find a place with internet and we were successful.  The place that we were told about was closed, but we found an outside table across the street at Castelano's where we could still receive the signal.

For dinner, we had homemade pizza.  It was the best pizza Dad has ever made.  I am happy.

Monday, 2/18/08

We went to a coffee shop at 10:00am.  We went there because it has free internet service.  While Mom and Dad did things on the computer, Chris and I did schoolwork.  We ate lunch there too.  I had a spicy club sandwich with bacon.  It was very good.  After lunch, I did more schoolwork.  Finally, we left the coffee shop.

At the boat, I did even more schoolwork.  I am happy.

Tuesday, 2/19/08

We went back to the coffee shop today for lunch.  I had a hot roast beef sandwich.  We shared a piece of brick chocolate for dessert.  It was all tasty.

We went fishing with Mr. Sherman this evening.  He caught a big 20 pound catfish.  It was so big that Dad had to help him bring it up.  It was cool.  We ordered pizza for dinner and shared with Sherman and his friend.  I am happy.

Wednesday, 2/20/08

I did a lot of school today.  Then we went to the coffee shop in the afternoon for a snack and so Mom and Dad could use the internet.  I had a piece of brick chocolate and a hot chocolate.

There was a lunar eclipse tonight.  At first, it was too cloudy.  But then, it cleared up just in time and we watched the moon get covered up by the Earth's shadow.  It was the first eclipse I have ever seen and it was cool.  I wouldn't have missed it for anything.  I even watched it closer through my binoculars.  At first, it looked red and brown as it was covering.  Then, when it was mostly covered, it looked ¾ dark and ¼ light.  Then the clouds started to come back and since it is 10:00 Mom made me go to bed.  She is going to bed too.  That was a great experience!  I am happy.

Thursday, 2/21/08

We went back to the coffee shop again today.  We were going to go in the morning for bagels, but we went in the afternoon instead.  Mom said that we will go for bagels tomorrow.

We did school in the morning and then in the afternoon, we went to a museum about the Houma area.  It showed about the swamp life.  It said that alligators used to waddle down Main Street.  That's funny!  It also showed they use to steal alligator eggs.  They raised the babies in alligator farms for their skin.

There are a lot of oysters in the area.  Farming was a way that a lot of Vietnamese people made a living here.  These people came here to get away from the war in their country.

The museum also told a lot about the hurricanes that came through here.  It was interesting.  I am happy.
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