Tuesday, 7/1/08                                                Chris' B-day = 7 days

Today is July 1st!  We dropped Grandma off at the subway.  Then we just hung out.  We went to shore to get internet. I scootered around while Chris worked on the website with Mom.

We went to a Greek restaurant with Iato and Synchronicity for dinner to celebrate Ms. Sally's birthday.  I had some yummy lamb chops.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 7/2/08                                        Chris' B-day = 6 days

Today, Mr. Dan & Mrs. Linda arrived with their girls Gwen & Nora.  We immediately started up the Hudson River.  As we got away from New York City, the riversides became cliffs and mountains.  It was very pretty.

We anchored in a small bay near Haverstraw, NY and went to a beach there.  I played with logs that I found.  I am happy.©

Thursday, 7/3/08                                                Chris' B-day = 5 days

Today we sailed to West Point Military Academy.  We took a tour of the academy.  The cadets train there for 4 years.  I even saw some marching!

Then we sailed to Haverstraw where we saw fireworks.  First we saw them across the river in some other town.  Then we saw them right in front of us at Haverstraw.  They were cool and in many colors, including yellow, red, blue, green and pink!  Tom Weil (Dad's friend) and his friend Mary drove over from Connecticut and watched the fireworks with us.  I am happy.©

Friday, 7/4/08                                                Chris' B-day = 4 days

Today is July 4th!  We sailed all day back to New York City.  The sky was gray and it rained on and off all day.  We didn't go back to the mooring field because we wanted to anchor to watch the fireworks.  It was hard to find a good place to anchor, but finally we anchored right next to the Statue of Liberty.  We anchored in her armpit.  First we saw the fireworks from Liberty Park.  They were right in front of us.  We saw tons of fireworks of all different colors.  I saw some that looked like ribbons, bows and fountains!  Then, the fireworks went off down the East River, but the smoke covered most of them up.  It was great!  I am happy.©

Saturday, 7/5/08                                                Chris' B-day = 3 days

We sailed to the West 79th St. Boat Basin and took a mooring ball.  It rained all day again today.  We went to the Boat Basin Café for lunch where I got some good popcorn shrimp.  Then, Dan & Linda left.  We hung out for the rest of the day.  I am happy.©

Sunday, 7/6/08                                                Chris' B-day = 2 days

We finally went to church this morning.  I was a nice Lutheran church.  The windows were made of stained glass with pictures of bible stories.  It was (and looked like) and old church.

After the service, we wandered around town.  The buildings are all attached.  Many stores have apartments on top.  We found a Thai restaurant for lunch.  I like Thai food.

Back at the boat, we did some work on the website, but it still isn't working.  I am happy.©

Monday, 7/7/08                                                Chris' B-day = 1 day

This afternoon, we went to Central Park with Blue Wilderness (a boat with 3 kids).  We played some baseball and two French kids joined in.  They play tennis in France, so they wanted to play "the American game!"  They were very good.  We also climbed around on the big boulders that are all over Central Park.  I had fun.

After Central Park, we went to Riverside Park right near our boat and played in the fountains.  It was a good way to clean our feet.

Dad had to go to Reno, Nevada for work, so we are staying here for 2 weeks.  I am happy.©
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