Tuesday, 7/22/08

Today we stayed on the boat.  Mom worked on the website, while I played with Chris.  Today was boring.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 7/23/08

Today is laundry day.  This morning, Chris loaded a bunch of songs onto my MP3, so I was occupied.  While doing laundry, I listened to my MP3, Mom worked on the website, and Chris played his new computer game, Ageod's American Civil War:  The Blue and The Gray.  I gave Chris free access to my MP3.  I am

Thursday, 7/24/08

Today was good.  We met up with Grandma and went to Katz's Deli for lunch.  It is a very famous deli.  We had hot corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and a knish. It was all good.  They also gave us a plate of deli pickles and tomatoes.  There were two different kinds of pickles.  One looked like a deli pickle, but it tasted like a cucumber and I didn't really like it.  The other kind was good.  We also stopped at a place called Russ & Daughters where we bought some sweets, like Halvah, a Jewish sweet.  It's not that sweet and it's powdery.  I like it.

After lunch, we walked to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.  A tenement is an apartment that the immigrants lived in.  We took two tours.  The first tour told us a lot of general information.
The people that lived there did not have a lot of money.  There were usually 5-10 people living in one small apartment.  The bathrooms were outside.  They were trying to earn enough to be able to leave the tenements.   I liked the second tour better.  There was a girl dressed up like the girl that lived there in 1916 and pretended that she was actually that girl.  We were pretending that we were a family that had just arrived in America and was looking for a place to live.  She talked to us like it was 1916 and answered all our questions - we had a lot.  She told us how to live and get crates and mattresses for beds. At the end of the day, the children would run out and grab the wooden crates that the street vendors left behind.  They could be used for beds.  The mattresses they sewed themselves.  She told us to go to the nice part of town and look for the furniture that the rich people threw out.  She said "they don't have any idea what they are throwing away!"  She also showed us the machine where they would put in a quarter to get gas for the week.  She told Chris and me to get a block of ice and carve out the shape of a quarter and feed that to the machine.  She said the "dumb machine didn't know the difference."  It was cool.

Dad came home at 9:30pm.  I am glad.  I am happy.©

Friday, 7/25/08

Today we went to the UN Building (United Nations).  The tour was good.  The guide showed us the Disarmament Room which showed how they try to stop the use of the most destructive weapon, the Trustee Council Chamber, the General Assembly Hall, and a room with gifts from many countries.  I liked the room with gifts.  My favorite was the gift from Thailand.  It is the only exact replica of the Royal Thai Barge.  It is made of wood and gold!  It looks like a big canoe with a dragon head on the front and a throne with a spire on top of it.

The UN tries to keep peace in the world.  Any country in the world can join if they want to.  Almost all countries have joined.  When there is a problem, the UN discusses how to solve it.  Sometimes their decisions have to be followed and sometimes they are just recommendations.

Later in the day, we went to Wall Street which is the financial district.  We saw the famous bull and the men coming out of the New York Stock Exchange.  You aren't allowed to go inside anymore.   Right across from that we saw a statue of George Washington.  It was the old Federal Hall where he took the oath to be the first president of the United States in 1789.

Lastly, we went to Little Italy for dinner.  It was good.  I am happy.©

Saturday, 7/26/08

We do too much laundry!  Once again, today is laundry day.  Mom worked on the website, but is still won't upload.  Chris and I were told to catch up on our journals.  Dad worked on the boat.

We were going to go to Central Park to feed the squirrels, but we ran out of time.  Maybe tomorrow.  I am happy.©

Sunday, 7/27/08

We finally left NYC today!  We went up the East River and saw all four waterfalls!  They are big metal structures that shoot water out.  It is an art exhibit and Mom says it is not permanent.  They are neat.  We went through Hell Gate, a place in the East River with a current so strong that it is dangerous to go against it!

Before we left NYC this morning, we had to go to the grocery store really quickly to buy milk and on the way back, we fed peanuts to some adorable squirrels.  It was my idea to buy some peanuts in case we saw squirrels.  I'm glad we did.

We arrived in Manhasset Bay, Long Island at about 3:00pm.  We met Mom and Dad's friend Mr. Evan and his family.  We went to dinner with them at Gino's Pizzeria.  Then they came back to the boat for a little while.  I am

Monday, 7/28/08

Today we motored to Northport.  Mr. Matt, Dad's friend lives here.  After an egg cream at a soda shop, he drove us to his house where we met Caroline, his 10 yr. old daughter.  Chris and I played with Caroline on her Wii while the adults talked.  We did not meet his wife, Ms. Libby, because she was out of town.

Before dinner, we walked to the beach in their neighborhood.  Sat the beach, we just around.  We walked back and had dinner with them.  After supper, we swam in the pool and played a game of baseball.  It ended after I hit a home run.  I am

Tuesday, 7/29/08

Today we visited the Vanderbilt Mansion.  It has 24 rooms!  Mr. William Vanderbilt II (there were a lot of William Vanderbilts) made it into a museum because his son died in a car accident, so he had no one to give his estate to.  William II was fond of marine biology and he had a room full of different types of shrimp, crabs and lobsters.  His son that died in the car accident went on an African safari and brought back tons of items from Africa.  It was awesome.

Mr. Matt, Caroline and Ms. Libby were going to come to our boat fro dinner, but Mr. Matt got stuck in traffic and Mrs. Libby didn't feet good, so they didn't come.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 7/30/08

We sailed to Stony Creek, CT today.  There is a group of granite islands called The Thimbles.  The granite was left by a glacier.  We anchored between High Island and Money Island.  
J ... $!  I wonder why the people call it Money Island?

We walked around town and met a man named Mr. John at the library.  He offered to buy us some milk and lettuce because the store was too far away to walk to and he didn't have enough room in his car for all of us.  We went to the liquor store to buy some wine and he met us there.

While we were waiting, Chris and I explored a forest behind the store.  We found a 30ft. cliff that we scaled to get down.  At the bottom, we found a dried up creek bed, a rock slide site (we think), a bunch of hills, and a way back up (luckily).  We had so much fun.  I hope we go back.

Mr. John, Mom and Dad talked, then we went back to the boat.  I am happy.©

Thursday, 7/31/08

Today, Mr. Tom, Dad's friend, picked us up in his car and drove us to Mystic Seaport.   We got tickets, then we went in.  Mr. Tom is a volunteer at Mystic Seaport and he has a rowing exhibit there with a lot of his rowing collection.  We got the best tour of the exhibit because Mr. Tom was our personal guide.

We also walked around the Charles W. Morgan whaling ship.  I liked the blubber room.  It held all of the barrels of whale oil.  We also saw the cooperage.  The cooper put the barrels together.  He also made all the parts for it in his shop and even went on the whaling ship to put the barrels together to hold the whale oil.  It was a very important job.
The blacksmith was also cool.  We saw him make a marlinspike, a multi-purpose tool used on the whaling ship.  If you were climbing the rigging and had a marlinspike, the only other thing you would need is a knife.  It was cool.

Back at Stony Creek, we explored the forest a bit more and had fun.  We found a house a couple of hills over and we ran back.

Mr. Nate, Dad's friend from college, came over to the boat tonight for dinner.  I am happy.©
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