Sunday, 6/1/08

Today is June 1st!  We dinghied a long way until we found a dock close enough to the Searstown Mall.  We walked across the street to Sears and Ace Hardware.  At Sears, Dad was able to replace his drill that broke and he only got it for Christmas.  It was less than 1 yr. old, and it had a 1 yr. warranty.  We had lunch at Arby's.  I had a yummy bacon, roast beef 'n cheese sandwich.  Then we dinghied to the marina where we gave the manatees fresh water from the hose and Mom took pictures.  Then we continued.

We saw some people racing remote-control sailboats at the lake.  We watched for a while and even got to try!  We all got last place, but it was our first time.  It was sooo fun!

We continued to West Marine & Save-A-Lot grocery store.  I am happy©!

Monday, 6/2/08

All we did today was laundry.  The dryers took so long.  They didn't dry the load long enough, so you had to dry them for a super long time.  Clean clothes feel good.  I am happy©!

Tuesday, 6/3/08

As we went to do more laundry today, we met a family with two boys and a girl.  It was Jubilee, a boat Dad had met in Marsh Harbor, and the boat that had told us to knock on the lighthouse keeper's door in Hope Town.  How funny!  One boy was Jake, who is nine; the other boy, Drew, is 12; and I never got the name or the age of the girl.  We played for a long time, but after about an hour, they had to leave.

While we did laundry, Mom worked on the computer, and Chris and I watched television in the screen room at the marina.  I am happy©.

Wednesday, 6/4/08

This morning, and all day yesterday too, Dad worked on a solar panel project making new brackets for our solar panels.  I helped him today reloading the rivet gun for the braces that will let the solar panels be raised up at different angles.

We had to move Liberty to the fuel dock at the marina to get fuel and finish the project.  We had to back into a slip in order to mount the solar panels.  And then, we left Titusville.

We sailed up the ICW for a little while and now we are offshore going to Charleston, SC.  We didn't put any lines out.  I am happy©.

Thursday, 6/5/08

We got offshore last night.  We found the Gulf Stream and we went faster than we have ever gone!

 We trolled lines today and caught 3 barracudas.  They are so annoying because they pull, then stop, and so on.  The first one was released safely, the second one was released but died, and Dad didn't want that to happen again, so we will eat the third one.

We jigged over a fish haven.  Jigging is where you drop your line to the bottom, then you pull, then reel, and so on.  While pulling, Chris snagged a small snakefish.  We released it.  I don't know how to describe it.  Look it up.

We should be in Charleston tomorrow because we are going so fast.  I am happy©.

Friday, 6/6/08

We arrived in Charleston this morning and we anchored in Charleston Harbor.  After anchoring, we went to the dinghy dock.  There is a marina van that took us to Marion Square.  We tasted Italian ice.  It is very good.

We walked to the visitor's center.  I watched a few videos about some places I am interested in.  We also got brochures on some places.  There is a lot to do here.

On our way back to our boat, we realized that s/v Eira was here.  Almost immediately, we called them on the radio and invited them over for dinner and cocktails.  We were so excited because we haven't seen them since we left them at Tahiti Beach on 5/11/08.  John and Daniel and Chris and I are good friends.  We had so much fun.  We had a big pillow fight and accidentally broke a lamp.  Dad wasn't too happy about that, but he wasn't too angry either.  I am happy©.

Saturday, 6/7/08

This morning we went to the farmer's market in Marion Square.  There were lots of covered booths with people selling fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit right from their farms.  That's why they call it the farmer's market.  We bought some groceries and then we went to a concert.  They sang church music.  I enjoyed it.

We went back to the market for lunch.  I had a gyro.  Mom did too.  We went to a handbell concert after lunch.  I enjoyed that too.  It is all part of an arts festival here called Piccolo Spolleto.

We met Dad's cousins Craig and Angie and their kids for dinner at a wings restaurant.  It was good.  Then we all went home to see fireworks from the boat.  Eira came over too.  The kids all thought that it was such a waste to stay up until 11:00pm (literally) because there were barely any fireworks.  I am happy©.
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