Sunday, 6/8/08

Today we went to a nice Lutheran Church.  It is old and made of stone and wood.  The service was good.

Then Craig (our relative) picked us up with Adam & Hailey (his kids) and brought us back to his house, where we met Angie (his wife) and we played for 3 hrs.  We went to the pool too.  Craig threw me around and I did a flip off the edge of the pool.  I had fun.

We went to Eira for dinner because they are leaving tomorrow.  They are going to North Carolina to look for a new house because they are done cruising.  After playing a while, Dad and I went back to our boat to get the DVD Jurassic Park II.  While the adults visited, the kids watched the movie.  Every time a dinosaur appeared, we would all take plastic guns and shoot at the screen.  We had a lot of fun shooting at dinosaurs that wouldn't die.

We left their boat late and I don't know when we will see them again, but I hope we do.  I am happy©.

Monday, 6/9/08

Today we went to Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie!  Fort Sumter was used in the Civil War.  Before the war, Major Anderson moved to Fort Sumter from Fort Moultrie with his 85 men.  South Carolina had broken away from the U.S. because they wanted to have slaves and they didn't want Lincoln to be president.  They wanted Anderson to leave.  He refused.  After over 3 months of waiting for him to leave, Fort Moultrie, Fort Johnson and Castle Pickney fired upon Fort Sumter.  After 34 hours, Anderson surrendered, as long as he could keep the flag, return to New York with all of his men and arms, and to a hundred-gun salute.  It was reduced to a fifty-gun salute because on the 47th shot, someone was injured and died.

Fort Moultrie was used in the Revolutionary through WWII.  It was originally built with Palmetto logs.  It was attacked by a British fleet of 9 ships.  There is fiber in the tree, so the cannons didn't damage the fort.  It was the first victory won by the U.S. in the Revolutionary War.  I am

Tuesday, 6/10/08

At 11:00, we took the shuttle to West Marine.  We bought one pair of sandals, charts, a fishing magazine, and a salt water pump.

After dinner, we played 3 games of Knockout Whist.  I won twice and Chris won once.  I am happy©.

Wednesday, 6/11/08

Mom, Chris and I went into town because Dad had two conference calls.  After stopping at the post office, we wandered for 45 min. looking for lunch.  We found a place called Pizzeria Di Giovanni.  I ate a yummy, huge (literally) slice of pizza.

We then walked to the Old Slave Mart.  It was a place where people used to buy and sell slaves. The whites called the slaves bucks (men), and winches (women).   The brokers who sold the slaves cleaned the slaves up and didn't use whips because they didn't want whip marks on their backs because then the slave would sell for less money.   If I were a slave, I would be worth $300 because I am 8 years old!  It was interesting.

After the Slave Mart, we walked to the Waterfront Park.  There are large, powerful fountains that we played in with other kids.  We had fun.  I am happy©.

Thursday, 6/12/08

This morning we took a carriage tour around Charleston.  The carriage was pulled by 2 mules.  We went all around town while the guide explained things to us.  It was interesting.

Then we walked to the Provost Dungeon at the Old Exchange Building.  When the Brits took Charleston in the Revolutionary War, they used the Old Exchange Building as a prison.  The Brits called it a provost, and the Americans (who were the prisoners) called it a dungeon, so it became known as the Provost Dungeon.

We had good ice cream at Haagen Dazs.

When we got back to the boat, I had a sailing lesson.  Mom arranged for me to have a private sailing lesson with an instructor from the Charleston Yacht Club.  I am trying to get better at sailing, so I can sail my own boat, Independence.  I sailed a 420 with my instructor.  I manned the jib and she did the main because there was too much wind for me to handle it all.  I learned a lot.  Mom is going to try to get me another lesson in an Optimus somewhere else.  It is a smaller boat that I will sail myself.  I am happy©.

Friday, 6/13/08

We took a bus to Angie's salon today.  We borrowed her car and went to the Magnolia Plantation on the Ashley River.  We mostly walked around the gardens.  We got rained on here.

I thought the slave cabin was most interesting.  It even had a small hay bed and a hearth!  The plantation was run by slaves until they were freed because of the Civil War.  When they were freed, they burned the mansion.

After the Civil War, the Draytons became poor because they had no more slaves to do the farming.  They began mining phosphate (which made a good fertilizer) to sell.  The Draytons stopped mining because it destroyed too much topsoil which was expensive to replace.

After the plantation, Mom went to the salon and we (Dad, Chris and I) went to the pool with Craig, Adam and Hailey.  We had fun.

We all met up to go to a baseball game, but they were out of tickets, so we all went to Bubba Gump's, a seafood restaurant.  I am

Saturday, 6/14/08

By the time I woke up, we were already offshore and had caught a Spanish mackerel.  While I was awake, we caught a small Mahi-Mahi.  The fillets were small.  We are headed to Beaufort, NC.

We also saw a group of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins.  They stayed with us for a long time.  The adults slapped their tails on the water sometimes.  I think it was a signal to the young dolphins.

Chris and I stayed up with Mom.  We played a game of Knaves.  Mom won and I had fun.  I am happy©.
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