Sunday, 6/15/08

We motored all day.  But that is good because we made electricity.  Because of that, Dad let me watch TV tonight.  Before TV, we caught a small King Mackerel, but it spit the hook at the side of the boat.  I am happy©.

Monday, 6/16/08

We arrived in Beaufort (pronounced Bo-fort) last night.  I fell asleep before we arrived though.

We left this morning to go to Oriental, but they didn't have a slip for us, so we continued on.  We traveled up the ICW to Campbell Creek and anchored there for the night.  Before we got there, we went aground because Dad tried to steer out of the way of a big powerboat.  We were really stuck.  A nice man in a dinghy helped pull us off.  Just as we got off, two catamarans came around the corner.  One was Iato, a boat we had met in Charleston.  They showed us where the dinghy dock was.  The other was their friends on Synchronicity.  They were all going to Campbell Creek also.  So, after we all anchored, we all went to Synchronicity for dinner.  They have 2 cats, Piff & Marpie.  They are part Persian, part something else.  I really liked the cats.  I am

Tuesday, 6/17/08

Today we continued up the ICW to Belhaven, NC.  We took a slip in the marina.  The marina has golf carts for us to use, so we took one into town.  The only thing was that the golf cart had no brakes.  So, to stop you had to go into reverse real fast.  It was weird.  We had lunch, went to the grocery store and came back.

The marina also has a pool.  The water is murky, so Chris and I  played a game called Spy Wars.  We had to dive, then shoot with a torpedo and try to hit each other.

At night, Chris and I stayed up until 10:00pm catching small croaker, finger mullet, flounder, pinfish and shrimp.  We threw them all back.  I had fun.  I am happy©.

Wednesday, 6/18/08

This morning, Chris and I went crabbing on the docks.  The dockmaster said they were edible.  We found the crabs on the pylons (wood poles) and scooped them up with a net.  We tried to catch them with turkey necks on a string, but that didn't work.  We caught 6 crabs, 4 in the morning and 2 more in the afternoon.

For dinner, we had crab, shrimp and potatoes.  It was good.  I am happy©.

Thursday, 6/19/08

We left Belhaven this afternoon.  Before we left, Mom did some laundry and Chris and I scrubbed the bottom of the dinghy.  Dad pulled it out of the water to fix a hole and the bottom was filthy.  So before we put it back into the water, Chris and I scrubbed it.

Then at 3:00pm we left Belhaven and sailed up the ICW to the Alligator River.  On the way, we saw a Bald Eagle on a tree!  It was cool.  I am happy©.

Friday, 6/20/08

We left early today.  The Pasquotank River was beautiful.  It was surrounded on both sides by trees and it was very peaceful.  We saw birds, plant life, and even a beaver!  It was swimming across the river, and all of a sudden, it disappeared into its dam!  It was cool.

We found an abandoned bulkhead that we tied up to for the night.  Christopher and I went exploring and found a big facility with a water tower all fenced in with barb wire and signs that said "Keep Out".  We also found a big field of some kind of crop.  I am happy©.

Saturday, 6/21/08

We entered the Dismal Swamp today.  In the lock, we rose 8ft. to get to the level of the swamp.  The Dismal Swamp was calm and peaceful.  It was like the Pasquotank River, except that there was a road beside it, so we heard cars.  At the other side of the swamp, we went through another lock to drop us down 8ft.

Now we are in Norfolk, VA.  We took a slip in a marina.   We borrowed a courtesy car from the marina and picked up Mr. Owen from the airport.  He works with Dad at Nevada Power (Dad works for Skadden Arps and his client is Nevada Power).  Mr. Owen is going to sail with us to New York City.  I am
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