Saturday, 3/1/08

We went fishing today!  We caught 7 Redfish and I caught the only Black Drum.  The first Redfish we caught was a baby, so we couldn't keep it.  Chris caught that one.  The next 6 we caught were bulls.  That means that they were 27 inches or longer.  Since we only had 4 people fishing, we were only allowed to keep 4 bulls.  That was too bad because we had our limit when I caught a 40 pounder!  I fought it real hard for about a half hour.  I was tiring it out, and it was definitely tiring me out.  It teased me.  It would let me reel it in a bunch, and then it would zip back out and pull real hard.  We finally got it in.  Mr. Preston, our guide, helped me at the very end.  After we took a picture, we let him go.  He was as long as I am tall!

We ate the Black Drum and some of the Redfish for dinner.  I put my own special seasoning on my Black Drum.  Mom really liked it, and so did Dad.  Chris thought it had a little too much white pepper.  It was a great day!  I am super happy.

Sunday, 3/2/08

Today we had lunch with some people we met.  They are on the fishing boat next to us.  They gave us some of their fresh Yellowfin Tuna and we made sushi to share with them.  We also cooked some of the tuna and some of our Redfish because not everyone liked sushi.  We also had chips and guacamole.  It was yummy.

In the afternoon today, I designed my journal page for the website. I made rainbow strips on the top and bottom with a cool greenish-blue color for the middle.  I think it is very cool.  Mom likes it too.  It is too bad the website is not up yet, but Mom says it will be up very soon.  I am happy.

Monday, 3/3/08

All we did today was work on the website and do school.  There is a norther coming tonight.  It is going to get cold again.  I am still happy.

Tuesday, 3/4/08

Today we did not do too much.  We did school and worked on the website again.  I helped make some of my journal pages.  I like to help.  Tonight, we played Yahtzee.  I lost big time.  I had 152 points and everybody else had over 200 points.  Too bad.  Yet, I am happy.

Wednesday, 3/5/08

I did a lot of schoolwork today.  When Chris and I were finished with school, we took a walk to see some birds.  All we really saw was a few black vultures, some pelicans and some seagulls.

Chris got a monster splinter in his foot today.  Dad had to cut the skin open with a razor to get it out.  That must have hurt.  Too bad for him.  Chris was brave though.  I am happy.

Thursday, 3/6/08

We are still here.  I wish we were in the Dry Tortugas with 80 degree weather.  Too bad the weather here is not good enough for us to leave.  Maybe soon.

After school today, I took popsicle sticks and glue and made boats.  I can't make them very well yet, so I will improve them later.  I am making them so that my toy soldiers can go on boats for navy battles.  Right now, I am making a raft and an Indian canoe.  I have Indian soldiers, so that will work out well.  I hope they float.  I will find that out tomorrow.  I am happy.

Friday, 3/7/08

My ships float!  They do need some add-ons though.  Water leaks in very slowly, but it doesn't make them sink.  The Indian canoe can only hold one person.  If two people go in the canoe, it sinks.  I will work on them for the next few days to fix these problems.

This afternoon, I went shopping with Dad.  We needed many things to get ready to leave.  We went to the Ferin's Food Market, a hardware store, Dollar General, and Family Dollar (I got more popsicle sticks there).  We went to The BBQ House for lunch.  I had the best cheeseburger I've ever had.  I was stuffed!  I am happy.
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