Saturday, 3/8/08

In school today, I did 5 subjects, including math, history, poetry, science, and journal.  Amazingly, I had fun.

Then I worked on ships.  I made sure my raft, pontoon boat, and canoe float.  I fixed all of the problems, except that I can still only put one Indian in the canoe.  That is too bad.

Before dinner, Chris and I went outside and played a cool war game.  We had fun.  For dinner, I had soup and Dad's homemade chili.  It was yummy.  I am happy.

Sunday, 3/9/08

We are staying here too long!  I am tired of this place.

I fell in today.  The water is freezing.  I was getting off the boat and I slipped.  Dad pulled me out.  I rinsed off with a nice, warm shower.  It felt good.  I am okay.

Mom got the website finished, but it won't work.  It was disappointing.  Mom has worked very hard on the website and we have all helped her.  I can't wait until it does work because I want my friends to see my journal and see our pictures. 

We will leave tomorrow and go offshore into the Gulf of Mexico.  I can't wait to catch a fish.  I am happy.

Monday, 3/10/08

We finally left Venice, LA this morning.  We are offshore and we are trolling a Wahoo lure and a cedar plug.  We didn't catch any fish today.  I hope we catch one tomorrow.

Chris and I stayed up with Mom for the first part of her 6:00pm to midnight shift.  We played card games and Connect Four.  We also looked at phosphorescence.  This is a type of algae that glows at night when they are disturbed by our boat.  This is the first time we have seen them on this trip.  I am happy.

Tuesday, 3/11/08

We finally saw dolphins this afternoon!  They came to our boat and rode the bow wake.  They also jumped at the side of our boat.   One of them jumped really high and twisted in the air.  It was exciting!  It took a long time to figure out what type they were.  We think they were spinner dolphins.  That is awesome!

We also did school work.  We plan to do school on the passage and take 2 days off at the Dry Tortugas.

I slept through a rainstorm.  We didn't catch any fish today.  I am happy.

Wednesday, 3/12/08

All we did today was school.  We didn't catch any fish today.  I am happy.  Are you?

Thursday, 3/13/08

We just caught a Wahoo!  That is a very edible fish.  It is also the first fish we caught on this passage!  We have never caught a Wahoo before.  It lost its pigment very quickly out of the water.  We are going to eat some for dinner tonight.

I also lost my painful, loose tooth!  That is a relief.  It hurt like crazy.  I am glad that happened.  I will put it under my pillow tonight and hope the Tooth Fairy comes.

Tomorrow we should be in the Dry Tortugas.  I can't wait until we see Fort Jefferson!  Obviously, I am super happy.

Friday, 3/14/08

In the morning, we were still in the Gulf of Mexico.  We encountered a pod of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins at about 8:15am.  They came out of nowhere.  They just jumped once and all of a sudden they were at our bow.   They were fun to watch.  The water is so clear that we could everything.  After about 10 minutes, all but four left.  Two of those four were immature.  They would dart around and play and cross paths.  Then the four at our bow darted off and the whole pod came and made a jump together and we never saw them again.  We got some pictures.  That was really fun.

We arrived at the Dry Tortugas at about 10:00am.  That was good.  We didn't go into Fort Jefferson today.  I hope we go tomorrow.  Instead, we went to the beach.  I went swimming and saw a Great Barracuda (I like to chase those), Sergeant Majors, and baby Yellowtail Snapper.  Chris and I dug a pool with chairs out of sand.  We couldn't finish though.  I hope it's there tomorrow so we can finish.

There are 5 Goliath Groupers under our boat.  They are huge!  They are brownish.  I saw that their dorsal fins have spikes.  Chris thinks they are 300 pounds.  I don't think he is right.  I think they weigh even more.   I can't believe they are under our boat.  This is cool.  They are protected and can't be fished.

For dinner, I had Wahoo, salad and rice.  For an appetizer, I had Triscuits and humus.  It was yummy.  I am happy.
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