Saturday, 3/22/08

Today we stayed on the boat.  I did some school.  Dad and Mom did stuff with a new wind generator.  It didn't work well.  The company has to send us another new part.  After school, I played computer and played with toys.  I made some cool paper airplanes.  I had fun.  I am happy.

Sunday, 3/23/08

Today is Easter Sunday. We walked to a church so we could go to service.  Dad left the church to go to the airport.  He had to go back to Houston, TX for a meeting at work.  He is only working half-time on the boat, but he still has to travel sometimes.  He will be gone until Thursday.

After church, Mom, Chris and I took a taxi to the M and M Laundry Mat.  We had tons of laundry.  It cost about $30!  I am glad we did laundry because I needed clean clothes.  We took a cab back to the dinghy.  In the dinghy, we slowly went back to the boat.  The laundry was heavy.

For supper I had pasta and salad.  It was yummy.  I am

Monday, 3/24/08

We went super-shopping today.  We went to Albertson's.  We bought tons of food, like milk, oatmeal and bagels.  About anything you name, we bought it, everything we couldn't buy for the last 3 weeks that is, and that happens to be a lot of stuff.

We got a cab to take us back to the dinghy.  The wind was getting worse.  When we got to the boat, we unloaded.  It took a long time.

Before shopping, mechanics came and fixed our engine.  They got wet coming to the boat in the dinghy, so they weren't happy.  But they fixed the engine anyway.

For dinner, Mom made Fettuccini Alfredo.  It was yummy.  I am

Tuesday, 3/25/08

For breakfast today we ate bagels.  I had an everything bagel with cream cheese.  That was special because we don't get bagels often while on the boat.  It was yummy.

After that I did school.  I did math, grammar, vocabulary connections, geography, science, history and yesterday's journal entry.  It was easy.  Tomorrow we will do more school, obviously.  It is very windy and the water is very choppy, so we will stay on the boat.

After school, I played with toys.  I played with cars and soldiers.  I had a lot of fun.  I also started drawing a rough draft of a sailboat.  I plan to make tons of pictures.  I am

Wednesday, 3/26/08

We stayed on the boat today.  Chris and I did school and then we played with clay.  We made food and utensils out of the clay for our G.I. Joes.  Mom heated up the oven and we baked them.  Now they are hard and we can keep them to use when we play with our G.I. Joes.  Chris made bacon!  I made a sunny-side up egg.  I also made bread.  Chris made soda bottles and a blueberry pie.  I helped make the blueberries.

Mom made a delicious dinner.  We had breaded chicken with a yummy gravy, rice and green beans.  Mom made the green beans just how  I like them.

We are hoping the weather is calmer tomorrow so we can go to shore.  I am happy.

Thursday, 3/27/08

We finally went to shore.  First we went to the office to take showers.  Also, while we were at the office, we picked up two packages.

After that, we walked to an ice cream shop by the waterfront.  Mom and I both had caramel island fudge ice cream, and Chris had blackberry raspberry sorbet.  I loved mine.  I also had a few bites of Chris' and I liked it too.

Then we walked to the Pirate Soul Museum.  It was awesome!   I saw everything from biographies to weapons!  I learned that many famous pirates, including Blackbeard (Edward Teach), started out as privateers.  Privateers were people who were told by their country's governments to go rob ships to get money for the country.  They were called pirates by other countries because their ships were getting robbed.  Many privateers became real pirates so they could have all the money for themselves.

We met Dad at the Thai Island restaurant where we shared a great dinner.  I am happy.

Friday, 3/28/08

Today we stayed on the boat.  We did school, including math, science, geography and history.  It was easy.  I was finished at about 1:30pm.

After that, I made things out of clay.  I made a slug, a fly, a dragonfly, an egg, and 20 pill bugs!  When Chris finished his schoolwork, he joined me and made a caterpillar and tons of beads!

We had a yummy supper of vegetables, salad, shrimp, chicken and pasta.  I am happy.

Saturday, 3/29/08

This morning I did school and then in the afternoon we went to Mallory Square.  Mallory Square is a famous place in Key West where people go to watch the street performers and the sunset.  We watched 4 different shows.  My favorite was the first show where a guy ate fire and also blew it out of his mouth.  It was so cool.  I also liked the third show where a man juggled 5 fire torches while riding a unicycle.  My third favorite was the second performer.  He did a lot of gymnastic tricks, like air flips, diving through a small hoop, and picking up cans while flipping over them.  Lastly, I liked the tight rope walker.  He walked on metal tight rope while juggling three balls.  There were also musicians.  I liked the bagpipes.

After we watched the sunset, we went to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville for dinner.  I had a Cheeseburger in Paradise.  It was delicious.  It even had a big kosher pickle.  I couldn't have the cold draft beer though.  Mom had a Caesar salad, Dad had a huge chili cheese dog, and Chris had a grilled fillet of Mahi Mahi.  It was a nice treat.  I am

Sunday, 3/30/08

When we went to shore this morning, we took a cab from the dinghy dock to church.  It is a very pretty church, the people are nice and the service was good.

After the service, some nice people gave us a ride to an internet café.  At the internet café, Mom and Dad worked and checked emails.  Mom also worked on the website.  She finished and it's on the internet!  We were there a long time.

Then we went home and Chris and I went fishing.  Chris caught 6 pinfish that were too small to keep, but I didn't catch anything.  That's probably because I wanted supper, so I stopped before Chris.  I am happy.

Monday, 3/31/08

We did not do much today.  We did school for a good portion of the day.  The wind blew hard from the East all day.  The waves were rough, so we couldn't leave the boat.

After school, I played with soldiers and planes.  I had fun.  I am happy.
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