Thursday, 5/1/08

Today is May 1st!  While we did school, Mr. Peter from s/v Taua came over to help Dad fix the water maker.  They had to take apart the motor in the watermaker to find the problem!  Mr. Peter went back to Taua to fix it and Dad went to town to buy a fan for it.  Mr. Peter returned about a few hours later with the fixed part and they put the motor back together.  Now the water maker is working.  Thank-you Mr. Peter.

Later in the evening, his family came over for dinner.  Claudia, their daughter, Chris and I had a pillow fight and then we watched a movie.  We had a lot of fun.  I am happy.

Friday, 5/2/08

After I did school today, I played.  I took wood blocks from the game Jenga and made houses for my American toy soldiers.  Then my British toy soldiers came and demolished the place.  The U.S. soldiers escaped in an aircraft carrier.  I stopped my game so we could go to town for a few quick things so we could leave for Hope Town.

We motorsailed to Hope Town on Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas.  They have a really cool lighthouse here.  Every night, the lighthouse keeper has to climb up the 101 stairs, 120 ft. up, to light the flame.  Then he has to pull this weight on a pulley every 2 hours to keep the lighthouse turning.

As a special treat, we got to go up with him tonight to light the flame.  I got to make the light start turning by giving it a push!  Now the weights will start going down, causing the gears to spin, causing the lighthouse glass to turn.  It is very simple, but it is a lot of work.  There are lenses that magnify the light to make it very bright, so you can see it 17 miles away!

This is a very special lighthouse because it was built in 1863 and is still used today in its original form.  Most lighthouses today are run on electricity, but this one runs on kerosene, weights and pulleys, and has to be maintained all night long.

This was a very special thing tonight because the lighthouse is usually closed when Mr. Franklin lights the flame.  I am happy.

Saturday, 5/3/08

Today, after school, Mr. Peter from Tauá offered to let us water-ski with Claudia.  So Chris tried.  He kept falling a lot, until the end when he finally was able to get up and do it for a few seconds.  The skis were too heavy for me and they were dragging me under water, so I couldn't do it.

While Chris water-skied, Claudia and I took turns riding in the inner tube that Dad inflated to pull behind the dinghy.  We went sooo fast and I had fun!

In the evening, we went over to Tauá for dinner.  We ate pork, potatoes, and salad and it was yummy.  I am

Sunday, 5/4/08

This morning we had haircuts because we were going to church.  The church service was short and like The Gathering back at church in Bellaire, TX.  It was a nice church.  I enjoyed it.

After church, we went snorkeling on the reef near Hope Town.  Dad took his Hawaiian pole spear and shot a >20 in. Tiger Grouper!  The Tiger Grouper tasted great with my special seasoning!

I saw many different fish while I was snorkeling.  I saw many varieties of parrotfish:  Queen, Stoplight, Princess, Redband, Yellowtail, Striped, Rainbow and Blue.  I also saw a Rainbow Wrasse, a few Yellowtail Snapper, Nassau Grouper, a Tiger Grouper, Fairy Basslets, Gray Angelfish, French Angelfish, a White Grunt and many more that I can't remember right now.  I also saw coral, such as Porous Sea Rods, Long Spine Sea Fans, Common Sea Fans, Venus Sea Fans, Finger Coral,  Symmetrical Brain Coral, Grooved Brain Coral and Branching Fire Coral.  From our dinghy, I saw a very long nurse shark.

While Mom and Chris and I were in the dinghy waiting for Dad to finish fishing, a Common Tern (2nd summer) landed on the dinghy right next to me.  He just sat there for a long time.  I think he was resting.  He was beautiful.  He was so close I could touch him, but I didn't because it probably would have scared him and made him fly away.  When we finally had to move the dinghy to escape a breaking wave, he flew off.  It was neat!   I am very happy.

Monday, 5/5/08

After school , we went to town. The history museum that we wanted to go to was closed because the power was out in Hope Town.  So we went shopping.  While we were in the grocery store, the power came back on.  So we went to the museum.  It was interesting.  I learned that the first inhabitants of this area were the Lucayan Indians.  When the Spanish came here, they made the Indians slaves and sent them to other islands, where they died.  Now there are no more Lucayan Indians left.

When we left the museum, we went to the lighthouse.  We thanked Mr. Franklin for letting us watch him light the flame the other night.  He told us that the lighthouse is one of five in the world still lit by kerosene.  Three are in the Bahamas, and he doesn't know where the other two are.

After that, we water-skied and rode in the dinghy tube with Mr. Peter and Claudia. I had fun.  I am happy.

Tuesday, 5/6/08

This morning we left Hope Town and went with Tauá to Sandy Cay.  Sandy Cay is part of the Pelican Reef Land & Sea Park, so we can't fish.  We went snorkeling and I saw tons of fish and coral, including some fish I have never seen before, including French Angelfish, Queen Parrotfish, Princess Parrotfish, Stripped Parrotfish, Trumpetfish, Spanish Hogfish, Rainbow Wrasse, and Slippery Dick!  It was very pretty.

We decided not to stay here for the night because it wasn't very good holding.  We left with s/v Tauá and came to Lynyard Cay.  It just so happens that there are two other boats here with two boys each!  I made friends with John, who is 9 years old, and Chris made friends with John's older brother Daniel, who is 11 years old.  There is also Noah and Cody on Sand Dollar.  Noah is also 9 and Cody is 7.  We all went to the beach, along with Claudia from Tauá, and roasted marshmallows.  We had to dig a huge fire pit to make the fire in.  We found a lot of fuel to feed the fire, including  some cardboard, palm fronds, sticks, logs, coconuts and charcoal.  I didn't count how many marshmallow I ate, but Chris ate 8 and he got sick.  I didn't get sick, so I guess I didn't eat enough.

I also found nine empty shotgun shells!  Six are Remington heavy dove shot and three are Winchester dove and quail shot.  Dad said I could only keep two, so I picked out the best ones.  I will put them in my bullet shell collection.  I am happy.

Wednesday, 5/7/08

Today we did school until lunchtime.  Then we went exploring.  We went to a beach and found shells, and then went over to the Atlantic side which was covered in trash.  We picked up some wood for the fire tonight.  Then we went to a different beach with Tauá and played.

Tonight we had another fire on the beach and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows with John and Daniel from Eira and Claudia from Tauá.  The people from Sand Dollar couldn't come because they were tired.  We made the fire bigger than last night and made it higher up on the beach so that the water would not come up and put it out.  Unfortunately, at the end of the evening, the tide did start to put our fire out, so we dug a smaller pit above the first one and started to transfer the fire from one to the other.  We built a trench and dam to try to hold the water back, but it was unsuccessful.  That's okay because it was time to leave anyway.  I had fun.  I am happy.
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