Thursday, 5/8/08

After school and lunch, we went to the beach.  Soon John and Daniel joined us and we played a cool war game.  Our fort on the beach got captured, so we moved up a hill, on random routes, until we found a good place to set up a fort.  We used rusty grates and fallen trees for fortification.  Chris and Daniel even found a lawn chair for comfort!  Cody and Noah came from Sand Dollar and we recruited them to play.  I was scout/navigator, so I carried our PVC pipe flare gun.  Chris was leader, Daniel was 2nd in Command, Cody was spy, John was heavy duty man (he had a missile launcher!), and Noah was a regular soldier.  I had a lot of fun.

After the beach, we went to s/v Tauá for dinner.  Tomorrow we will split up.  We are going north and they are going south.  We will miss them.  After dinner, while the adults talked, we watched Garfield II:  A Tale of Two Kitties with Claudia.  I am happy.

Friday, 5/9/08

This morning we left (without Tauá) to go to Snake Cay.  We went through the cut into the Atlantic ocean so we could fish for Mahi Mahi.  We trolled three dead ballyhoo to catch the Mahi Mahi.   We got three hits, but only landed two.  The other one got away.  Chris had to sit on them to keep them from moving.  One was a 40 incher and the other was a 38 incher!  I reeled one of them in.  He fought hard.  It was very exciting.  We still have one ballyhoo left, because the one that got away bit a squid lure.  We will freeze it and save it for next time.  This was our best fishing expedition so far.
We came back through the cut on the north side of Lynyard Cay and stopped at Sandy Cay again.  Mom and Chris snorkeled, but Dad and I didn't.  I have a cut on my heel that hurts when I put the fin on,  and I also have a cut on my toe that was bleeding, so I didn't go in.

Once at Snake Cay, we went to s/v Islamine for dinner.  We shared our fish and they added side dishes.  It was yummy.  I am

Saturday, 5/10/08

In the morning, we went dinghy exploring.  We went on a dinghy/kayak trail that led into some flats.  I saw a lot of cushion sea stars.  We couldn't find our way out for a while, but we finally did.

We dropped Mom back at the boat and Dad, Chris and I went fishing.  We didn't catch dinner.

After that, we raised anchor and headed to Tahiti Beach on Elbow Cay.  We met up with Eira and Sand Dollar here.  We all went to the beach.  We launched a cosmic rocket with a mini G.I. Joe attached to it that John brought.  We loaded the rocket with vinegar, and we loaded the launch pad with baking soda.  When they mixed, the chemical reaction caused the rocket to blast off.  It didn't go as high as I expected it too.  Maybe it wasn't big enough.

When we were done with the rocket, we all played on the beach and in the water.  I had fun.  I am happy.

Sunday, 5/11/08

We didn't do much today.  We didn't even do school, an uncommon event.  We sailed north around the Whale to Green Turtle Cay.  First, we went to Black Sound, but we couldn't find a good spot to anchor.  So then, we went to White Sound and finally found a spot.  I am bored, yet happy.

Monday, 5/12/08

Today we stayed on the boat and did school.  I also helped Dad with a project, while Chris helped Mom clean shells.  We made new cockpit drain covers.  I got to use the power drill and the jigsaw, while Chris used a toothbrush and a toothpick.

We had delayed Mother's Day due to a bad day yesterday, so today Dad, Chris and I made a caramel cake for Mom (she loves caramel)!  It tastes great.  I am happy.

Tuesday, 5/13/08

This morning we went to New Plymouth in Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay.  We went to an interesting museum with large model sailboats, made by Albert Lowe.  Then we went shopping at Sid's Grocery Store and went to lunch at Laura's Kitchen.  I had a yummy conch burger.  Conch is a large snail.  You pound it like crazy with a mallet to make it tender; then you coat it in flour and fry it.

This afternoon, we sailed to Manjack Cay and met some nice kids.  One family with kids is living on the island.  The other kids came from s/v Pickles. They have four kids.  We played on the beach for a long time.  A fun thing we did was go down the slide off the dock into the water.  The best time to slide is at high tide because at low tide your feet hit the bottom.  It was fun.  I am happy.

Wednesday, 5/14/08

This morning, Dad, Chris and I went spearfishing on a shipwreck with Mr. Bob, Bobby and Jenna.  They are staying at the Madeira Cottage and taking care of the property while Mr. Bill and Ms. Leslie are on vacation.  Bobby's mom, Mrs. Tricia, and Mom went shelling (searching for shells).  Dad speared two Atlantic Spadefish and one Gray Snapper.  Chris and I learned how to use a Hawaiian pole spear!  Chris speared a small white grunt, but I didn't get anything.  We also picked up 5 conch.

Tonight we had a fish fry on the beach.  We made a bonfire and roasted marshmallows.  We had fun.  I am happy.
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