Thursday, 5/15/08

After school, we played on the beach.  We played for about 2 hours, then we went home to get ready for happy hour.

At happy hour, we played hide-and-go-seek tag.  I had the ultimate hiding spot.  I was one of the fasted ones playing.  I used my quickness to help other people.  Somebody would hide in the brush behind me, and when the person who was it came, I outran him, and led him away from the person in the brush.  We all had fun.  I am happy.

Friday, 5/16/08

In the morning, we sailed to Powell Cay to see the White-tailed Tropicbirds.  They breed on Powell Cay and teach their young to fly on the 40ft. high cliffs.  The adults have an orange bill, a white back, except for two black curved lines (one on each wing), and two black blotches (one on each wing tip), and a super long tail that splits into two parts at the end!  A juvenile has a yellow bill, a blackish-gray back, but no long tail.  We saw some adults, and Mom thinks she saw a juvenile.

We hiked to the top of the bluff to get a better look at the birds flying around.  From the top, I could see straight down into the clear water.  I saw a huge ocean triggerfish swimming around.

We left Powell Cay and sailed to Great Abaco Island.  There were 3 forest fires, flying ashes and lots of smoke, so we decided not to anchor there.  We went to Allans-Pensacola Cay instead.  I am

Saturday, 5/17/08

This morning we walked across the island to the Signing Trees.  We brought the antler's from the deer that Dad shot last November (I don't know why we had them on our boat.) to leave as our sign.  We attached the antlers to a piece of wood and attached a second piece of wood with our names, our boat name, and when we were here.  Below the antlers, we wrote where it was shot and when.  We attached the whole thing to a tree.  People are sure to notice it because it stands out.

We thought we might go fishing with Mr. Bob and Mr. Shawn from Toucan Dream, but we didn't, and there were lots of waves making it bumpy, so we left and came to Moraine Cay.  It isn't bumpy here.

Once we set the anchor, Dad, Chris and I went pole spearing, while Mom went to the beach.  She found some nice shells and a lot of hermit crabs!  We didn't spear anything, luckily....we happened to go fishing when the sharks feed, so we saw one black tip shark and one reef shark!  That was awesome!  I am

Sunday, 5/18/08

When I woke up, we were sailing to the Double-Breasted Cays.  When we got here, Mr. Alex on Nightwind showed us where to anchor.  We had to go through a big current to get here, but it is a good anchorage with a big current and a lot of sand.  We have two anchors in the sand.  There is good shelling, fishing, and snorkeling here.  I can't wait until we fish!  I am happy.

Monday, 5/19/08

We didn't fish today, but we went exploring.  We didn't see much while exploring, but we did see a bunch of breeding birds.  After exploring, we went to a beach that is so close to our boat (even though we weren't aground) that Chris swam back!  While Chris and I dug a fort for our war game, Mom went shelling and found some six-keyholed sand dollars!  I also found a nettled olive in the sand.

I found a hermit crab that Mom let me keep on the boat!  I will get to keep him (we made sure he is a male) until we leave the Double-Breasted Cays in about a week.  I named him Hermi Ultimate.  I gave him a piece of lettuce and some rice from supper.  I also gave him a bottle cap of water.  I am sooo happy.

Tuesday, 5/20/08

This morning we went snorkeling for conch.  It was first time we had ever done that.  It was hard for me to dive for the conch because they were in the grass in deep water.  But while snorkeling, I saw a squirrelfish, a few fairy basslets, a huge Houndfish (at least 3 ft. long), a huge barracuda (at least 4 ft. long), a West Indian Sea Egg (urchin), and a Thorny Sea Star.  Dad and Chris collected 18 large conch.  Back at the boat, Dad conched the conch.  It filled 3 large Ziploc bags.

After lunch, we went to the beach.  I found more hermit crabs.  I named one of them Hairy Hermi because he lives in Atlantic Hairy Triton shell.  I named another one Miss Pain because she lives in a Bleeding Tooth shell.  A man showed us how to find Sargassum Shrimp which live in the Sargassum Seaweed.  They are little shrimp the same color as the seaweed.  I had fun looking for them.  I am happy.

Wednesday, 5/21/08

Today, we did school in the morning.  I helped Mom with typing my journal into the computer.  In fact, I am typing this right now!

After school and lunch, we went to the beach.  When the tide is low, it exposes lots of sand.  Today we went to a beach at the rocks where the waves crash over from the Sea of Abaco.  I found one hermit crab on the rocks that I haven't named yet.

When we were done exploring there, we went back to the beach near our boat that we always go to.  Dad and Chris cleaned conch shells and Mom sat with me and played with my water toys.  Mom also played Frisbee with me.  That was fun.  It was a bit hard to play because of the wind, but we could do okay.  I am happy.
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