Thursday, 5/22/08

After school, we went spearfishing (finally!).  The water was warm, but there wasn't that much to see.  Dad speared 3 hogfish, 1 mahogany snapper, 1 Atlantic spadefish, and 1 red hind!  Chris and I showed him where the red hind was.  He dove at it and it gave him a good, long look, and then Dad nailed it!  I was a witness, believe me!

Chris and I snorkeled by ourselves for a while and then I snorkeled with Mom.  Around one coral head, we saw squirrelfish, black bar soldierfish, bluehead wrasses, and sergeant majors!  It was cool!

Then we came home and took showers.  Dad cleaned the fish and threw the scraps overboard.  Three nurse sharks came to eat them.  One was small and stayed right next to a big one.  Mom said it was probably a baby.  They hung around for a while.  That was neat.

After dinner, Mr. Richard and Mrs. Susan from Horsefeathers came over for a drink.  They brought Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark for Chris and me to watch.  It is a good movie.  I am happy.

Friday, 5/23/08

We went snorkeling this morning on the barrier reef, 3 miles out.  It stretches along the entire Atlantic side of the Abacos.  It is the 3rd largest in the world.  The water was clear and there were a lot of fish and coral.  I saw big grouper, including Nassau, Tiger, Black, Red, Grasby, Coney, Red and Rock Hind.  We also saw a few Queen Angelfish!  They are very large and very pretty.  It is the first time I can remember seeing them.  There was a big drop-off in the Atlantic Ocean where I chased a big barracuda.  He was at least 3 ft. long.   I chased him towards Dad, but I stopped to see a big Nassau grouper that Dad pointed out to me.  A lot of people are afraid of big barracudas, but I'm not.  They won't bother you and I like to chase them.

Dad spearfished when we were done snorkeling.  He speared a big Red Grouper.  I love grouper.  We also trolled a line from the dinghy.  It broke three times and we lost all three lures to big barracudas.  I can't believe that we lost three lures in one hour!

A storm was coming and we heard thunder, so we came back to the boat.  We took showers, did school, and hung out for the rest of the day.  I am happy©.

Saturday, 5/24/08

Early this morning, we dinghied to Grand Cay, 3 miles away.  We needed to drop off trash, buy onions, bread, and gasoline.  We were successful with the trash, the bread and the gasoline, but the grocery store did not have onions.  In fact, they didn't have bread either, but we found a small bakery that only sold loaves of homemade white bread.

When we got back, Dad, Chris and I went spearfishing with Mr. Jeff from Jonny Wasabi.  Mr. Jeff speared one hogfish and one Nassau grouper, but Dad didn't spear anything.  Chris and I were spotters and we saw two Silky Sharks!  We went back to the dinghy when we saw them.  We had a good time.

After lunch, we did school and then we went to the beach.  I found a flame box crab!  It has large claws that it uses as protection plates in front of its body when it is not using them.  We showed it to everyone and played with it for a while.  Then we let him go.  I am ... happy©!

Sunday, 5/25/08

When I woke up this morning it was raining, so I ate a good breakfast of bacon and eggs and then I did school.  I did three chapters of history which finished my history book.  Now all I have left are the tests in most of my subjects.  I still have to finish geography and science.

We had linner (lunch and dinner) with Mr. Richard and Mrs. Susan from Horsefeathers.  Dad made an enchilada casserole with polenta (a corn meal mush that I don't like), and rice.  The enchilada casserole tasted great when I got a bite without the polenta.

When we were done, we went to the beach with them and their dog, Spirit.  I hit baseballs to Spirit with my baseball bat.  He would chase them, pick them up in his mouth and bring them back to me.  We played for a while and then we came back to the boat.  I am happy©.

Monday, 5/26/08

We went to the beach this morning.  Chris & I each brought a baseball and baseball bat.  We hit the balls and competed to see who could hit his ball farther.  I won more times that I lost and I had fun.

We came home and did school.  I did one section of science, and five sections of Vocabulary Connections (my least favorite subject).  After school, I made a fleet of paper airplanes.  If you like making paper airplanes, I recommend the Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes.  It is a great book.  If you are a beginner paper airplane maker, or even an advanced one, you will like the book because there are so many cool designs, plus 20 pieces of special paper to make them with.  I have made the Hammer, Swashbuckler, Nakamura Lock, Spy Plane, Head-Hunter, Space Cruiser, Pteroplane, and Professional, all from the book.  I also invented my own planes - the Ray and the Lightningbolt.!

Tuesday, 5/27/08

We decided to go dinghy exploring today because the weather was good.  But it turned out that the waves were big, so we went to the beach instead.  At the beach, Dad, Chris and I played a small game of baseball, but we had to leave because it started to rain.

Mr. Richard & Mrs. Susan invited Chris and me to go on their boat with them to Grand Cay.  Grand Cay is only 3 miles away.   We went there to get fuel.  Horsefeathers is a power boat, so we went 20-22 knots!  That is a lot faster than Liberty can go.  I got to stand on the bridge which is way up high.  It was fun.

When we got back, we moved Liberty around the island to a different anchorage to make it easier for us to leave tomorrow.  I ... am . HAPPY!

Wednesday, 5/28/08

We left the Double-Breasted Cays at 6:23am.  We sailed across the Bahama Banks to White Sand Ridge to look for the pod of Atlantic Spotted dolphins that live there.  We even have a documentary about these dolphins.  They are supposed to be friendly and want you to get in the water and play with them.  Unfortunately, we never found them, so we moved on.  We are going to Florida.  We should be there tomorrow morning.

This evening, we caught a sailfish!  It was the first sailfish we have ever caught, or even seen.  It was right beside our boat, and Dad was trying to gaff it, when somehow it opened the snap-shackle that was holding the lure and it got away.  I want revenge!  I am happy.

Thursday, 5/29/08

We arrived back in the United States today.  Before we got to Cape Canaveral this morning, we caught a 31" Spanish mackerel!  It took a long time to identify it because it looks like so many other mackerels.  We steaked it, so we got a lot of meat.

We had to clear customs in Cape Canaveral.  We tied to a dock at a marina and walked to the customs office.  It was a long walk.  When we got back to the boat, we left immediately to go to Titusville.  We went down a river where I saw two West Indian Manatees!  There are a lot in Florida and they are protected.  They were originally brought here for food and almost went extinct.  Almost everywhere you look, there is a sign that says, "Slow speed, Manatee Zone." We didn't make it all the way today because the bridge that we needed to get under was closed and then it was too late, so we anchored in a harbor and will continue tomorrow.  I am happy.

Friday, 5/30/08

We arrived at Titusville today.  We are here because there is a shuttle launch tomorrow!  I wonder what it will look like because I have never seen a launch - even on TV!

We went to a dinghy dock to pick up Mrs. Dorine and her son, Derek.  Mrs. Dorine is a friend of Dad's from high school.  She leaves near Titusville.  At the dock, we saw two manatees.  A man said they would drink from the hose if you spray it into the water.  I tried it - and they did!  It was fun.  We also saw an Atlantic Stingray and a Moon Jellyfish.  I have never seen an Atlantic Stingray (it is small) and I have only seen a Moon Jellyfish once, in Key West.

We went to dinner with Dorine and Derek at Dixie Crossroads.  I had coleslaw, clams and their famous rock shrimp.  It tasted great.  I ... am ... HAPPY!

Saturday, 5/31/08

Nothing happened all day today, except for school .... and the most amazing thing at 5:02pm!

The space shuttle Discovery launched in front of our eyes about 5 miles away from here!  It was so cool.  There are two launch pads, so we didn't know which one it would launch from.  Chris was looking at the one with a flashing light, but I knew it was the other one because I saw smoke.  Then I saw the shuttle come up.  At first it looked like a gray warhead with tons of fire coming from underneath.  It went up faster than I expected.  As it went out towards the sea and high up into the sky, it became a small orange dot.  We even saw the solid rocket boosters fall off!  They looked like tiny gray dots.  We watched it all the way until we couldn't see it anymore.  We made a video of the launch.  Click here to see it.  I ... am ... super ... HAPPY!
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