Saturday, 11/22/08

No school today!  That makes me really happy.  We were driving to a store and stopped to see really old cars that were parked in a big grassy lot.  Chris found a cool one, a tiny BMW.

There was also a fair going on inside this house.  After each making a red, white, and blue picture frame, Chris and I had some apple cider and marshmallows.  I had a hot dog too.

Chris and I watched a good movie before dinner.  After dinner, we watched football.  I am

Sunday, 11/23/08

Today was a wasted Sunday.  After no church service, we shopped all day getting provisions for the boat, and missed the Lipscombs!  At Sam's Club, they give out samples of food on Sundays, so that was good.  That was all of today's good stuff that happened.  We also went to Wal-Mart.  And we went to a yummy Chinese restaurant with a buffet for dinner. I am

Monday, 11/24/08

Today was a hang-out-in-the-house day.  I'm gonna count how many we've had.  You should know my daily routine:  wake up at 6:30, get dressed, eat, etc. until 7:00, watch TV until 8:00, so school until 1:00 or 1:30.  In the evening, we watched the Packers play the Saints on Sunday Night Football.  The Saints won.  I am

Tuesday, 11/25/08

We did afternoon school today.  I started a test.  It's boring.

Before school, Mom got a haircut, Chris got a tooth checked, and we ran errands with Dad.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 11/26/08

We spent most of the day shopping in Gloucester.  I bought Bro an awesome Christmas present at Wal-Mart.  He'll love it.  We returned the car we rented and now we are using a courtesy car from Zimmerman.  Chris and I played at the house after that.  I am

Thursday, 11/27/08

Happy Thanksgiving!  We watched the Macy's Day Parade from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  My favorite part was the Radio City Rockettes.  I don't know how they kick so high.  It's amazing that they do everything together exactly at the same time.  I liked seeing the parade.

After the parade, we went to the boat.  The workers put it in a slip yesterday and we are going to move back onto Liberty tomorrow.  It looks nice.

Then we came home and watched the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Seattle Seahawks game.  I was rooting for the Cowboys, so I called the Seahawks the Seagulls (In my book, they would be known as wet poopers).  The Cowboys won 34-9.

Thanksgiving dinner was great.  My favorite food was the yams with marshmallows on top.  I am happy.©

Friday, 11/28/08

Happy Birthday Mom!  As a joint present, Chris, Dad, and I got up at 6:00 to make a special breakfast of coffee, OJ, a fruit skewer (skewered fruit), and a ham & cheese omelet.  I made the fruit skewer.  Mom loved it.

After that, we got everything back onto the boat, including ourselves.  I can't wait to sleep in my own bed.  We'll leave tomorrow.  Uncle Gary will help us.  I am happy.©

Saturday, 11/29/08

Uncle Gary came last night.  He will make the passage to the Bahamas with us.   We left Zimmermans and went down the Chesapeake.  We planned to get to Norfolk, but only made it to Mobjack Bay.

We put up our new spinnakers today.  They look great, as do the new leather cushions.  I am

Sunday, 11/30/08

Today we sailed past Norfolk and entered the Dismal Swamp Canal, like on 6/21/08.  Uncle Gary said it was dismal because it was such a gray day.  We motored 18 miles through the canal to the Visitor's Center.  We entered into North Carolina.  I stayed downstairs for the whole passage, except for 5 minutes when we saw a Navy ship, because it was so cold and yucky outside.  I am
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