Wednesday, 10/1/08

Today is October 1st!  We did school nearly all day.  When we were about to go dinghy exploring up the Bohemia River, a big storm rolled in, so we had to hustle to get ready for it.  In the end, it didn't rain much, but the wind picked up and it got cold.

In the evening, we played three rounds of Jenga.  I crouched below the table and Chris always knocked down the tower, so it became "tradition" for Chris to know over the tower and for the blocks to fall on my head!  It was fun.  I am
J. ©

Thursday, 10/2/08

We left the Bohemia River early today and sailed to the Sassafras River off the Chesapeake Bay.  The waves were choppy (rough) for about an hour, but it calmed down when we turned into the Sassafras.  When it calmed down in the Sassafras River, it was pretty with lush green forests on both sides.

We stopped in Back Creek and went to the Mr. Harmon Tobacco Plantation.  The tour was only the house.  There were a lot of nice antiques.  It was a little boring.  We went out on the widow's walk and could see the river.  It was nice view.

The most interesting thing about the plantation was the Prize House down by the water.  The slaves would load 400 lbs. of tobacco into a barrel (which was as much as they could fit) and then oxen would pull it down to the Prize House.  Inside the Prize House, they would put a barrel with no bottom in front of a barrel with no top.  Then they would use a machine to push the tobacco in the barrel with no bottom into the barrel with no top.  Then there would be about 800 lbs. of tobacco in one barrel so that they could ship more in one passage.  They shipped the barrels to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Also at the plantation, Chris and I played in the forest.  We ambushed Mom and then tried to ambush Dad when he went to do something at the dinghy.  But, he took a shortcut called the Rolling Road to the Manor House where we were supposed to meet him.  Chris and I hid in the bushes for the ambush, but it never happened.  It was fun.

After the plantation, we sailed another hour further up the Sassafras River to Georgetown where we are anchored now.  It is pretty here.  I am
J. ©

Friday, 10/3/08

Today we did school in the morning.  After lunch, we went dinghy exploring up Mill Creek.  We saw a lot of houses, forest, and birds.  It was pretty.  At the end of the river, we tied up to some rocks and Chris and I explored a hill.  We were sword fighting with our walking sticks when I sighted Mom.  Then Chris and I charged Dad and got into a sword fight with him.  It was so much fun.  I like forests.

After that, we stopped at a marina to dump trash, and then we went home for dinner and a movie.  We watched Shiloh.  The movie is different form the book, but it is still good.  I am happy.©

Saturday, 10/4/08

Our plan today was to do school in the morning and dinghy explore in the afternoon like yesterday.  But half-way through school, Dad realized the weather was better to leave today than tomorrow, so we stopped school and went dinghy exploring immediately.  We went up the Sassafras.  We stopped in two places.  The first was an island where I walked about 10 paces on the rocky beach and then we left because it was shallow.  At the second place, Chris and I amazingly got through a big patch of thorn bushes just to find more thorn bushes and a fence!  So we left.  But it was a pretty ride.

We returned to Liberty and left right away.  After lunch, we finished school.  Now we are at Bodkin Creek on the other side of the Chesapeake.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 10/5/08

This morning, Mr. Lance and his 15 year old daughter Bridget came over in their speedboat.  He brought Entenmanns's assorted donuts and Entenmanns's cheese Danish!  Luckily, I hadn't had breakfast, so I had a small piece of Danish and one donut.  It was delicious!

After they left, we set sail.  We were going to go to the Magathy River, but at the last minute, Dad decided to go to Annapolis, MD.  We anchored in front of the Naval Academy, just like we tied up in front of the Army Academy in West Point, NY.  But here, you can see the Naval Academy right there.  In New York, you could only see a little of it up the hill.

In the evening, we went to s/v Brittany de la Mer for dinner.  We went there tonight because Bob and Suzanne (our friends from 79th St. Boat Basin in New York City) will only be here tonight and are leaving tomorrow morning.  It was great to see them again.  Chris and I watched Rin Tin Tin while we were there.  It's a good show.  I am happy. ©

Monday, 10/6/08

This morning, some friends on a mooring ball told us that someone was leaving their mooring ball.  All the mooring balls were taken and we wanted one.  So we raised our anchor and stayed near their boat waiting for them to drop the ball and leave.  While we were waiting, the harbormaster came up and said "Isn't there a commandment that says 'Thou shall not covet they neighbor's mooring ball'?" It was funny.  The boat eventually left and we got the ball.  We got some school done before and after we got the ball.

About an hour later, a boat came by that recognized us, but we didn't recognize them.  We went over to their boat, Imagine.  They are some people who found our website and talked to mom on the phone once.  They are going cruising with a 9 year old girl, Caroline, an 8 year old boy, Grant, and a 5 year old boy, Noah.  We played with Lego's together for hours.  They have lots of people and weapons for their Lego's.  Grant, Noah, and I had a war against Caroline and Chris.  I formed the Marine Corps, Grant formed the Air Force, and Noah formed the Navy.  In my Marine Corps, I had 9 men and 3 vehicles.  Chris and Caroline only had 2 men and 2 vehicles total!  We had so much fun.  I am
J. ©

Tuesday, 10/7/08

For breakfast this morning, we went to Chick & Ruth's.  It is an old restaurant and is popular among cruisers, statesmen, businessmen, and midshipmen.  The food is great.  At 8:30am they make this announcement over a loud speaker and everyone stands up and says the Pledge of Allegiance.  That was neat.

From there we went to Grawl's Market.  Mom and Dad walked, and Chris and I scootered.  We were told it was a mile, but it is actually 3 miles.  Luckily, we met some cruisers who told us about a free shuttle back.

In the afternoon, we went onto the Naval Academy.  We saw a good movie in the Visitor's Center that told us what happens there.  Then we walked around and saw midshipmen playing sports.  Some of them were throwing javelins, an Olympic sport.  We also saw the sailboats that they train in.  We hung out and played on the Academy grounds.  I am happy. ©
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