Wednesday, 10/8/08

Dad went to the Skadden office in Washington DC to work today.  Mom, Chris and I hung out and did school.

We went to s/v Imagine for dinner.  We watched the movie Evan Almighty.  It is a great movie.  I'd never seen it before.  I am
happy. ©

Thursday, 10/9/08

The sailboat show starts today!  It's Press Day though, so it costs more, so we didn't go today.  But the seminars (lectures) aren't in the boat show and they are free.

We did school while Dad went to a diesel engine seminar in the morning and we joined him later for a different one about world cruising routes.  I thought it was boring, so I went outside the room.  I found some free Coast Guard coins that were cool.  I took one.  I think there are other ones.

We went to a Caribbean 1500 get together in the evening.  The Caribbean 1500 is a rally from Norfolk, VA to Tortola, BVI.  We might do it next year.  We met Imagine there.  Chris, Caroline and Grant climbed a tree.  Noah and I threw fruit-like things at them.  Chris and Caroline surrendered, but Grant would not.  Grant had to climb down a bit to let Chris and Caroline out, so when he started to climb back up, I got him with a good shot that made him surrender.  Victory!!!

We also met Dave from s/v Blue Yonder there.  I was nice to see him.  We ate dinner there.  I am happy.©

Friday, 10/10/08

We went to two seminars today - one by the Otterbacher family and one by Don Street.  I got the other Coast Guard coins that I didn't have.  I made friends with the man, and at the Don Street seminar, he gave me a special, rare Coast Guard coin.  It is really cool.

Then we went to the boat show.  We made a few small purchases, but mostly just talked to vendors at the booths and tents.  At the end, we found a lady named Jane selling cushions.  She works for JSI.  We are looking into some leather cushions from her.  We are also looking for sails.  I am
J. ©

Saturday, 10/11/08

We went to yet another seminar today.  It was a panel discussion on cruising with kids.  We got there early to get seats because Mom thought it would be crowded, but it wasn't.  It was boring.

We got a quick bite to eat at Pusser's and went into the boat show.  It was just like yesterday.  Mom looked at boats just to see and feel the cushions.  Bro found a really cool boat called a Norse boat.  He wants it.

Ms. Jane gave Chris and I some small bags made of sunbrella.  I took my bag and went around collecting candy from the vendors at the booths for the rest of the boat show.  I am happy.©

Sunday, 10/12/08

I hung out with Dad while Mom and Chris went to a 10:00am weather seminar.  After lunch, we spent our last day at the boat show.  We made final decisions to get leather cushions for the inside of our boat and 2 spinnakers.  Spinnakers are colorful sails for light winds.  Ms. Jane will come tomorrow to measure our couches.

We found a man selling little cannons that fire blanks (shells that only have gunpowder).  If Chris ever gets enough money to buy that Norse boat, I'm gonna get two cannons for it!  We watched the man fire off a canon at 7:00pm to close the boat show for the day.  I am happy.©

Monday, 10/13/08

Dad left for Las Vegas today for work.  At 9:30am, we went to the dinghy dock where we picked up Ms. Jane.  She was coming to measure for the new cushions are ordering.  She was here for about an hour and a half.

Later, around noon, we went to shore to meet the watermaker guy.  We met him at the gate; he sold us the parts we needed, and then we both left.

After getting the watermaker parts, we met Bob and Suzanne (s/v Brittany de la Mer).  They needed to go to Sam's Club and we did too, so they took us with them in their rental car.  They also took us to Giant, a grocery store.  We did a lot of shopping.

When we came back, Bob and Suzanne came back to our boat with us to watch the sailboats leave the boat show.  Today was the last day of the sailboat show.  There was no wind, so the boats didn't sail out.  It was cool though. I am happy.©

Tuesday, 10/14/08

In the morning, we did school.  After lunch, we went to the Naval Academy.  We went to see the chapel because Mom really wanted to.  It is really pretty.  There is a huge dome that reminds me of pictures I have seen of the White House.  Afterwards, we went to the Visitor's Center and studied the ranks of the midshipmen, and then we went outside and watched the midshipmen going by and tried to guess their ranks.  It was fun.

Today we met a family from New Zealand.  The kids are 5 and 6 years old.  I wish they were my age.  But at least I have somebody to play with besides Chris.  I am happy.©
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