Wednesday, 10/15/08

In the morning, I did school.  I like 5th grade.

Then we did laundry.  While our laundry was washing, we had a good lunch at City Wraps.  I had a good Maryland Crabcake Sandwich.  Mom and Bro both had Chicken Fajita wraps.  We also went to the Academy again today.  We sat in the grass and guessed the ranks of the midshipmen walking by.  It was fun like yesterday.  We had ice cream after laundry.  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 10/16/08

After school today, we did more laundry.  There is one washer and dryer in the men's room and one set in the lady's room.  So Chris and I had to do half of the laundry.  It's not that hard.  Mom said we did a good job.  Tranquility (the people from New Zealand) came while we were doing laundry, so we played for a while and had a bit of fun.  I wish I could find older kids my age.

The weather is getting cold and rainy.  I wanna get south.

This evening, we played Yahtzee.  Chris won big time with two Yahtzees, both in sixes!!  It was amazing.  I am happy.©

Friday, 10/17/08

This morning I started test series 20.  I did most of it, but I'll finish it tomorrow.  Right after school, Dad came home from Vegas.  We had lunch at McGarvey's and I got some really good clam chowder.  The others had burgers.

We walked around town and saw the State House where George Washington resigned form the Army.  But we couldn't go in because they are renovating it.

Chris and I love playing in the fall leaves 'cause we don't have fall leaves in Texas.  We like to throw them at each other.

We went to the Naval Academy again today.  I have gotten into the routine of: get up, do school, have lunch and go to the Academy.  First we went to John Paul Jones' crypt.  A crypt is a burial spot, usually underground, that has one coffin and one person in the coffin.  John Paul Jones is important because he is like the father of the Navy school.

I had brought nuts to feet the squirrels that are all over the Academy grounds.  While we were feeding them we heard a band.  We ran over and saw midshipmen marching.  We figured out it was a parade.  We followed them to the field they were marching to.  It was cool.  All the midshipmen at the Academy were in the parade and they were in fancy uniforms.  All the midshipmen had rifles and bayonets.  Some had swords!  There were three bands, including a bagpipe band.  Those midshipmen were in fancy Scottish kilts.  One had an animal skin cape.  I think the skin was jaguar, leopard, or cheetah skin.  They all marched to a field where they lined up for honors and inspection.  Near the end, they did a 19 cannon salute.  I'm not sure what type of cannon.

In the evening, we played Yahtzee.  Dad won, and I got yahtzee, but came in 2nd.  I had fun.  I am
J. ©

Saturday, 10/18/08

In the morning, I finished Test Series 20.  I only had two tests to go, so it was easy.  Then I went with Dad to get a new grill.  Mr. Al, a worker at West Marine, picked us up at the dinghy dock and drove us to West Marine where Dad and I successfully got a new grill made by Magma.  Magma is a good company.  Our old grill broke and West Marine gave us a good deal to replace it.

When we got back, we hung out for a while before going to shore to take showers.  Then our cousins, Keith, Pat, Jake, and Erika came to visit.  They live around Washington DC.  They had adult talk upstairs (which I was bored with), so I watched a movie for a while.  But it was nice for them to visit.  I talked with Jake and Erika a lot.  I liked calling Jake on Erika's cell phone, but he just hung up on me.  They brought brownies, pumpkin bread and a pineapple that Keith brought back from Hawaii.  We grilled the last of the venison sausage we had saved just for them.  From now on, it's Johnsonville Brats!  I am happy.©

Sunday, 10/19/08

We were bums until 11:00am today.  At eleven, we went to a very good Protestant service at the Academy.  After that, we went to lunch at The Federal House where I got a delicious crab quiche.

We walked around a bit because mom wanted to renew our Boat US membership at the Powerboat Show.  She didn't have to go in because the lady came to her.  We also stopped in the marine store on the way back.

We went back to the boat where I hung out, played with Chris, and played computer.  I am happy.©

Monday, 10/20/08

We got up early this morning and took a taxi from Annapolis to Baltimore.  We dropped Dad off at the airport so that he could go to a meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We continued in the cab to Calvert School in Baltimore.

Calvert School provides our homeschooling course, so we just had to visit the actual private school.  Because we use the homeschooling course, we got a tour of the school even though we showed up without an appointment.   Usually, you have to have an appointment or come on a special day.  There are about 400 kids in the lower school (pre-K to 4th grade), and 167 kids in the middle school (5th - 8th grade).  That's not many kids!  One thing I liked about the lower school is that there are symbols on the lockers and seats in the auditorium so you know which seat/locker are yours.  I think it would be awesome to go to school there.  I wish Chris and I could have attended a class.  It is a nice school.

After Calvert's, we went to the aquarium.  My favorite exhibit was the Amazon River Forest.  My favorite animal in the Amazon River Forest was the Giant Amazon River Turtle.  It was big.  I also want to see the Pacific Coral Reef.  It wasn't what I expected.  It was only a small tank with a couple of fish.  I thought it would be a huge tank with tons of fish like the Atlantic Coral Reef.

I always like to walk around the sharks.  In this exhibit, they had some sandbar sharks which I don't usually get to see.  Another thing I liked was the Wings in the Water exhibit.  There were southern stingrays, roughtail stingrays, cownose stingrays, bullnose rays, a spiny butterfly ray, blacknose sharks, a zebra shark, tarpon, and a green sea turtle.  It was a nice exhibit.

A really cool exhibit was the Australian exhibit.  My favorite animals in there were the gray-headed flying foxes and the kookaburras.  The gray-headed flying foxes are bats, but are called that because their faces look like a fox's face.

The last thing I will talk about is the African bullfrog.  It was 2.2lbs and was huge!  That's a lot of weight for a frog.

Mrs. Linda picked us up from the aquarium and took us back to their house.  The Smiths are our friends who came on board from 7/2/08 to 7/5/08.  They took us to dinner at Café Hon where I ate a good crabcake.  When we got back to their house, Chris and I played on the Wii with Nora.  We played Rock Band.  Since I want to play the drums, I was the drummer.  It was fun.  Mr. Dan drove us back to our boat in Annapolis.  I am happy.©

Tuesday, 10/21/08

Today was a hang out day.  Instead of school, I caught up on my journal all day.  I still have a lot to go, so I will complete it tomorrow.  But it feels good to not be so far behind anymore.

Along with a good dinner, we played Sorry in the evening.  I won!  Mom had to get a 2 to win and I had to get a 3.  Chris flipped a 3, thinking it was his card, but it was really Mom's turn.  Mom caught his mistake, so the 3 was hers and she couldn't go because she needed a 2.  Then Chris took his proper turn and flipped a 2!  Then I got a 7, Mom got a 1, and Chris got something else.  And then I got a 3 and won!  I am
J. ©
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