Wednesday, 10/22/08

I wrote some more of my journal and I'm almost caught up.  After journaling, we did laundry.  While we did laundry, we got a good lunch at City Wraps. I got a chicken fajita hot wrap (what Mom and Chris got last time).  It was good.

Mom wanted to walk around and take pictures, so that's what we did next.  Chris and I picked up fall leaves and threw them at each other.  Click here to see a picture.  It was fun.  Mom got good pictures of town - I think.

After pictures, we went to the Academy to feed the squirrels.  We fed a few, but most were not interested.

We had a great pizza for dinner at an Italian restaurant.  We had yummy gelato (Italian ice cream) as a treat after dinner at the same place.  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 10/23/08

Not much happened today.  I caught up on my journal.  I hope never to get that far behind again.

After lunch, we walked to the post office to mail some packages.  It costs 42¢ to mail a letter!  Then we walked to a laundry mat to check it out.  I got a drink and Chris put a $5 bill in the change machine so he could get a drink too, and the machine just ate his money!  Mom left a note for the owner. Hopefully, someone will call her and give her back her $5.

We went back to el barco where I played Trout with Chris.  It was fun.  I am
J. ©

Friday, 10/24/08

Dad came home this morning.  He will leave again on the 26th.  Dad had to take a conference call, so Mom, Chris and I went to Starbucks because they have a good Wi-Fi connection.  I got a frappucino blended cream.  That is basically a mocha frappucino with the coffee.  I liked it.  We also bought some pumpkin cream cheese muffins for breakfast tomorrow.

 We went to another cool parade today at the Naval Academy.  We saw the midshipmen form up before marching.  The rest was the same as last week.  I liked it.

We dropped the mooring ball after the parade to go to the Brasher's house up the Severn River.  Unfortunately, our forward gear failed and we had to quickly grab another mooring ball.  We finally got it to work, so we dropped that ball and continued.  We anchored near their house and dinghied over.  They have an air hockey table, so Chris and I were occupied while the adults talked.  The finally score was 37 to 40!  Chris won.  It was awesome.  They took us to dinner at an Italian place.  It was good.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 10/25/08

We hung out at the Brasher's house.  I love playing with their dog, Galen.  He is a border collie.  Border collies are good dogs.  I also played some air hockey with Chris and Bridget.  It was fun.  Mom did laundry.

They took us to a Navy vs. SMU football game.  We had great seats and it was a good game.  Unfortunately, it rained for almost the whole time we were there.  At half-time, the Drum & Bugle Corps came out and played.  They played for so long that I actually thought we were at a concert, not a football game!  It was now pouring rain, so we left just after half-time when the score was 27-0 Navy.  The final score was 34-7 Navy.  I like football.

We went back to the Brasher's house and dried our clothes.  We had popcorn and hot chocolate too.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 10/26/08

Mr. Lance brought Entenmanns's donuts and pastries to our boat for breakfast.  I like him.  He always brings donuts.  He sailed with us back to Annapolis.  We had decided to take a slip at the marina because it is going to be really cold and windy next week.  Just as we were going into the slip, the transmission failed and we ended up going in backwards circles to keep from hitting anything.  We ended up accidentally floating right into a private slip.  We had to pull the boat around with ropes into our proper slip.  It was all weird.  We have to buy a new transmission.

Dad left for Vegas at 5:00pm and Mom took us to McGarvey's for dinner.  I am happy. ©

Monday, 10/27/08

At 8:00am, we walked to the laundry mat to get our $5 that we lost in the machine last week.  It was a success.

For the rest of the day, we sat out the cold and rainy weather by doing school on the boat .  I am happy.©

Tuesday, 10/28/08

Like yesterday, it was cold, rainy and windy.  We got lunch, took showers, and then headed to CVS.  I got a pair of fuzzy socks that are soft and warm.  I convinced Mom to get some catnip to send to Tigger for Christmas.  Tigger is our cat that we gave to Aunt Sharon for our cruise.

We did school on the boat for the rest of the day.  Somebody helped us tie up the boat better because it is blowing really hard.  All is well.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 10/29/08

Dad came home last night.  We went to Starbuck's for breakfast.  I got a piece of cinnamon swirl coffee cake.  It tasted great.  We also did some internet work and journal.

We did school for the rest of the day.  I am happy.©

Thursday, 10/30/08

In the morning, we took showers.  Then I was going to go to Starbuck's with Mom to download a new website building program, but I decided to stay back and scooter instead.  The program downloaded successfully, so now we can try to re-create  our website.

At noon, Mr. Lance came to sail with us and help us on our passage to Deltaville where we are going to have work done on the boat.  It was very hard getting out of the slip.  We had no transmission, so Dad  used the dinghy to tow us out  into the harbor.  I helped get us out of the slip by using the boat hook to push us off.  Unfortunately, we ripped up the solar panels on the way out.  We got all of the sails up after a while.  We have good winds.  I will go to bed at 7:30pm, so I can stay up on a 10:00 to midnight watch.  I am
happy. ©

Friday, 10/31/08

Last night I successfully stayed up on a 10:00 to midnight watch with Mom, Mr. Lance and Chris.  It was busier than I thought it would be.  There were so many lights that you have to figure out.  I would love to stay up on another watch.

We arrived in Deltaville this morning.  We are at Zimmerman Marine.  They put some very heavy duty straps under Liberty and lifted us out of the water with a travel lift.  I don't know how to explain it.  Then they used a power washer to get off all the gunk and most of the barnacles that were on our hull.  After the cleaning, they put Liberty on some blocks of wood.  She is held upright with chains.  They put a big ladder that we use to get up into the boat.

I love exploring.  I found a bamboo forest.  I made some rods that Chris sharpened with his knife.  They are very cool.

Happy Halloween!  We went to a Halloween party at a park.  It was fun.  They only scary part was the haunted forest trail.  I'd say it was pretty haunted!  The scariest part on the trail was the live people that pretended to be fake and then jumped out at you.  I got a lot of candy at the different stations. It was fun.  I am happy.©
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