Monday, 9/8/08

Today we sailed to Hull.  On the way, we stopped at Fort Warren on George's Island.  It is named after Patriot Major General Joseph Warren who did in the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Somebody told us to bring a flashlight, and whoever it was was right.  There were so many places to explore.  The fort is made of granite blocks and it is way better preserved than Fort Jefferson which is made of 16,000,000 bricks.  Both forts were made in the 1825 era.  Like other forts we've been to, Fort Warren was never fired upon, but unlike other forts we've been to, Fort Warren has fired some shots.  This is my favorite fort I've seen so far on this trip.

When we got to Hull, we tied up to the dock at the Hull Yacht Club.  Right next to it is the town dock and there were some guys fishing off it.   Chris and I took out our sabiki rig to fish too.  We caught a bunch of alewives.  They look like sardines, but are they a bit thicker.  It was fun.

Before we left for Hull this morning, we went to see the harbor seals at the aquarium.  The exhibit is outdoors, so you don't have to pay to see them.  It was very early and the aquarium was still closed.  A lady was cleaning the tank and she opened the glass door to talk with us.  The seals came right to the door and poked their noses out.  The lady has trained one of the seals to slap the water, so it kept slapping the water and hoping for a treat and getting everyone wet when it slapped the water.  It was funny. 

Also, Greg and Betsy from s/v Kokopelli II stopped by to visit us.  They were not on their boat.  They live in Florida, but were in Hull to visit friends.  They used to live here and kept their boat at the Hull Yacht Club.  They are the ones that arranged for us to be here. 
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Tuesday, 9/9/08

Today was a little boring.  A storm hit, so it was windy and rainy on and off all day.  We saw some lobster men come into the town dock, so Dad, Chris and I went over in the rain to buy some fresh lobster.  We go 5 lobsters for $20!  We boiled 'em up and had a great lunch.

Then, later in the day, we saw more lobster men come in.  Dad went out again and met Pete, a friend of Greg and Betsy's.  They talked for a long time and then Pete gave Dad a bucketful of lobster and wouldn't take any money.  We cleaned these up and froze them.

Some people at the yacht club invited us to the clubhouse to have pizza with them.  We brought the watermelon that someone had given us earlier in the day and shared that.  It was delicious.  I am happy.©

Wednesday, 9/10/08

Today was even more boring than yesterday.  We left Hull and sailed 55 miles through the Cape Cod Canal to Onset.  This is the third time we have been here, I think.  That's amazing!

It was wind and cold all day.  At least I had a bowl of hot lobster soup for lunch.  We did school today (a lot of it too!).

After dinner, Chris and I tried to catch striped bass.  We had no luck.

I am happy.©

Thursday, 9/11/08

Today was a good day.  We sailed to Cuttyhunk, which is an island in Buzzards Bay.  As we sailed into Cuttyhunk, we saw a bunch of other islands.  On one of them, we saw cows on the beach and in the water.  It was wild.  Later we found out that they were Scottish Herd Cows and are on the island to keep the grass down. 

After we got the anchor set, we went ashore and started to walk.  All of a sudden, a man drove down in a golf cart and asked where we were from, who we were and if we wanted a tour of the island.  We couldn't say no.  We got in his golf cart and he showed us all around the 2 mile island.  He showed us the one room school house that they use through 8th grade!  Right now, there are only 2 students.  Soon there will be four.  He took us to the old church and the town hall.  Everything that doesn't happen in the church happens in the town hall.  They are all very small.

Then he took us up to the top of a hill and told us all about the island's history and how it was founded in 1602 by Gosnold.  He showed us his house which has a nice view and also drove us all around the island.

I realized that there are very few cars on the island.  Dr. Dimari explained that they use golf carts because you don't have to register them and they don't use gas which is expensive.

After Dr. Dimari showed us around, we dinghied to a beach that he showed us.  There was a path up a hill with a bunch of other paths coming off it.  We followed these paths across the island.  Sometimes, I ran up ahead, hid in a bush and jumped out to scare Mom, Dad and Chris.  It worked a lot.  A few times, I waited until they passed me and then snuck up on them from behind.  It was so much fun.

In the evening, we tried to go fishing.  Dr. Damari had told us where to go, but we had a hard time finding the place and fishing turned into a mess.  We didn't catch anything.  I am

Friday, 9/12/08

We didn't do too much today.  We were supposed to stay in Cuttyhunk, but the weather is going to be crummy for the next few days and we didn't want to be stuck in Cuttyhunk, so we decided to move on.  We sailed to Newport, RI in kind of bad weather.  It was very windy and gray and cold and the seas were choppy.  Luckily, we got here before it started raining.

When we got here, we saw two boats we know, Blue Yonder who we met in Boston, and Melekei who we met in Atlantic Highlands, but never really got to know.  The people on Blue Yonder are an older couple like a lot of cruisers we meet.  Melekei, on the other hand, has children on board.  Chris thinks that they have a 9yr. old on board.  I hope we can get together with them. I am happy.©

Saturday, 9/13/08

We hung out on the boat in the morning.  In the afternoon, we went to shore and went to lunch.  Then we walked around town and stopped at the visitor's center to find out about a bus schedule.  In the end, we decided to walk to West Marine, Wal-Mart and Stop 'n Shop.  At Wal-Mart, they sell DVD movies for $5.  We got a few movies for Mom and Dad, and Chris and I were allowed to pick some too.  We picked a big pack of Bonanza, a big pack of TV Westerns, a big pack of John Wayne movies, and a big pack of Rin Tin Tin.  We watched one of the Bonanza episodes this evening.  I can't wait to watch more!  The TV Westerns are a bunch of different western shows, such as The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman, and The Range Rider.  I have seen The Lone Ranger and The Rifleman before and they are really good.  I am happy.©

Sunday, 9/14/08

It rained all day today.  Mom and Dad let us watch Bonanza, play computer and play with toys all day.  We watched six episodes of Bonanza, as well as a John Wayne movie and an episode of The Rifleman.  It was a very fun day.  I am happy.©
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