Monday, 9/15/08

Today we went to Fort Adams.  It is gigantic!  It was designed by a Frenchman, Simon Bernard.  We took a very good tour.  Because we were so interested, the man took us to places like the magazine and bakery where he doesn't usually take people.

The fort has four layers of walls!  It was made of granite, slate, and approximately 4 million bricks.  There is also a tunnel system.  They were called listening tunnels.  A soldier would go down into a tunnel with a light and listen for digging sounds which would mean that the enemy was trying to dig under the fort.  If they heard digging, the soldiers would dig their own intersecting tunnel to stop the enemy.  We got to walk around the tunnels with the guide.  Luckily, we had flashlights.  It was fun.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 9/16/08

This morning we left Newport and sailed to Block Island.  It was first discovered by Verrazano in 1524.  It was "rediscovered" in 1614 by Adrian Block who named the island after himself.  That is why it is called Block Island.

On the way, we caught a big bluefish!  We offered to share it with s/v Blue Yonder, but they had other plans.  It was yummy.

Dave & Leslie's friend run a store here on the island and they offered us a ride into town so that we didn't have to walk.  We went to an animal farm run by a man named Mr. Abrams as a hobby.  He has all kinds of exotic animals in a big pasture.  My favorites were the yak, which I got to pet, the Scottish Highland steer, and the Sicilian donkey.  There were also llamas, geese, ducks, four-horned sheep, red kangaroos, and ring-tailed lemurs.  The lemurs were in a separate cage.  It was cool.

We walked back to the boat and stopped at a grocery store along the way.  We also ran into Dave and Leslie.  They are leaving tomorrow offshore to Cape May, NJ.  I think we are too.   I am happy.©

P.S.  I started 5th grade!

Wednesday, 9/17/08

This morning I woke up to the sound of the engine.  We are now on an offshore passage going southwest to Cape May, NJ.  So far it has been calm, but the weather is supposed to get bad on Thursday.  We should get to our destination tomorrow evening.

The autopilot isn't working, so we have to hand steer.  I will stay up and help Mom until 10:00pm.  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 9/18/08

This evening, we arrived in Cape May.  We went into Utsch's Marina.  First we got diesel, then we moved into a slip.  We got here just as they were closing.

Before we arrived, we had a visitor.  A male yellow-shafted northern flicker landed on the boat!  We think he was looking for shelter from the wind.  He flew off a few times and came back.  He even landed in the cockpit once!  He found a place on deck after we shooed him out of the cockpit.  Eventually, the sail flapped and he flew off.  He was cute.  I am happy.©

Friday, 9/19/08

Today was half boring.  We did laundry and school for about 4 hours, starting at 10:00am.  There is a clubhouse here that we can do school in.  It is a good and comfortable place to do school.

Later in the day, Chris and I explored a pond.  We found some rock with red circles in it.  In the sample we took, we found a fossil!  It looked like a vertebra of some sort.  Click here to see a picture.  We put it in a small box on top of cotton balls.  I think there are more fossils in other rocks.  I will keep looking.  I am happy.©

Saturday, 9/20/08

Today was great!  I walked back to the exact location I was in yesterday when I found the fossil.  I started to dig.  Sure enough, I found another fossil in the same type of rock.  I think it is a leaf.  Click here to see it.  It is so cool.

We also went to the flea market at the marina.  First, we saw them auction off boats.  Then we went to the place they were selling other stuff.  I bought (with my money) a game called Trout.  It is a realistic fly fishing board game.  We played it.  It is fun.  I am

Sunday, 9/21/08

Today was awesome!  We called a cab to take us to Wildwood.  Wildwood is a boardwalk on the beach with lots of amusement park rides and games.  First, we walked down to the beach.  It is a nice beach.  Then we tasted Polish water ice.  We like the free sample, so we shared a cup of it. Speaking of sweet stuff, we went to a fudge shop.  We bought 2 lbs. of fudge, so we got a free box of salt water taffy!  We are saving the fudge.

The two activities we did were the best.  The first one was a game called Boat Tag.  There were people outside and people in boats.  The people in boats shot foam balls at the other boats and at the people outside.  The people outside shot foam balls at the boats.  They also shot at targets called smart bombs.  The smart bombs hung from the ceiling, and when they got hit, the water underneath them shot up.  Chris and I got to go in a boat.  We even got a free ride!  It was so fun.

The other game was darts.   You throw the darts at balloons.  I'm not too good at it, but I won.  I got a penguin and Chris got a monkey with Velcro hands.  Now I have four penguins:  Waddle, Chill, Frigid, and Ice.  (Ice is the new one.)  Everything was so fun today.  I am happy.©
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