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Wednesday, 4/1/09

Today was good.  After school, we snorkeled with Tauá.  It was very pretty.  Dad speared a graysby (a type of grouper).  There were a lot of snapper, but they were too fast to spear.

After that, we went to the beach with Tauá and we all played.
I am
J. ©

Thursday, 4/2/09

Today was awesome.  We sailed to Flamingo Cay with Tauá.  But first, we stopped to snorkel at a blue hole.  The blue hole wasn't very interesting in the end because there were no fish or coral or anything.  It was just sort of a deep pit, but the reef nearby was gorgeous.  There were tons of staghorn  and Elkhorn coral, and little wrasses were darting all around.  I saw parrotfish and some grunts too.  It was pretty.

Then we sailed to Flamingo Cay.  When we got there, we met up with Miakoda (a boat with two 8 yr. old twin girls), Side by Side (a boat with an 11yr. old boy, Parker, and a 10yr. old girl, Sabrina), and, obviously, Tauá.  Claudia came over to play with Legos and Chris went to Side by Side.  In the evening, we all had a potluck on the beach and all the kids had a marshmallow roast. We made s'mores too.  I made really good friends with Parker.  I had tons of fun.  I am happy. ©

Friday, 4/3/09

After school, Chris and I went to Side by Side.  Parker showed us his huge Lego battleship.  It is huge and awesome.

The three of us got bored on the boat, so we swam to shore.  We found a waffle ball bat, so we played sandball smack.  The pitcher throws the sandball.  If the batter hits and shatters it, he must run to the water without getting tackled by the pitcher or the tackler.  If he gets to the water, he gets a point and goes again.  We had fun.

When we were done, we swam back to Side by Side, then to Tauá, and finally to Liberty where we played with Legos.  I had fun.

Mr. Peter and Ms. Monika came over in the evening to play Spades.  Claudia went to Miakoda to have a girls' movie night.  Chris and I watched Bonanza.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 4/4/09

Today was good.  After a short school day, we dinghied to a drive-in cave with Tauá.  You literally drive your dinghy into the cave.  We got out and walked around.  There were rocks around and I got a sample that I think could possibly be marble.   We climbed out a hole in the back of the cave and walked around to a beach.  I found Mom a milk conch.  I had a whole lot of fun.

Later in the afternoon, we went snorkeling with Side by Side.  The reef was pretty, and the current was strong.  You really couldn't stay in one place very long.  Bro and Dad each speared a schoolmaster, a type of fish.  It was nice.

Tauá and we were invited to Side by Side for a potluck dinner.  After we ate, all the kids came to Liberty and watched Agent Cody Banks, one of Side by Side's movies.  It was good.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 4/5/09

Today was awesome.  We sailed with Tauá to Johnson Cay.  Side by Side is heading north.  We caught five fish.  Two got away, and the other three were barracuda which we released.  Tauá caught a blackfin tuna and a cero.  Together, we grilled the cero and made sushi out of the tuna.  Then we all shared a great dinner on Liberty.  Claudia and I played with Legos.  I had a whole lot of fun.  I am happy. ©

Monday, 4/6/09

Today was good.  While Mom and Dad took a walk, Chris and I did school.  Then we all went to the beach with Tauá.  We played in the water.
We also built sandcastles.  Dad took Chris and me to oceanside to show us and tell us about the rock formations.  I thought it was boring.   It was a huge rock pile mostly.

Dad went spearfishing and got two hogfish and a dog snapper.  We went to Tauá for dinner and shared our hogfish with them.  They normally don't eat reef fish because they are afraid of ciguatera, but we explained that hogfish only eat the coral and not the reef fish, so they can't get ciguatera.  They liked it.  Chris, Claudia and I played Mario Bros. and Nintendogs.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 4/7/09

Today was fun.  We came with Tauá to Raccoon Cay to get protection from the norther that is coming.  Miakoda (Ally and Emma) met up with us here too.  We all went to the beach and built sand castles.  I had fun.

Before we played on the beach, we snorkeled at Raccoon Cay. The reef was pretty.  I spearfished with Dad and Mom and Chris just snorkeled.
  Then, Chris spearfished after me.  He got a big hogfish and I got nothing.  Dad got a small hogfish and a red hind.  When Bro got his hogfish, he was swimming to the beach with it.  He gave it to Dad because it was too heavy for him.  Just then, a lemon shark showed up and chased them into shore because he smelled the blood from the fish.  They got back safely.

Back at the boat, Dad cleaned the fish.  He was throwing the carcasses overboard when a 4ft. reef shark showed up and ate them.  Then Dad tied one of the carcasses to a line and hung it in the water for the shark to grab, but he was smart and wouldn't take it.

That's all we did today.  I am happy. ©