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Wednesday, 4/8/09

We moved the boat to Little Kiln Bay, Raccoon Cay to try to avoid the swell from the norther.  Tauá moved here too.  We hung out most of the day, but we went to the beach later in the afternoon..  Chris and I played.  This evening we played Spades.  I was with Dad and we lost.  Oh well.  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 4/9/09

We sailed 100nm - 50nm - 1nm with Tauá back to Johnson Cay today.  After school, we went to a junk pile on the oceanside to find sea beans.  We found a bunch of sea hearts and hamburger beans.  We also found two sea purses.  Those are rare.  I had fun.

After searching for sea beans, we came back and met Tauá at the beach.  We all flew kites and Chris, Claudia and I also skimboarded.  We also collected wood for our bonfire that we will have tomorrow. I had fun.  When we were done, Chris and I swam back to Liberty and Mom and Dad followed in the dinghy.
  I am happy. ©

Friday, 4/10/09

Today was a hang out day.  Chris, Mom and Ms. Monika snorkeled while the rest of us went to the beach.  Claudia and I played.  Then the others came and we had a bonfire.  We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. I had fun.
When we were all done eating, we burned trash in the fire.  It is a good way to get rid of trash.

We went back to Tauá. We watched Back to the Future and the adults played cards.  It is a good movie. We are leaving tomorrow and will say goodbye to Tauá.  We might not see them again.   I hope we do.  I am
J. ©

Saturday, 4/11/09

When we woke up this morning, there was a police boat anchored in our anchorage.  Dad went over to see what was going on.  There were helicopters flying around all day yesterday.  They didn't really tell him, but they are looking for a go-fast boat.  Then an interesting thing happened.  Another boat came and went aground on a reef in the anchorage.  It didn't say "Police", but the guys looked like police.  The first police boat helped pull them off the reef, but first they had to throw heavy gas drums overboard.  It was crazy.
We finally raised anchor and we sailed to Hog Cay.  We are a 15 min. dinghy ride from Duncan Town.  Some fishermen (Phil, Ty, Harry and Julian) came to greet us.  We talked for a while while they cleaned their conch.  Phil owns the Bonefish Lodge and Ty and Julian's mom (Maxine) owns the grocery store.  That's where they hang out.

After lunch
we went to town.  To get to Duncan Town, you have to dinghy a few miles through a mangrove creek.  Big boats can't get in since it is very shallow and narrow.  Even the mail boat has to anchor way out!  Duncan Town is a small town with old, beat up houses and dirt roads.  There are 75 residents, but half of them have gone to Nassau for Easter.  We went to Maxine's and got yeast and ice cream.  I haven't had ice cream in months.  It was tasty.

we headed to the Bonefish Lodge.  We got internet there.  Mom had 81 emails!  Then Bro and I played on Mom's computer on the internet.  I had fun.

After dinner, I watched Jurassic Park III. I am
J. ©

Sunday, 4/12/09

Happy Easter!  We dinghied to town and went to the Church of God of Prophecy for Easter service.  There are three churches in Duncan Town (surprising for a town of 75 people) and a different church has service each Sunday.  There were 20 people in church, including the pastor and us.  We sang many songs, and even though we were only 20 people, it was loud.  The only music was our voices, a tambourine, and the cymbals that the pastor had.  We also clapped our hands a lot.  The people said "Amen" a lot when the pastor was talking.  It seemed like they said "Amen" every 5 seconds.  Something else that was different was that when they said prayers, everybody said their own prayer aloud at the same time.  Everyone was very friendly and greeted us.  It was a good experience.

Before we went to church this morning, we made chocolate chip cookies.  We kept some for us and brought some to church.  Everybody loved them.  I liked them too.

After church, we went to the Bonefish Lodge for internet.  I walked down the street to pet and play with some kittens we saw yesterday.  They were soft and cute.  I played with them for a while with the little girl that lived at the house.  There was a puppy too.  I left when Mom, Dad and Chris came.

We left Duncan Town and went to the beach on Hog Cay.  Bro and I skim boarded.  I made some successful skims for the first time.  I usually fall, but I'm getting a lot better.  I had fun.

After dinner, we played Spades.  I had fun.  I am
J. ©

Oh - Tauá came tonight and anchored near us!  I am happy. ©

Monday, 4/13/09

Today was fun.  We hiked over to the oceanside.  It was the usual - a nice beach with a lot of junk.  We saw goats on the way over.  Mom got some great pictures.  We also found a blue crab and a fiddler crab.  They were cool.

We dinghied home, but stopped at Nauti-Nauti (a boat we met in George Town) and talked for a long time.  Then we went to Tauá for dinner.  We played Nintendogs and Mario Bros.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 4/14/09

We left Tauá and sailed all the way to Water Cay.  We went fast and it was swelly at times.  We anchored exactly where we anchored last time.  It is pretty here.  It is nice to be here again.  We did some school on the passage and that's the day.  I am happy. ©