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Friday, 4/1/11 - Saturday, 4/2/11

These two days were the passage to Panama City, FL.  I think this is messed up because Panama City is A) in Panama, and B) even if it weren't, wouldn't you think that it should be in Panama, not Florida?

Anyway, we did an overnight passage.  We left around 9:30am on the 1st, and arrived around 4:00pm on the 2nd.  It was a good passage.   I, as usual, stayed up with Dad on watch at night.  After I beat him three times out of four at backgammon, we watched Inkheart.  Well, only part of it, I guess.  Dad's computer battery died ¾ of the way through.  Anyway, I accidentally fell asleep right after it died = the sign that I had to go to sleep.  It was 12:30am, so it felt good to crash onto my bed.  The next day, everyone, as usual, was really tired.  I got the most sleep of all of us, and I only got 7 hours of sleep.  Ugh.

We anchored at Shell Island, which is close to the city.  The beach is a locals destination, meaning that A) everyday, people are probably gonna show up in their boats, and B) there's not a single shell on the beach.  Actually, there are tons of shells; they're just all broken.   Oh well.  I am happy.
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Sunday, 4/3/11

Today was a beach day.  In the morning, we tried out our new wakeboard.  Chris got some serious air.  I didn't go since the water is freezing and it was sort of choppy.  But I will when we get further south.

Later in the day, we went to the beach where we tried our new skimboards.  They're awesome!  I did really well.  There's this one sandbar on the oceanside beach that's about 1 inch deep - perfect for skimboarding.  I had a really good time.  Gotta go if I want dinner.  I am happy. 
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Monday, 4/4/11

Today we sorta switched up school - did it in the afternoon.  In the morning, we decided to go find a geocache on a beach.  It was 1 ½ miles away, so even in the dinghy, it took a few minutes to get there.  Once we did, Mom and dad decided to look for shells while Chris and I found the cache.  It was a 5 gallon bucket that was supposed to be buried in the sand, so when we found a half-dug hole, we started digging.  In the end, we found it half buried under some palm leaves.  Ugh.  But I guess I did have fun digging.  Bro & I, while looking for the bucket, found a gull with a broken wing.  As we went to find it and show Mom and Dad to see if we could help it, we saw it walking down the beach.  Every time the wind gusted, it got blown about 50 feet down the beach.  We couldn't do anything for it by then.  Oh well.

Right after we got home, we left Shell Island and came to Pitt's Bayou, a small, protected cove.  We are expecting a bad storm tonight.  It took longer than expected to get here because we were fighting a current.  After we arrived and dropped the anchor, we dinghied to shore and met Mr. Mike and Mrs. Sharon on s/v Morgan.  Dad had corresponded with Mr. Mike on the Cruiser's Forum, so we knew they were up here.  They came over for an appetizer dinner and a glass of wine.  We talked.  I am happy.
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Tuesday, 4/5/11

Today was good.  Chris has been having some blurriness in his distance vision, so Mr. Mike & Mrs. Sharon lent Mom a car to take him to the eye doctor in the morning.  Meanwhile, I did school.  Once they got back and I was done with school, we hung out.  Later in the evening, we went to Joey's Oyster Bar with Mr. Mike & Mrs. Sharon.  Dad & Chris ate a dozen oysters, and the rest of us had an appetizer.  Then we came home for gumbo.  I am happy. J ©

Wednesday, 4/6/11

Today was fun.  In the morning, Bro had a test to see if he had diabetes - meaning that that was the cause of the blurriness.  The test came back normal.  He does not have diabetes.  That's a good thing.

While Chris and Mom were gone, Dad helped me work on my research paper for school.  That's all the school I did - meaning that for 4 ½ hours, I studied Swiss culture. But I had fun doing it.

Later, Chris and I went over to a park and threw a baseball.  It was a ton of fun.

We went to Joey's again tonight with Mr. Mike and Mrs. Sharon.  This time there was live music.  The guy played a lot of Jimmy Buffet and was pretty good.  Dad and Chris gulped down three dozen more oysters - some raw, some baked.  Came home and are all going to bed.  I am happy.
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Thursday, 4/7/11

Today we came to St. Joe and took a slip at the marina.  There are not really any good anchorages here.  We did school on the way.  We caught a 26" Spanish mackerel - big as far as that type goes.  I got to reel it in and hold it for a picture!  Awesome!

We walked around town, but didn't see much.  We did get ice cream. Yum.  We bought some fresh veggies at the Piggly Wiggly and came home.  I went out on to the docks with my cast net to catch menhaden.  I found huge schools of them and pulled up 3 dozen once!  By the end of the day, I had probably caught and released 100 of 'em.  Had fun.  I am happy.
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