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Wednesday, 4/15/09

Today we sailed to Long Island.  While Dad was putting up the main sail, he fell through an open hatch and hurt himself.  We don't know if he broke anything, but it hurts a lot.  I hope he is okay. We did school along the way.  We tried to put up the spinnaker, but the winds were too strong.  It turned out to be another fast sail.

The winds here are calm and you can see the bottom clearly.  Chris and I fished after dinner, but the only luck we had was a crab that pinched by lamb fat.  We released him, but had a hard time getting it out of the net.  Then I played with Legos.  I am happy.©

Thursday, 4/16/09

Today was fun.  After school, we went to the Long Island Breeze Resort.  We swam in their freshwater pool while Mom did laundry.  We also used the internet to get our emails and play a few games.  Miakoda is here.  We met Carly, a 9yr. old girl from Happy Camper.  She played with Ally and Emma.  Ally and Emma brought scooters, so we all took turns riding them.  I had fun.

We had dinner with Miakoda and Happy Camper at the restaurant.  Everybody got yummy pizza.   After dinner, I was forced to direct a dance that Ally, Emma and Carly wanted to do.  It almost failed, but they got it right at the last second.  All the adults liked it.  It was a hard job.  I am happy.©

Friday, 4/17/09

Today was fun.  After school, Mr. Lynn, a doctor from Silverheels, came and looked at Dad's ribs.  Luckily, they are not broken.

Then, Mom, Chris and I went to the resort.  We didn't bring the computer.  Bro and I swam for a while.  There were no other kids there, so it was sort of boring.  I mostly read.  We did more laundry and Mom bought us ice cream at the store across the street.  It was delicious.

For dinner, we went to the restaurant with Nauti-Nauti.  I got yummy chicken fingers.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 4/18/09

We did school today, but I got a break and got to go with Mom to the restaurant and buy Chicken Souse.  It is a Bahamian chicken stew.    We ate it for lunch and it was good.

Mr. Brian off Miakoda had rented a car yesterday and was going to get money at the bank before the man came to take the car.  Mom needed money too, so we went with Mr. Brian to the bank.

I finished school when we got back and then we went to the restaurant.  Bro and I played fun games on the internet.  I had a whole lot of fun.  I am
J. ©

Sunday, 4/19/09

Today was pretty good.  After a great biscuit & gravy breakfast, we went to an Anglican church at 11:00am.  There was incense and passing the peace took a while.  This reminds me of West End (4/13/08).  Like West End, it was also a long service.  I like Anglican services.  We have gone to so many that I am used to them.
They invited us for sandwiches after service.  Mine was good.

After all that, we came home.  We hung out.  I played and Mom & Bro worked on pictures.  I had fun playing with my toys.  I am happy. ©

Monday, 4/20/09

Today is Dad's birthday!  After school, Mom, Chris and I went to the store.  We got produce, milk, brownie mix, and ice cream (for Dad's birthday).  On our way back to the boat, we saw some people working on a racing boat.  We went over and talked to them.  They are getting their boats ready for Family Island Regatta.  They will take them to George Town tomorrow for the races.  We are going there too. 

After that, we went to the pool.  Chris and I swam around and played with a rubber torpedo.  We tossed it around and had fun. 

When we came back, Mom made the brownies and we had a small dinner.  We played Hearts and Spades and ate ice cream and brownies.  They were very tasty.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 4/21/09

Early this morning, we left Long Island and throughout the day had a nice sail to George Town.  We sailed here to see the Family Island Regatta, a week of sail boat races in Elizabeth Harbour and festivities on shore.  Bahamians come from all over the Bahamas to sail to represent their island.  It is supposedly very cool to see the races. 

We are anchored at Hamburger beach because Rio Dulce(Brady, Ann Marie, and Brian) always anchors here and they are coming back for the Family Island Regatta.  They aren't here but I hope they'll come tomorrow.  I am happy. ©