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Wednesday, 4/22/09
Today was great!  We dinghied to town this morning to get groceries, gas, water, etc.  On the way in, we saw Rio Dulce and stopped and talked to them for a while. We also saw Priority. While we were in town, we decided to walk around the stands that were set up for Family Island Regatta.  We were looking at a mast that was lying on the ground and two Bahamian guys came up and asked Chris and me if we wanted to sail with them today.  There are sailboat races all day and they needed kids to race the small C class sailboats in the Junior Race.  Two kids, ages 8-16, were needed on each boat.  We said yes, and then other guys asked us if we knew any more kids that wanted to race.  So, Mom got on the radio and called Rio Dulce, Priority and Asolare (a boat with an 11yr. old boy, Colby, that we just met).

Dakota from Priority got on our boat, Queen Brigitte, representing the Acklins.  Declan from Priority and Anne Marie from Rio Dulce were on Slaughter.  Brady from Rio Dulce and Colby were on Legal Weapon.  Brian from Rio Dulce was on New Dream Girl.

Queen Brigitte is a 17 foot wooden boat made for racing.  (All class C boats are 17-18 feet long.)  She is a traditional Bahamian race boat.  Our captain was Remaldo and his friend was Derek.  Remaldo was handling the sail with the help of Derek and also told us what to do. Chris was the skipper and ran the tiller, and Dakota and I were pry riders.  Our job was to sit on the board (pry) that extends out from the boat to keep the boat from flipping over.  We sat on the upwind side, and when we tacked, they moved the board over and we quickly moved to the other side of the boat.

There were 15 other boats that we raced against, and the course was pretty simple.  We had to start at a buoy, go to another buoy, go around it, and come back.  But because of the strong wind, it was pretty hard.  There were three races, all on the same course.  On the first and second race, we did fine, but on the third, we had to drop out because at the start, another boat ran into us and we couldn't get going.  When we raced, normally, Dakota and I sat on the pry high up in the air.  The boat sometimes healed so much that the edge was in the water.  But, every once in a while, Dakota and I got drenched while we were sitting out on the pry because the boat rolled and put us on the downwind side for a second.  Once, when we jibed, Dakota was literally dragging in the water, holding on.  It was a lot of fun and a great experience.

After the racing, we went to a stand to eat.  We all got tasty BBQ ribs. Then we stopped at the store for milk and produce and came home.  The wind had really picked up by then and it was a wet ride home.  Today was great!  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 4/23/09

After school, we dinghied to watch the Class A boats race.  We went to the marker where they turn around, and were joined by many other boats we knew, including Side by Side, Rio Dulce, and Asolare.  When the boats tacked around the mark, the many pry riders quickly scurried to the other side.  It was cool.

After the races, we went to Hamburger Beach with Side by Side.  We played with sticks and played Bocci ball.  I am
J. ©

Friday, 4/24/09

Today was fun.  We dinghied to the mark to watch the Class B boats race.  They were fast and swoopy.  It was cool.

Then we went to the Volleyball beach.  I met Casey, a 12 yr. old boy, and his sister Kaitlin, off Pelican.  Casey, Parker, and I improved our fort that all the kids improved on 1/12/09 - 1/13/09.  We had fun.

At about 3:00, we decided to go watch the Class A boats race again.
As we headed for our dinghies, we ran into Mike from the Long Island Breeze.  He offered to take us out in his power boat to watch the race.  It was loud and fast and we followed the boats back and forth across the harbour.  It was fun.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 4/25/09

Today was fun.  After school, we went to town with Side by Side and Pelican to see the Royal Bahamian Police Force Marching Band.  They are pretty famous and are here special because it is the last day of Family Island Regatta.  First we saw the local high school band.  It was cool.  Then came the Police Band.  There were drums, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, tubas, and a flute.  Once, the drum major put down his baton and danced.  And the drummers threw a base drum back and forth.  It was cool.

Later, I went to Side by Side.  Parker and I played SSX on tour, a snowboarding game, on his Play Station 2.  I had fun.  I am happy. ©

Sunday, 4/26/09

Today was fun.  Casey came over with his X-Box to play.  He has no TV, but we do, so Chris and he played.  After a while, Parker and I went to Side by Side.  We had fun playing SSX on tour, but we mostly shot each other with nerf guns.  I had a lot of fun.

After dinner, we watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I liked it.  I am happy. ©

Monday, 4/27/09

After school, Chris and I went with Parker and Casey to a beach north of Hamburger Beach to get wood for the bonfire on Hamburger Beach.  We got a lot of wood.

At the bonfire, there were 30 kids!  Asolare, Rio Dulce, Side by Side, Pelican and others were all there.  I met Alexandra from Lala, Jacklin from Sea Wing, and Blade from Free Spirit.  All the kids ran around for a long time.  We played Capture the Flag and my team won.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 4/28/09

Today was okay.  I was punished and couldn't leave the boat.  But I could play with my toys, so I did for a while.  I also played computer.  After dinner we played Scrabble as a family.
  I am
happy. ©

Wednesday, 4/29/09

Today was awesome!  After school, we went to oceanside.  Chris and I had lots of fun rolling down a sand hill.  Then, we found tons of nice shells with Mom.

After that, we walked to Hamburger Beach where the other kids were.  We all tubed and jumped off the dock.  I tried to wakeboard, but couldn't get up.  I'll try again some other time.  I had lots of fun. 

Side by Side came over for dinner.  The kids played three card games: Donkey, Slap 'Em and ERS.  I wanted to play BS, but everyone was too tired.  We had a lot of fun.   I am happy. ©

Thursday, 4/30/09

Today was good.  After school, we went to St. Francis for internet stuff.  Chris and I went over to oceanside and met up with a whole bunch of kids.  I had fun skimboarding and bodysurfing with everybody.

After dinner, I was beat at Stratego by Chris.  I am happy. ©