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Sunday, 2/8/09

Today we went to a normal Beach Church and the kids sang "Awesome God" with hand motions.  Mr. Dick on Penobscot accompanied us on guitar.  We did very well and it was fun.

At 2:00pm, Dad came home!  He's been gone for a long time. I'm glad he's home.  He brought back lots of goodies from the shopping list Mom gave him, including twenty pounds of chocolate!

We went to the beach after that.  All the kids rebuilt the HJHQ (Hunk-a-Junk-Headquarters).  It's a big tree with boards tied to it and ropes to climb up it.  We replaced ropes and boards and even added some new boards that never used to be there.  I had fun.

We played Trivial Pursuit at St. Francis tonight.   We made three kid's teams and Ms. Kathy had special questions for us.  The winner of the kid's teams got a free drink.  My team didn't win, but I had fun.  I am happy. ©

Monday, 2/9/09

Mr. Bill and Mrs. Laverne on Rocinante came over for a pancake breakfast this morning so we could say thank-you for helping us while Dad was gone and when we dragged.  It was a good breakfast.

At 10:00, we went to a knot clinic on the beach.  I learned two knots - the bowline and the clove hitch (fender knot).   When we got back to the boat, we did school.  Then later in the afternoon, we went to the beach.  I played with Adam and Brian.  Adam came back to our boat to play.  We played with soldiers for a while, but he left just after we finished.  I am happy. ©

Tuesday, 2/10/09

Around 9am, we moved Liberty to a marina so a mechanic could fix something.  Mr. Bill on Rocinante and Mr. Mark on Joy helped us dock. While the mechanic was on board, Chris, Mom and I went with Mr. Bill to sort t-shirts and bring boxes of t-shirts and hats onto our boat.  We'll take them across to the anchorage when we go back tomorrow.  Then we'll sell them at the beach.

At 7:00pm, Grandma and Grandpa came!  They flew on a plane from Texas to Ft. Lauderdale and then took another flight from there to here.  They'll leave in a week.  I am
J. ©

Wednesday, 2/11/09

We moved Liberty back across the harbour to the anchorage this morning.  We got a good spot.  When we were all set, we opened Christmas presents (G&G couldn't send them, so they brought them now).  Dad got spices, Mom got a stuffed star with a koala face, Chris and I each got a teddy bear glued to a pot holder and a stuffed Salvation Army kangaroo (it is red w/ a green cap and a bell).  Chris and I together also got a ski cap, a duffel bag and a digital camera w/ underwater case!  It's awesome!  I can't wait to learn to use it.

At the beach today, all the kids decided to make a Hunk-a-Junk (a boat made of junk).  Adam, Brian & I decided to make our own Hunk-a-Junk.  Unfortunately, we are all leaving tomorrow.  Brian and I are coming back on Sunday or Monday, but Adam is leaving for good.  We got a bit more work done.

This evening, Mom and Dad went to Charisma to look at charts. Grandma, Grandpa, Chris & I stayed home and watched The Roy Rogers Show.  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 2/12/09

We left George Town today at 10:00am and had a nice sail to Lee Stocking Island.  There were light winds, so we flew our spinnakers.  We arrived at 4:30.  Rio Dulce went to Conception.  Joy headed south towards Puerto Rico.

While we sailed, we caught two female Mahi Mahi.  One was 40"; the other was 32 ½''.  We also saw whales.  We only saw them come out of the water a little and breathe.  They were far away.  It was cool just to see them.

This evening, I watched Bonanza with Grandma and Chris.  I am happy. ©

Friday, 2/13/09

This morning, Bro, Dad and I went spearfishing.  I got two black margates.  Dad got a small lobster (bug), but Chris got a huge bug.  I had a lot of fun.

At 9:30, we took a tour of the Perry Institute for Marine Science.  At the end, we got to talk to Dr. Mueller.  He gave the seminar in George Town.  The people here aren't doing much research right now because the professors that come in the summer aren't here yet.  But the tour was interesting.  We got to see the labs and the decompression chamber and some of the small pools that they keep fish in.  We learned about past projects, like the one about the lionfish.  The lionfish are not a native species and are eating everything.  It was a nice tour.

We went to a nice beach on Norman's Pond Cay that was kind of far away.  There is a cut leading to a salt pond, but you have to go in at high tide.  We'll go tomorrow morning.  I am happy. ©

Saturday, 2/14/09

Today was fun.  Bro & Dad went spearfishing at 4:30am, but didn't get anything.  Around 9:30am, we all went to the salt pond at Norman's Pond Cay.  Way back when, people evaporated the water to get salt. They would let water into huge chambers and then let it evaporate out, leaving the sea salt.  We could still see the chamber walls under water.  They stopped using this system when salt mines were discovered.  There were also some small beaches that I found nice shells on.

After lunch, we went to Coconut Beach to hike to the highest point in the Exumas - Perry Peak, elevation 123ft. (41yds.).  It got steep ¾ of the way up, so Grandma and Grandpa stopped.  But the rest of us reached the top.  There was a pretty view from up there.  You could see the island chain stretching in both directions.

Then we moved the boat a mile to Leaf Cay so that we could be in a better place to go snorkeling tomorrow.  Grandma and I played Trout after we moved.  I am
J. ©