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 Sunday, 2/22/09

At church this morning, the kids sang 4 songs:  "Praise Him, All Ye Little Children," "Father, I Adore You," "Alleluia," and "Fisher's of Men" with hand motions.  The adults really liked it and the kids had a lot of fun.

Then Ms. Anne (on Carpe Diem) showed all the kids the stromatolites on the Oceanside.  Rio Dulce didn't come.  Stromatolites are a type of bacteria that gets compacted and forms layered rock.  The top of the stromatolite formation is alive.  These are special because they are living, are over 2000 years old, and are the only ones in an ocean salt water environment.  Most are found in lakes.  When we were done, the kids climbed up a huge sand hill with a 3 or 4 ft. cliff-like formation at the top.  I got over the top first.  It was fun.

Then we went to Volleyball beach and Colton and I played.   In the evening, we went to St. Francis to play Trivial Pursuit.  There were two kids' teams and Ms. Kathy had special questions just for us again.  I was on the winning team with Chris, Brie, Dakota, and Erin.  We got free sodas from the bar as a prize.  I am
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Monday, 2/23/09

At 9:30am today, all the kids went to St. Francis with Ms. Kathryn on Tortue to decide on a science project on Elizabeth Harbour.  We talked for an hour and were then sent home to write down ideas.  On Thursday, we will all get together again to vote on an idea.  At home, Bro and I worked really, really hard on our idea.  We have nine pages of hypothesis, explanation and materials using the Scientific Method.

At 5:00pm, we went to Hullabaloo.  Colton, Chris and I had drawing contests.  I had fun.  I am
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Tuesday, 2/24/09

This morning, Chris and I worked on our designs for the 2010 Regatta T-shirt.  Mine is awesome.  I hope my design gets chosen.

At the beach today, Chris, Colton, and I ran around playing a fun game.  I had fun.

Tauá came over for a good dinner.  Claudia and I made a Lego city.  I am
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Wednesday, 2/25/09

Today was great.  Colton came over to play.  We played Net Hack.  I got the top score of 4790 points as Elven Ranger.  I was killed in the 3rd level of the Gnomish Mines by a Gnomish Wizard.  It was awesome.

At the beach, Brian, Colton and I played our Ranger's game.  We had a lot of fun.  At 3:30pm, all the kids got together to talk about our science project with Ms. Kathryn.  Our idea was chosen.  We will do experiments on Friday and Sunday.  It'll be fun.  I am happy. ©

Thursday, 2/26/09

We started this morning by baking delicious chocolate chip cookies to give to our friends as thank yous for helping us while Dad was away.  Of course, we kept some for us too.  It was fun.

Also today, Mr. Bob from Cygnet came over to fix our HAM radio.  He found and fixed the problem.  Hopefully now we can talk to Chris Parker.

While he did that, I built a fort in my cabin.  It was a lot of fun building it.  When it was done, it was very comfortable.  I had a snug little bed.  I had fun.  Then we played at the beach.  Colton and I had tons of fun running around.  I am happy. ©

Friday, 2/27/09

At 9:30am, all the kids came to the beach to talk with Ms. Kathryn about our science project.  We will do the project on Sunday.  Brian, Colton and I will go with Ms. Kathryn and Mr. Josh in their skiff to the South Cut.

I had fun at the beach today.  Colton is sleeping over tonight.  We played with Legos.  I had fun.  Colton brought the new animated Star Wars movie:  Star Wars:  the Clone Wars.  We are going to watch it now.  I am
J. ©

Saturday, 2/28/09

Last night's movie was pretty good.  I think it's my least favorite of the Star Wars' movies.  Colton and I played with more Legos this morning and had fun.  Then we both went to his boat and we played around there.

At noon, we went to Sam and Ann Marie's birthday party on Hamburger Beach.  They are both turning 11 today.  It started with wakeboarding and I never got a turn.  Then we played games.  I won once at tug-o-war, once at water balloon toss with Brian, and tied at a water relay.  Then we kneeboarded and tubed.  I tubed two times, but didn't kneeboard because all it is is a board that they cut into an oval shape and I didn't like it.  Then we walked over to Oceanside and just came back.  I had so much fun.

In the evening, there was a huge bonfire.  We found roasting sticks for everybody.  We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.  I met two new kids off Mima:  a 12yr. old girl, Amy, and a 10 yr. old boy Marshall.  After everybody ate, all the kids went out and played Capture the Flag in the dark.  It was really fun because you could just walk onto the enemy's side to find their flag and they couldn't recognize you as an enemy because it was so dark.  When somebody came onto our side and we didn't know it, we just had to hope that they would break into a run and then we would know they were an enemy.  My team eventually won, but I didn't know it and I was confused about why everybody was standing around talking while I was still looking for the flag.  It was really, really fun.  I am
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